Green Niyath

Impressee: Morela

Name: Niyath

Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 98FB98
Final Size: 28.5' wingspan of 49'
Description: Niyath is large for a green, however despite this her head still appears over-sized in comparison to the rest of her body, one would be wise not to make comment about this though should they wish not to earn her ire. The reason her head appears so much larger may be attributed to the large, paired head knobs that adorn her head. The two are symmetrical and perfectly round perched on the further extremities of her skull like a pair of meatballs. Also on her head between her eyes and a little up is a curious little mark that Niyath has had since birth, it resembles an upside down crescent and is a bright green than her hide, something akin to the colour of limes, the same colour found on her round head knobs.

Her body is lean and lithe despite one of her greater size, however as a weyrling she was quite a lanky and gangly creature and at times of stress this may still show through. Her hide is quite a pale green, think of the light green used when people are unsure of the gender of a baby to be born, and fairly uniform over the length of her body and limbs. It is at the wings that this changes, along the wing bones the green remains the same iridescence as her body when well oiled though the sails have a peculiar pattern like the petals of a flower in four separate rows spanning both wings.

Personality: Niyath is a silly, immature green who for the most part is happy to flirt with the males, though she may also form attachments to one single male at a time. It is at these times that she is liable to make a fool of herself, saying things she has not thoroughly thought through in an effort to impress. She is also readily upset if she thinks another dragon is flirting with someone she had marked as hers and will have an outright tantrum should she think she has been wronged. She is not above bickering with other dragons when slighted, and comes across as almost whiny when she does not get her way. Niyath can be downright annoying at such times.

As long as a dragon is not trying to rival her in her affections Niyath is friendly to her fellow dragons, particularly her classmates, and is bubbly, enthusiastic and outgoing. She enjoys being in a group however prefers the attention to be drawn to herself in such instances.

She can be rather lazy and would much rather lounge around in the sun and have her food killed by another dragon, preferably male, than do anything that seems like too much hardwork. Niyath is a rather naive creature and this in combination with her childish behaviour and laziness has earnt her the reputation of being one of the less bright dragons, which may not be a very fair assumption. Niyath in her own right is remarkably clever, just the moments when such intelligence is actually evident are often few and far between. As she matures her moments of enlightenment will occur more frequently.

Despite her many flaws it can not be denied that Niyath undergoes a transformation of sorts when faced with Thread, though this was no always the case and is something that had progressed with the Turns as Niyath has come to accept her role in defending the Weyr. Gone is the child-like mentality and whininess that can wear her rider down at times, and out comes a more serious and contemplative side to the green. She is fiercely protective of her wingmates in the air, even those she may have been squabbling with mere hours before, and her interest in the males turns to something more like deference and respect rather than starry-eyed lusting after. At rare moments this side can be seen outside of Threadfall, and this too occurs more frequnently with each Turn that comes to pass.

Inspiration: Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon) from Sailor Moon

Niyath’s mind voice is most often high, girly and loud and conveys as much about how she is feeling as her words may do, however in Thread this changes. It becomes quieter and more serious, the green taking her role as a fighter quite seriously despite her rather immature attitude in most other aspects of her life. When speaking she rarely uses formal language.

Dragon Credit: pavlova

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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