No 1

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Mid Winter, T8, 8th Pass
Hatching - Eggs handed out

Dam: Green No
Sire: Bronze Japh
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

The Buck-Toothed Bronze to Cenara
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 16.5" wingspan of 28.75"
Hex Code: C07A43
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8Green No x Bronze Japh

Physical Description:
Not quite as tubby as his blue brother, this bronze still isn't exactly slim. His hind legs are a bit shorter than his forelegs, giving him an odd, downward-slanted appearance, and the rest of him doesn't really draw a nicer picture. His neck is ridiculously stubby, his eyes are hidden under craggy eyeridges, and his fangs stick out a good way out from under his upper lip. They look longer, though, as the dull bronze of the rest of his hide fades to near-white below them, making it look like they go all the way down to nearly his chin. Other than that, though, he simply looks like a badly-polished piece of bronze, with little to no variation from body to wings or belly.

A fairly majestic creature, the Buck-Toothed Bronze is more likely to be seen laying about and surveying his 'kingdom' than out and about with his bonded. Be it from the top of a dragon's head, or just a handy table or ledge, he'll be sprawled out on his belly or side, peering around to make sure all is well.
Mainly for his ladies. Instead of chasing any green that flies, the Buck-Toothed Bronze will try to gather up a group of faithful females, so that even with his slightly sub-par flying they'll pick him… Woe to his bonded if he doesn't find his ladies, though, as he'll bitterly crab and whine whenever a green or gold rises, going to far as to try to engage males who do manage to win flights in ritualistic 'combat': puffing himself up, flaring his wings, and doing his best to strut around.
He honestly won't have much use for his bonded most of the time, aside from mealtimes and sleeping — he'll be cuddly when it suits him, and not a moment before. Any attempts to be close outside of his timeframe will be met with wild thrashing and tiny bellows, surprisingly deep from such a small creature.

Inspiration: Walrus!

The Splash'n'Roll Brown Chaos to Zaralis
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 15.5" wingspan of 23"
Hex Code: 865853
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8, Green No x bronze Japh

Physical Description:
The Splash'n'Roll Brown is a rather lengthy fire-lizard. He somehow manages to balance it with a bit of pudge along himself and rather stubby legs, giving him the look of a much smaller fire-lizard that somehow just got stretched out. He's got a rounded head and muzzle, balanced on a somewhat stumpy, thick neck. His tail is fairly thick, too, adding enough bulk that he has trouble maneuvering in the air. The water is a different story, though - the Splash'n'Roll Brown's short wings tuck neatly against his back, letting him dart around on top of and in the water with ease.
His hide is an odd, somewhat grayed brown, looking for all the world like the color of a rather silty river. It's flecked with little silvery lines, so that when freshly-oiled he seems to shimmer and shine. His belly fades to a more creamy color, running from his chin all the way down to the base of his tail. He has big, dark brown spots around his eyes, too, giving them the illusion of his always being alert… But only when asleep.

It seems only natural for such a roly-poly brown to be playful, and the Splash'n'Roll Brown certainly is. Everything he comes across can be converted to a toy, be it a pebble or a mark or someone's socks. If he can pick it up, it'll be flipped and thrown and tossed from claw to claw until he finally grows bored.
One thing he cannot stand, however, is order. All hides must be scattered, all bedfurs rumpled, and Faranth forbid that he find a dish or cup of water. Water is something to be spread about so that as many people as possible can enjoy it, and his bonded will most likely have some trouble with that idea.
More trouble will come from the fact that this little flitter tends to have two modes - playtime and asleep. Focus will never be his strong suit, though he'll be loyal and sweet to his owner… Just very, very hard to train.


The Resident Blue Dewie to Phyrra
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Hex Code: 001A57
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8, Green No x Bronze Japh

Physical Description:
The Resident Blue is built on the same sleek lines as some of his siblings, though where the others generally have stubby wings, his are long and well-shaped. The longest wingbones are the outside ones, with the rest gradually decreasing in size, instead of staying a uniform length. Other than that, he's a fairly average-looking blue.
His hide is a deep, deep navy, with bright patches of pale, pale blue by his eyes and stretching just behind where his wing membranes meet his body. The same color also shows up on his belly, stretching from the tip of his jaw all the way down to the underside of his tail, though neatly avoiding his legs.

Most would, right off the bat, describe this flitter as very, very vocal the Resident Blue can most often be tracked down the by the high-pitched squeaks and groans he makes as he's flying along, darting about in an attempt to find something to do. Oftentimes he'll wind up spending his time either with other fire-lizards, or going after his favorite thing in the world — tunnelsnakes!
For a bonded fire-lizard, he's very, very social. If his bonded has any other flitts, he'll wind up spending all him time with them, whether or not they want him to. Affectionate nudging, play-fights, splashing during bathtime — not sharing an activity is a crime to him.
And that includes hunting! Once he discovers the tunnelsnakes that inhabit the lower and back levels of the Weyr, the Resident Blue will do his best to demolish as many as possible. To him, not only are they fun to chase down, solo or in a group, but they're tasty! Even tastier than the meat his bonded gives him! Whoever winds up with this particular blue will probably wake up to many a dead tunnelsnake in their bed, once he gets his full growth. Until then, it'll be minor injuries and little snakes all over the place.


The Chubby Vacuum Blue to Kalene
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 18.5"
Hex Code: 1681A5
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8, Green No x bronze Japh

Physical Description:
This poor blue is, to be blunt, fat. He'll start out like a regular fire-lizard, but as time goes on he'll simply put on more and more weight, no matter what his bonded does. It's not exactly a flattering look on him, what with his snub of a snout and short limbs. He won't look like he'll be too able to move under his own power, though he somehow manages to heave himself along — and at a fairly decent clip if there's food on the line.
His hide is rather dazzling. His back and wings are shaded a bold cyan, fading to a somewhat more regular blue in a band along his sides, and from there, down to gray on his stomach and legs. He'll blend into the water rather well on sunny days, his back matching the beautiful reflection of the sky on the waves.

Food is the one true motivator in this blue's life. He'll move quickly for it, he'll even fly for it, though he'll look ridiculous whenever he does. After all, such a round creature shouldn't be able to fly! He'll walk more often than not, with his favorite activity being to sneak into the dining cavern before everyone else and eat the food. Anyone who'd catch him would simply see him setting a line and marching down it, devouring anything that falls under his snout.
Like some of his siblings, the Chubby Vacuum Blue will adore swimming, seeing as all of his fat will keep him buoyant. His bonded might find his trips out to the lake or lagoon rather relieving, because it'll mean that he'll not be going on his constant quests for more food to munch.
He'll never really be that into flights. With a body like his, keeping up after a quick green or a long-flying gold is just out of the question. When he first hits Chasing age, he might fly out with the other males, only to drop out partway through. After a few times, though, he'll simply learn to ignore them.


The Spotted Sea Green Grim to Ph'in
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 8" wingspan of 11"
Hex Code: 006A4E
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8, Green No x Bronze Japh

Physical Description:
It's obvious that this green had a difficult time in the egg. While she shares the short-legged appearance of some of her siblings, she doesn't have the bulk they do to round herself out. The Spotted Sea Green is, instead, almost skeletal, and not nearly as active as most.
Her head is rather round, sloping to a muzzle full of sharp teeth, and her head-knobs don't help to balance that out — they're stumpy things, tucked down to her skull and neck, and would've made her look quite pretty and streamlined if she'd had more weight on her.
Her hide is still fairly pretty, a deep, blue-tinted shade of green, with darker mottling across her back, hindquarters, and wings. Other than that she's a plain girl.

Vicious. It might've been because of something that happened to her in the egg, or some personal quirk, but the Spotted Sea Green will never be friendly to anyone other than her bonded and maybe one or two other fire-lizards. No, she won't want to eat that treat you brought her, unless you want to lose a finger or two in the process!
That antagonism will definitely bleed over onto any creatures she comes across, too. While one of her siblings hunted for fun and food, this green will go after anything that annoys her or presents itself to be a good target, be in bugs, other fire-lizards, or erring humans. Definitely a creature to be watched.
Due to the egg issues she had, the Spotted Sea Green will rise but won't ever produce a proper clutch of eggs. Sure, she might clutch a lone egg from time to time, but it'll always be under-sized and unhatchable.

Leopard seals.

The Twirly Whirly Green Dancer to R'jo
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 14.5"
Hex Code: 324E46
Clutch: Late winter, P8T8, Green No x bronze Japh

Physical Description:
The Twirly Whirly Green is fairly similar to one of her clutchmates in build. Rather unremarkable in length, though supremely streamlined, without any of the spots of thickness or thinness that some fire-lizards tend to have. Her wings are fairly short, but wide enough to at least try to make up for whatever agility might have been lost. Her crowning glory is her tail, though - heavy and muscular, proving to almost be a weapon all on its own at times.
The hide on this girl's frame is smooth, though there's a bit of an indentation on the top of her head. Other than that imperfection, it's all gray-green smoothness, with a bit of lightening across the bottom to a more grayish color. Her wingsails are a touch bluer than the rest of her hide, and when the light hits them just right in flight they make it look like the Twirly Whirly Green is leaping elegantly through a bow wave.

Play! Fun! This green's entire world revolves around getting as much enjoyment as possible out of every single moment, be it from playing with a piece of trash or simply seeing how many times she can twirl through the air before she gets dizzy and has to stop. Amusing humans is an added bonus, and she'll have no qualms against doing tricks for them.
For a green, she'll be unusually easy to train — no common sense to speak of, but her memory for things she's been taught will be superb. Chirping on command, ball-balancing, jumping through hoops, if her bonded can figure out how to teach it to her, she'll remember it!
When it comes to Flights, she'll be the classic green, putting on every flying trick she knows to try and weed out her chasers. She'll never be one of the greens to be caught by bronzes, no, the only ones able to keep up with her will be the blues and some particularly agile browns. Her clutch sizes might suffer on some of the more acrobatic flights, as she'll be more likely to give in early to a particularly skilled male, should one appear.


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