NPC Characters

Solaria Weyr


Name Gender Dragon Rank Birth Turn
A'too Male Bwianth Wingrider I7 T195
C'hom Male Phosreth Wingrider I7 T186
D'yer Male Kefparath Wingrider I7 T191
M'al Male Broughamberth Wingrider I7 T198
O'rick Male Sturihinosth Wingrider I7 T197
R'ion Male Pigalth Wingrider I7 T198
R'wel Male Torvith Weyrlingmaster I7 T158-T169
T'awn Male Sardonth Wingrider I7 T186
Th'ants Male Marith Wingrider I7 T180
T'ni Male Laprth Wingrider I7 T187/188
T'resk Male Gyarth Wingrider I7 T179-189
T'via Male Saskarth Wingrider I7 T183/184
Ya'di Male Oolacuth Weyrling P8 T4


Name Gender Dragon Rank Birth Turn
A'ille Male Mozarth Wingrider I7 T193
A'neil Male Macarth Wingrider I7 T188
A'ven Male Pfaunth Wingrider I7 T189/190
B'kari Male Groth Weyrling P8 T7
B'tris Male Houth Wingrider I7 T191/192
B'urm Male Seipiath Wingrider P8 T4
C'lhur Male Cenheleth Wingrider P8 T1
D'len Male Sulitchth Wingrider I7 T191
E'mer Male Dwaleth Wingrider I7 T189
E'vy Male Uneth Wingrider I7 T159
F'marran Male Narrath Wingrider I7 T174
Gi'al Male Kuikahith Weyrling P8 T5
G'lo Male Aizerath Wingrider I7 T187
G'mel Male Crickath Wingrider I7 T185
G'vin Male Nemarth Wingrider I7 T179
H'tar Male Tarnoth Wingrider I7 T181
I'rid Male Caraeth Wingrider I7 T189
J'ett Male Theorooth Weyrling P8 T2
J'sten Male Esfiroth Wingrider I7 T193
K'im Male Gupuneth Wingrider I7 T189
K'mon Male Graboith Wingrider P8 T2
L'lan Male Roccoth Wingrider I7 T195
L'rei Male Cerresith Weyrling I7 T199
L'vy Male Setith Wingrider I7 T188
M'chal Male Balthazarth Wingrider I7 T150
M'for Male Osayth Wingrider I7 T183/184
M'lio Male Pikath Wingrider I7 T165
M'ren Male Tonveketh Wingrider I7 T183
N'by Male Dauditoth Weyrling P8 T5
N'zar Male Nvansketh Wingrider I7 T195
Oy'vun Male Ciuzukith Wingrider I7 T186
Q'per Male Roceroth Weyrling P8 T2
R'gan Male Temmeth Wingrider I7 T181/182
R'thren Male Kuulth Wingrider I7 T184/185
R'zero Male Jakazuth Wingrider I7 T193
Sak'rey Male Beschath Weyrling P8 T5
Sh'en Male Himbohoth Wingrider I7 T191
S'laim Male Orklorth Wingrider I7 T164/165
S'las Male Wilseth Wingrider I7 T184
T'rion Male Endrath Wingrider I7 T192
T'yir Male Biroth Wingrider I7 T179-189
Uz'ti Male Triobith Weyrling P8 T1
Va'ran Male Sarcath Wingrider I7 T184/185
V'nia Male Edallath Wingrider I7 T188/189
Vy'gel Male Albeinth Wingrider I7 T194
W'il Male Moshentith Wingrider I7 T196
W'nal Male Qinth Wingrider I7 T196


Name Gender Dragon Rank Birth Turn
Al'em Male Behrdiphth Weyrling P8 T4
A'nok Male Gnoryoth Wingrider I7 T197
A'eo Male Ostemorth Weyrling P8 T2
A'ng Male Sirenth Weyrling P8 T2
Ar'pol Male Chloparroth Wingrider I7 T192
B'ett Male Yodonmeth Wingrider I7 T188
B'ul Male Buruth Wingrider I7 T196
C'min Male Roncerth Wingrider I7 T190
D'ar Male Aposoumeth Weyrling P8 T5
D'nac Male Anteroth Wingrider I7 T189
D'rent Male Oedleth Wingrider I7 T185/186
Dr'keld Male Lobobeth Wingrider P8 T4
D'sey Male Heueroth Wingrider I7 T192
D'virn Male Auskinoth Wingrider I7 T192
E'theo Male Kinleonth Weyrling I7 T199
F'yario Male Dezooth Wingrider I7 T197
Ga'mara Male Jaqueth Wingrider I7 T197
G'bar Male Carocoth Wingrider P8 T2
G'ko Male Ficalth Wingrider I7 T187/188
G'rin Male Hexxuth Wingrider I7 T188
Haz'mat Male Polymerath Weyrling P8 T3
H'kar Male Delphinith Wingrider I7 T186
H'mis Male Muerrelth Wingrider I7 T171
H'wilt Male Sudoth Wingrider I7 T195
I'san Male Bluersth Wingrider I7 T199
J'rin Male Luoth Wingrider I7 T181/182
K'reis Male Obreith Wingrider I7 T189
K'ves Male Garath Wingrider I7T196
L'jek Male Temujinth Wingrider I7 T190
L'oki Male Tasmath Weyrling P8 T3
L'win Male Hynath Wingrider I7T196
L'wyn Male Subachith Wingrider I7 T189
L'vesh Male Starnigth Wingrider I7 T193
M'ol Male Bhanusith Weyrling P8 T4
M'or Male Hiraeth Weyrling P8 T1
M'sy Male Valtzath Wingrider I7 T191
M'upo Male Nebrath Wingrider I7 T197
M'zoh Male Konneveth Wingrider I7 T179-189
N'mon Male Urdnoth Wingrider I7 T197
N'ran Male Watsoth Wingrider I7 T185/186
N'ree Male Kevereth Wingrider I7 T187/188
N'tok Male Ahtith Wingrider I7 T183
O'dan Male Schwinth Wingrider I7 T199
O'rik Male Macreath Wingrider I7 T197
O'sage Male Bonsath Wingrider I7 T197
O'tin Male Freyth Wingrider I7 T184/185
P'iff Male Taibrenth Wingrider I7 T190
P'hit Male Rolopeth Wingrider I7 T198
P'saro Male Ironith Wingrider I7 T195
Ram'si Male Boropath Weyrling P8 T1
R'dell Male Blauferdeth Wingrider I7 T192
R'fen Male Pengeth Wingrider I7 T181/182
Ri'vy Male Tneserth Wingrider I7 T191
R'lir Male Yannerath Wingrider I7 T177/178
S'man Male Nsareth Wingrider I7 T186/187
S'rian Male Ryveth Wingrider I7 T188/189
Ter'u Male Neutakarth Weyrling I7 T195
T'gal Male Lumbergth Wingrider I7 T198
Ts'ark Male Xuith Wingrider I7 T194
T'sin Male Barbaruth Wingrider I7 T197
W'den Male Narth Wingrider I7 T191
Wor'in Male Kempeth Weyrling P8 T2
Yi'min Male Pivath Weyrling P8 T4
Y'lin Male Havanath Weyrling I7 T198
Y'shrin Male Kesnylaerth Wingrider I7 T192
Z'tan Male Rudyath Wingrider I7 T188


Name Gender Dragon Rank Birth Turn
A'der Male Freedith Wingrider I7 T190-193
A'hon Male Dicapth Wingrider I7 T193
Akavia Female Nalayath Wingrider I7 T192
An'ro Male Yanokath Wingrider I7 T188
Aridana Female Kaseith Wingrider I7T193
Astralei Male Vanwilth Wingrider I7 T193
A'tor Male Kwahahath Weyrling P8 T5
A'vi Male Arlediath Wingrider I7 T195
Azlayna Female Samaeth Wingrider I7 T182
B'att Male Spiedlieth Weyrling P8 T6
Blaini Female Ebosanth Wingrider I7 T183/184
B'nam Male Azerneth Wingrider I7 T181
Bo'di Male Nademth Wingrider I7 T199
C'am Male Tubelinth Wingrider I7 T191
C'nin Male Aloth Wingrider I7 T189/190
C'rys Male Sufrageth Weyrling P8 T2
Crysta Female Kicheth Weyrling P8 T4
C'vari Male Bellanneth Wingrider I7 T187/188
Cvenaya Female Bohemiath Weyrling I7 T198
Dart Female Saizhuth Weyrling P8 T6
Denah Female Chexoth Wingrider I7 T188
D'ev Male Halth Wingrider I7 T193
D'roi Male Gladoth Wingrider I7 T188
Dro'vo Male Ebith Wingrider I7 T194
D'zal Male Sangerth Wingrider I7 T190
Eamly Female Laeorth Wingrider I7 T179
E'cho Male Liberiath Weyrling P8 T3
Esmoreia Female Ryasaurth Wingrider P8 T1
F'bel Male Gamsunith Wingrider I7 T197
Finn Female Jilith Weyrling P8 T2
F'lip Male Hlioptath Wingrider I7 T192
F'rei Male Darchath Wingrider I7 T184
G'tan Male Tuvoith Wingrider I7 T170
H'dr Male Elemedth Wingrider I7 T199
Hillina Female Piath Weyrling I7 T194
H'za Male Cytegeth Wingrider I7 T199
Inahru Female Lolith Wingrider I7 T170
Irrone Female Teresath Weyrling P8 T2
Islie Female Alickith Wingrider I7 T193
Ja'jeik Male Tamgorath Weyrling I7 T199
J'nige Male Griselath Wingrider I7 T198
J'nor Male Euphrasieth Wingrider I7 T187
J'rol Male Ivath Wingrider I7 T179-189
J'stin Male Istemoth Wingrider I7 T191
Ki'an Male Nemyath Wingrider I7 T179-189
Klacine Female Norlayth Wingrider I7 T169-179
K'len Male Narelleth Wingrider I7 T184/185
K'nap Male Maurith Weyrling P8 T4
K'rhel Male Gianaseth Wingrider I7 T197
Ky'bar Male Ficruth Wingrider I7 T198
La'leon Male Audreth Wingrider I7 T199
Leani Female Rhodesiath Weyrling P8 T4
Liala Female Wicelith Wingrider I7 T196
Libetka Female Valkyth Wingrider I7 T191
L'io Male Coseseth Wingrider I7 T186
L'nor Male Ranodioth Wingrider I7 T197
L'olz Male Erymelath Wingrider I7 T189
L'rem Male Aleuskinth Wingrider I7 T187/188
Lynesta Female Ibrath Weyrling P8 T4
M'daj Male Ceredeth Wingrider I7 T184
M'dol Male Sisteth Wingrider I7 T187
Menisia Female Ochioth Wingrider I7T190
M'gel Male Alpayeth Wingrider I7 T189
M'gus Male Shivath Weyrling P8 T3
M'kai Male Catorkayth Wingrider I7 T192
Mira Female Varoth Wingrider I7 T179-189
M'tiu Male Vichth Wingrider I7 T191
Nali Female Eliclaoth Weyrling P8 T7
Nauika Female Radoloth Wingrider I7 T197
Neisseria Female Rhacidth Weyrling I7 T196
N'lan Male Ferraineth Wingrider I7 T186
N'lan Male Ishikath Weyrling I7 T199
N'ru Male Kayath Wingrider I7 T190
Olexa Female Avodeuth Wingrider I7 T188
Pamayliyanna Female Scyllaruth Wingrider I7 T200
P'jin Male Remlinth Wingrider I7 T190
P'luck Male Toriuth Weyrling P8 T7
P'tirl Male Alolith Wingrider I7 T195
Rassally Female Naeth Wingrider I7 T180
R'bel Male Lagerth Wingrider I7 T198
Rh'il Male Olith Wingrider I7 T195
Rhyodra Female Locirath Weyrling P8 T2
R'kol Male Shiyoth Wingrider I7 T197
R'phal Male Pritanzeth Wingrider I7 T188
Ru'sayn Male Dayceanth Wingrider I7 T200
Sayrie Female Odysseuth Wingrider I7 T190
Sh'dar Male Durgath Wingrider I7 T187/188
Shibari Female Lamiath Wingrider I7 T194
Shoshra Female Soricaeth Weyrling P8 T2
Siahaam Female Riddlath Wingrider I7 T186/187
Sh'an Male Tharjath Wingrider I7 T196
S'nil Male Quejeth Wingrider I7 T179-189
S'rish Male Crysdalith Wingrider I7 T199
S'rot Male Broliath Wingrider I7 T199
Suestrynia Female Aurelith Wingrider P8 T1
Tef'n Male Phelsumth Weyrling I7 T198
T'en Male Barcieth Wingrider I7 T197
Th'ed Male Trisdaeth Wingrider I7 T194
Th'oki Male Phelaith Weyrling I7 T195
T'sen Male Libraith Wingrider I7 T189
T'ven Male Feymirth Wingrider I7 T182/183
T'vian Male Ichth Wingrider I7 T194
U'os Male Lycurth Wingrider I7 T194
V'deen Male Prolasarduth Weyrling P8 T3
V'eng Male Yeamirlth Wingrider I7 T195
V'hel Male Razulth Wingrider I7 T188
Vierica Female Milith Wingrider I7 T192
V'lur Male Mictlanteth Wingrider I7 T199
V'nel Male Larrofth Wingrider I7 T190
V'nir Male Chiyeth Wingrider I7 T194
Winry Male Eladath Wingrider I7 T177-T188
W'tran Male Oreisymeth Wingrider I7 T195
X'ries Male Tsuyurith Wingrider I7 T191
Xylstre Female Samnurath Wingrider I7 T189
Y'lin Male Niuromth Wingrider I7 T195
Y'ory Male Kisseyth Wingrider I7 T195
Y'rin Male Lazooth Wingrider I7 T192
Y'sil Male Riudith Wingrider I7 T190
Z'ai Male Temorigth Wingrider I7 T190
Z'lor Male Bornth Wingrider I7 T166/167


Name Gender Craft Rank Birth Turn
Alizatar Male Smith Journeyman I7 T162
Allarin Male Healer Journeyman I7 T185/6
Arseni Male Healer Journeyman I7 T189
Gorlan Male Beast Journeyman I7 T171/172
Gwen Female Weaver Journeyman I7 T169-171
Farmol Male Harper Journeyman I7 T200
Omer Male Woodsmith Journeyman I7 T165-170
Resha Female Weaver Apprentice I7T192
Terander Male Harper Master I7 T160
Toragor Male Mine Journeyman I7 T167


Name Gender Rank Birth Turn
Aleusia Female Kitchen Worker I7T178
Andoran Male Resident I7 T196
Arinallia Female Resident I7 T164
Cellan Male Resident I7 T197
Glora Female Seamstress I7 T176/177
Gultina Female Creche Worker I7 T173
Isalia Female Weyrbrat P8T3
Kinara Female Midwife I7 T193
Levan Male Creche worker I7 T188
Nisa Female Kitchen Worker I7 T173
Nulisa Female Weyrbrat P8T2
Orlana Female Foster mother I7 T152/153
Oria Female Weyrbrat P8 T3
Raia Female Creche Worker I7T198
Ralkana Female Foster mother I7 T166
Razael Female Crèche Worker I7 T170
Rosnea Female Drudge I7 T179
Sorla Female Ex-headwoman I7 T139/140
Tarneille Female Resident I7 T198
Tiana Female Weyrbrat P8 T9
Varneille Female Resident I7 T198
Zarina Female Potter I7 T187

Ketrin Hold


Name Gender Craft Rank Birth Turn
Aeryst Male Farmer Master I7 T168
Dorand Male Healer Master I7 T143
Elint Male Harper Journeyman I7 T180
Jentanil Male Seacraft Journeyman I7 T185
Larec Male Beast Journeyman I7 T183
Rystlan Male Farmer Journeyman I7 T192
Vessian Male Beast Master I7T151
Vylarec Male Smith Journeyman I7 T186
Zaire Male Fish Master I7 T152/153


Name Gender Rank Birth Turn
Aissaci Male Herder
Bravidan Male Cook I7 T165
Brelma Female Old Autie I7 T129
Bria Female Holder I7 T189
Bruici Female Holder I7 T199
Cevalie Female Seamstress I7 T166
Danna Female Old Auntie I7 T125
Elim Male Herder I7 T140
Jox Male Herder I7 T190
Kiava Female Wife I7 T158
Kylissa Female Wife I7 T171
Liorias Female Homemaker I7 T170
Malita Female Drudge I7 T160
Meeri Male Herder I7 T188
R'an Male Watchrider I7 T150
Reia Female Cook I7 T142
Rizalla Female Resident I7 T187
Varna Female Wife I7 T151
Yorina Female Cook I7 T180

Mathon Hold


Name Gender Craft Rank Birth Turn
Tronjac Male Farmer Journeyman I7 T170


Name Gender Rank Birth Turn
Durenin Male Ropemaker I7 T181
Dureyn Male Child P8 T3
Essenin Male Child P8 T1
Etsey Female Resident I7 T184
Mollise Female Lord Holder's daughter P8 T14
Myrita Female Child P8T5
Revalise Female Lord Holder's daughter P8 T12
Torben Male Hunter I7 T190
Vannisa Female Herbalist I7 T148

Ver Hold


Name Gender Rank Birth Turn
Eskeli Female Farmer's daughter I7 T197 - 199

Other Locations

Telgar Hold

Name Gender Rank Birth Turn
Azenra Female Resident I7 T168
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