Brown Nvansketh

Impressee: N'zar (Nazaran)

Name: Nvansketh
Pronunciation: en-VAHNS-keh-th
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 7B3F00
Hatching: Mid Autumn T10, 8th Pass
Final Size: 38.5' length with a wingspan of 63.3'

Nvansketh is a handsome dragon, there is no doubt about that. He is built leaner than most males, but still boasts a great deal of musculature for strength and stamina for a dragon his size. He has an overall sharp and well-groomed appearance, with a solid frame and clean cut lines. Nvansketh is a dark and richly-colored brown with the slightest hint of a deep yellow-orange overtone – more noticeable on his dorsal ridges and wing membranes.

Nvansketh is an arrogant and self-righteous dragon that always believes he is right, and that there is no one better than he. Despite this he does have a surprising amount of respect for his “equals,” which only happens to include bronzes and browns that are in authority positions, and naturally the golds too. But he will often emphasize the fact that they are not superior to him in any other way than rank, which isn't important anyways because he knows he is more intelligent – and much more handsome when comparing to the males – than any of them. Really, anyone is lucky to just know him.

This is a dragon that does not make mistakes, and Nvansketh can have quite a temper if anyone dares to question him. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he will even correct those of higher rank without any shame at all. Moreover he does not shy away from any chance to prove his intelligence, and especially his physical strength. He will always be the first to volunteer for something if he thinks it will make him look good, and there is simply no such thing as messing up for him because he’s perfection personified. And of course, he is also very greedy and power-hungry, always wanting the best pick of the meals and striving to take the role of leader. The same should go for his rider, as Nvansketh believes that his rider should never settle for second best.

And do not be mistaken, this dragon is actually quite a hard worker. Nvansketh will exercise and practice far beyond what is necessary in drills, only to ensure that he is the best and achieves the highest of standards. He does not care if others work as hard as he, because he knows that most other dragons are too weak to be able to keep up with his work ethic anyways. However, where he works hard, he plays even harder. When he does take his breaks – preferably in evenings and late nights – Nvansketh goes all out. If one wants to ‘play’ with him, the males should expect to be rough-housed and the females objectified by his condescendingly flirtatious comments.

For all the hidebound humans, Nvansketh is the epitome of a hidebound dragon. He is extremely chauvinistic, and believes that a gold’s duty is nothing more than to rise and clutch, and keep the Weyrs populated. As for the greens, they are simply doing as they are told and should be assigned the grunge work as they are both mentally and physically incapable of anymore than that. All of this condescending attitude does make him quite the tail chaser, and he will chase anything that flies – because again, the golds and greens are simply there to please the males. And when he chases, he does not hold back, often prone to bold declarations and extravagant maneuvers.

Inspiration: Investment Banker
Name Inspiration: I(nv)e(s)tment B(an)(ke)r

Hatching/Impression Message:
The hatching of the I Take Mine Black Egg was sudden and easily overlooked unless you were looking in the general vicinity of the egg. With everything else that was going on around it, it really did not receive much attention. But a few shudders and violent shakes, and a dark brown nose punching through the shell, finally shattered the egg into several fragments. A dark brown dragon tumbled out, and it took him awhile to orient himself. Standing up, wobbly at first, he shook the sands off his body. He glanced around with a slight glare, almost as if trying to find the source of what had caused him to trip — clearly it wasn't because he was clumsy that he'd taken a tumble. With a disgruntled grumble, the dark brown then made his way towards a group of boys. His path was a straight line, not really caring if anybody stood in his way, because really, they should be moving for him. Most of the candidates managed to jump back in time, but not all of them were so fortunate. The dark brown brushed past Firraz, and would not have cared to pause except he stumbled slightly at the sudden obstacle. Still he managed to stay upright for the most part, giving an angry creel towards the candidate, before turning his gaze to Nazaran. "Nvansketh, are you alright?" N'zar exclaimed as he rushed forward to check on the dark brown. "That boy was in your way, it wasn't your fault at all," he assured his dragon with a soothing stroke down the back. "Now let us fill that hungry belly of yours."

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: I Take Mine Black Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a very rounded shape. The bottom half is matte-black, while the top is close enough to the color of the surrounding sand as to seem transparent.
Egg Inspiration: Office coffee-maker, specifically the coffee pot.
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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