Blue Obreith

Impressee: K'reis (Kasareis)

Name: Obreith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 67A6C1
Final Size: 33' length with a wingspan of 51'

Obreith is, to put it nicely, a dragon with some padding. He is of average body length but has a broad head and short neck and tail. Adding his short, broad wings and stocky body to the equation means that this blue will always look chunky, even when he is in peak physical condition. As a Weyrling he will tend towards fat, and it will be up to his rider to keep Obreith from becoming complacent about his weight. Despite being overweight, Obreith will require little effort to be in glowing good health for most of his life, barring any accidents with Threadfall.

Obreith is an extremely good-natured blue. Very little will ever ruffle his feathers or cause him to become irritated. His positivity can be counted on so much that if he ever does show displeasure with someone or something, the object of irritation may become disliked or regarded as suspicious by others that are used to trusting Obreith's positive opinions. He will most likely not get along well with Ymirth, his blue clutchmate, because he won't trust the volatile nature of the other hatchling. This blue will be a steady rock of happiness for his rider to fall back on, and will probably gain the confidence of many in his class (and later, in his wing) who can't help but to like him.

Inspiration: Budai/Hotei, the Chinese/Japanese God of Contentment and Good Health

Hatching/Impression Message:
A series of cracks could be heard among the eggs, and it wasn't terribly obvious where they were coming from until an especially loud one split the air. The Polar Mystery Egg, as if deciding that everyone was being too serious, broke apart and displayed a chortling blue to the Candidates and audience. At first it seemed that he was curled up into a ball, but as he spread his wings and bounced to his feet, it became apparent that he was the ball. Many of those watching might think that this was the chubbiest little blue that they had ever seen, and they would be right. With a happy gleam in his eye, the dragonet pranced directly over to Kasareis and parked himself there. The young man laughed and embraced the dragon, saying, "Yes, Obreith, there is plenty of food outside!"

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Polar Mystery Egg
Egg Description: The background color of this egg is black, the hard, cold black of a deep winter's night. It would be the sort of egg one might shiver and look away from, except for the bands of translucent color that twist across its surface. Diaphanous peridot and dawn-bright pink, they fascinate the eye, their curtain-like shapes almost seeming to drift slowly across underlying darkness. One can get lost in the spell of that brightness, and find one's thoughts drifting with the colors.
Egg Inspiration: Aurora Borealis
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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