Liar Liar Tail on Fire Ochioth

Impressee: Menisia

Name: Ochioth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 507D2A
Final Size: 28.5' length with a wingspan of 53'

The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green’s movements look jerky as if someone else is pulling her strings. She always seems like she is a step away from falling on her face yet she never actually falls. Her ungainliness will become most apparent when she is swimming. Her disjointed gait makes it almost impossible for her to get her limbs moving in the tandem necessary for swimming. When asked to go deeper than she can stand, the Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green will flail about like…well…like a fish out of water. Her coordination will improve as she ages but she’ll never be the one to suggest a trip down to the cove. 

The gracefulness the Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green lacks on the ground, she more than makes up for in the air. Her expansive wings dwarf most of her green sisters and rival some of the smaller blues. They give her a good deal of stamina, although, it might be difficult to make her focus long enough to prove that. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green is on the longer side of average when it comes to length but her wings make her look shorter than she is. Her neck, tail, and limbs are spindly while her middle is noticeably stouter. She has a deep, wide chest and powerful hips. She will develop a well-defined musculature with time.

The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green has a long runner-like face. Her snout is especially long, narrowing to an almost point at the tip. Her head-knobs are likewise long and a friendly butt of her head might be enough to knock the wind out of someone. She always looks as if she is amused with her mouth stretched in an almost human-like smile. She might even be caught sticking her tongue out from time to time like a naughty child watching someone else get scolded for a crime they committed. That mischievous glint in her faceted eyes is certainly not imagined. 

For the most part, the Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green has a consistent woodsy green coloration. Her hide doesn’t look particularly sleek especially compared to some of her green sisters. The tip of her nose is a bright yellow that deepens into mossy green-brown than lightens further up her snout into an almost neon green. This pattern is repeated at the end of her tail making it look as if she dipped the tip of her tail into a cook fire's flames. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green thinks these flashy accents adds plenty of distinction to her relatively dull hide. 

Ochioth will be marked as a trouble-maker from her first step onto the sands. There is just something in her expression that is inexplicably naughty as she roves about the sands getting in the way of everything. She will poke her nose into empty shells, try to trip up her clutch-mates, and stare deeply into candidate’s eyes as they wait on tenterhooks. Ochioth won’t hurt the candidates so some of the spectators might think she is just a confused hatchling searching for her life-mate but she has known who was hers from the beginning. She just finds the candidates’ considerable emotional distress faintly amusing. She can’t fathom why they are all so tense as they wait for the rest of the clutch to hatch. The naughty look on her face won’t be wiped off even as her eyes finally shift into happy rainbows. The pranks have only just begun!

Ochioth loves nothing more than a perfectly pulled off prank. She is an instigator who finds it hilarious to push her clutch-mates buttons until they pop. You can't find your riding straps, Joaidaneth? You sure you didn't misplace them? No? Steal them? Why would someone steal your…wait…now that you mention it I think I saw Esmeraith with some new straps. She will then sit back to watch the inevitable explosion shifting her rump ever so slightly to hide the riding straps she’s sitting on. She isn’t intentionally malevolent but poking fun at others is one of her favorite past times. Ochioth likes to drag her rider into her teasing no matter how unwilling she might be. Menisia wonders how your rider will be able to mount you, Zandelomyth, he is so short. She fails to notice when she has taken something to far which might get her into more than a few sticky situations. 

Ochioth’s playful attitude will make her a bit of a nightmare for more than just her clutch-mates. She might give Menisia a heart-felt promise to pay attention during their lessons but unfortunately she has the attention span of a wherry. Her good intentions are usually forgotten within the candle-mark. She listens intently for a few minutes but then…oh look! VTOLS! Before her rider can so much as blink, she is off chasing them across the weyrbowl. Far from bringing her to task, a sharp reminder will just make her more stubborn. Why must I do this? Why must I do that? Why can’t I play all day? Why? Why? Why? Why? It would be enough to make anyone tear their hair out. Ochioth has plenty of energy for fun and games but when it comes to training she has none. She’d much rather play all day long. Who wouldn’t? She is constantly going off on misguided adventures refusing to listen to the advice of her rider. She hates being criticized even though it is usually merited. Of course I was listening Fienth! But if she is asked to repeat the instructions, she will immediately turn it around on them with a most impertinent tone. Why Fienth! Why should I repeat your instructions just because you can’t remember them? Ochioth will cause more than a few grey hairs to appear on the Weyrlingmaster’s head. 

Ochioth doesn’t know how to take anything seriously. Life is a big game to her and she intends to have as much fun as she can. She tries to wiggle out of work whenever she can but if she happens to get roped into it she will be more of a hindrance than a help. She will try to spice things up by causing distractions. She won’t even buckle down to prepare for Threadfall. Firestone smells gross, Andvarith. I don’t want to chew it. And why must a fly in this position? I want to be in the front. She nips at her wing-mate’s tails while they are doing drills and she might even go so far as to purposefully fly off course just to irritate her wingleader. There might be more than a few groans when she is actually assigned to a wing. She won’t purposely make mistakes during an actual Threadfall but she has spent so much time goofing off during their lessons that her early days fighting Thread will be rife with injuries. 

There is a noticeable shift in Ochioth’s personality as it comes time for her to rise. Her usual spunkiness dissipates as her hide deepens into a rich forest green. Her teasing and games cease as she begins refusing to talk to the other dragons especially males and it will even be difficult for Menisia to coax a word out of her. She spends most of her time asleep leading up to her flight becoming incredibly waspish if she is disturbed. She won’t even stir herself to hunt which will eventually become the telltale sign that she is very near to rising. Ochioth will always blood her kills when she takes to the air to give her enough energy for a long flight. Her flights will be a wild affair as all her teasing and games come back in full force. She will put together complex mazes to test her every limit and that of her suitors. Ochioth won’t be one to choose her partners before she twines. She prefers that they be smart enough to figure out her mazes and sly enough to be able to snatch her out of the air before she is able to slip away.

Long after her clutch-mates put away their hatchling-ness, Ochioth can still be found acting as if she a day old instead of Turns old. She might seem like a green doomed to never mature. Forever playing games and goofing off when she should be focused on fighting Thread with her wing. However, as she gains Turns, her personality shifts subtly. Menisia will find that she doesn’t have to reprimand Ochioth as much and that when she does the green is more apt to listen. She will stop purposefully being a thorn in their wing-mates and Wingleader’s side. She will even suggest to Menisia that they practice drills on their own time! It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when these changes started to occur but it seems to be linked to the increasing amount of injuries the pair suffered in their early days fighting Thread. 

With new found dedication, Ochioth will devote herself to becoming the best Thread fighter she can be. She will finally begin to learn all the things she seems to have skipped during Weyrlinghood. She will eventually become a great asset to her wing and not only physically. She’ll always be spunky but her flip attitude towards everyone will seem to dissipate. Instead of being a merciless jokester, she will use her humor to try and cheer up her wing-mates after a particularly gruesome ‘Fall. The lies will stop pouring from her mouth as her earlier misadventures taught her that it is better to tell the truth than get caught up in a lie. She will never lose her love for pranks but she will have learned the all-important notion of boundaries.

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Ochioth has a middle-ranged voice that is full of youthful enthusiasm. She speaks with a rascally lilt that is present regardless of whether she is being naughty or not. Lies often roll of her tongue easier than truth. Her voice shoots up through several octaves when she is excited about something. Bursting into Menisia’s mind in a quickening tempo that becomes almost incoherent the more excited she gets. Her thoughts don’t seem to follow a logical route as she jumps wildly from topic to topic. Menisia will most likely have to ask her to slow down and tell it again before she understands what Ochioth is rambling on about.

Hatching Message:
Dark cracks began to run down the sides of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzan Egg although it remained strangely still compared to the eggs that shook and rattled around it. The cracks thickened as they neared the center of the egg and if the candidates strained their eyes they could almost make out movement within the shell. Slowly, an bright yellow nose appeared, nostrils flaring as the hatchling tried to catch its breath. Then more of the snout emerged, the bright yellow color deepening into a mossy green-brown. The hatchling paused and took a deep breath, preparing for one final push, but the effort toppled the unstable egg which cracked against the ground, spilling the Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green onto the Sands. She stood up shaking off the egg goo and shell that clung to her sides as she unfolded her massive wings. She waited there only a moment before she took off towards the candidates. She brushed pass Taitalos while he tried to jump out of her way but subsequently got caught up in her tail. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green didn’t pause to consider the candidate caught on her tail as she marched right up to Todrin and wrapped her tail around his legs looking intensely into his blue-gray eyes.

The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green leaned into Todrin’s touch thrumming with pleasure as the young boy stroked her neck. She made a disconsolate noise when he withdrew his hand cocking her head to the side as she regarded him. She watched his happy face dissolve into confusion. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green wiggled out from under Todrin’s legs rumbling with amusement as she left him behind. Oh no! She certainly wasn’t lost! She turned back to regard the two boys for a moment, her tongue lolling out of her mouth when Tadran spoke to her. It almost looked like she was sticking her tongue out at him on purpose! She headed back towards the rocking eggs passing the Eye of the Beholder Bronze who was making his way towards the male candidates. She had almost passed him when her flame-tipped tale whipped out catching his hind-legs. With a startled shriek, the bronze tripped over her tail falling with a most satisfying thud onto the Sands. The bronze turned around to look at the Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green with beseeching eyes. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green’s eyes were too innocent as she met his gaze. Oh no she wouldn’t ever do something like that on purpose! Clearly, it was an accident!

Public Impression Message:
The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green left the bronze behind her going back to explore the empty shells scattering the sands. She nosed some shards around enthralled by their bright pink shading. She picked one up in her mouth and pranced off pleased with such a good find. Her mouth dropped open a moment later as she spotted a mostly intact shell. The top had a large circular hole from where the hatchling had scrambled out. She let the pink shard fall from her mouth as she inched towards the shell. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green poked it curiously with her nose before standing up on her hind-legs. She placed her front-legs on the jagged edges of the shell attempting to lift herself up so she could get a better look inside. What she expected to see wasn’t exactly clear but before she could look in the shell it tipped over dumping her on her back. The shell then fell on top of her and shattered sending shards everywhere. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green creeled loudly as she rolled away from the egg and back onto her feet. She looked a little disgruntled as she walked away from her mess and back towards the candidates. The Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green took her time as she walked down the anxious line of candidates. She paused to butt her head-knobs against Firraz’s side then a little further down the line she stopped to wrap her neck about a tall, lightly tanned older candidate. She waited there for a long moment looking up at his stubbly chin before untangling herself. She rumbled in amusement as her eyes shifting into contented rainbows. She walked ahead but stopped by a tall girl looking back to see if the man was following her.

Personal Impression Message:
The green stops by you looking back over her shoulder to see if Delir is following her. There is something in her amused rumble that makes you think something is not quite right. You become certain that this is just another one of the green’s games. The green slowly brings her head around. Her rainbow eyes finally meeting yours. Menisia. Her joyous voice is full of certainty as it joins your thoughts and you get the impression that she had known who was hers the whole time. She leans in close looking as if she has a secret to tell, seemingly forgetting that no one other than you can hear her thoughts, They thought I was their dragon! She sounded exceedingly surprised, and amused, as if she had given the other candidates no reason to believe that. But I am your dragon! Ochioth! The green sighs looking about the sands wistfully. The fun has just begun! The green complained not wanting to leave the sands so soon. There were still eggs to hatch, candidates to tease! Her stomach grew impatient though growling loudly enough for the candidates nearby to hear. Now distracted from her fun, she insists that you two leave right now and feed her starving belly, Food! I am very hungry.
Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzan Egg
Egg Description: The Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzan Egg is a small, nondescript brown egg that most people would pass over without a second glance, if it weren’t for the two small bumps on one side. It appears as though this egg has made an attempt at being oval, although it turned out rather rounder than most eggs and has a disturbing tendency to fall over on its side, no matter how many times it is placed upright. It seems determined to keep its two strange bumps, which look almost like two little ears, pointing upwards. Whoever heard of an egg with ears though? For that matter, who ever heard of an egg with the cheerful personality this egg seems to have? Perhaps it is the soft, fuzzy look of the shell, or the warm, rosy brown colour. Maybe it is the slightest hint of a smiling mouth that can be seen on one side of the egg. While the egg appears to be just one solid colour from a distance, up close you can see the numerous different shades of brown. A darker brown outlines what appears to be a nose, two eyes, and a mouth on one side of the egg. Although it may seem strange at first, there is something about the Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzan Egg that you can’t help smiling at.
Egg Inspiration: Fuzzy Wuzzy
Egg Credit: Adina

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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