Gold Odette x Bronze Raphael P8 T17

Flight - Mid Autumn, T17, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Late Winter, T17, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Odette (Talora)
Sire: Bronze Raphael (Azrael)
Totals: 1
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 0
Green: 0

PC Fire-lizards:

The Brave and Handsome Brown Pride to Wirrinia (Mind)
Colour: Brown #855E20
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 29"

Physical Description:
THE BRAVE AND HANDSOME BROWN is the perfect specimen of a brown, so much so, that at first he actually looks like he might be a bronze instead! This is a very large brown, with a beautiful bronze-brown colour. He's a completely solid colour that appears much lighter straight from his egg. As he gets older, however, that colour will
darken up, especially around the neck and throat, giving the appearance of stubble.

THE BRAVE AND HANDSOME BROWN is…well he has his charms. He thinks he's Faranth's gift to Pern and will act like such. Much like his father, he will feel the need to rescue every damsel he sees, even if they might not be in distress. He very much likes to think of himself as a hero, and may even try to rescue his owner. He can be selfish, stubborn, and quite full of himself, however he can also be sweet and loving at the same time to those he's close to. When things don't go this heroes way, he tends to pout, big time. He will eat a lot, and if he can, get into some klah to drown his sorrows. This will especially happen after a flight that he loses.

Inspiration: Galavant from Galavant

Notes: For OOC reasons, this clutch was split into two parts. The second group of firelizard from the theme can be found here.
Theme: Galavant

Credits: Kati

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