Gold Odette x Bronze Raphael P8 T19

Flight - Off Camera - Late Spring, T19, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off Camera - Mid Summer, T19, 8th Pass
Eggs Handed Out - 10th September 2017/Late Summer, T19, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Odette (Talora)
Sire: Bronze Raphael (Azrael)
Totals: 7
Gold: 1
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: The Jewel of Pern Gold Cayniss to Alexia (Tina)
Colour: Gold #E5BC3B
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 32"


THE JEWEL OF PERN GOLD is a beautiful, amber beer color. She is almost solidly this color, save for a few markings. Around her headknobs is a lighter, thin ring of gold around her head, looking almost like a chaplet. On her left, front leg is a darker band of gold, like an armlet. She’s on the smaller side of average for a gold, though certainly not the smallest there is. Her wings are slightly large for her body, but rather than looking comical, they seem to add to her beauty. While petite, she’s certainly not thin or scrawny looking. She has muscles, and she’s not afraid to hide them.

THE JEWEL OF PERN GOLD is a kind-hearted flit. When people are in trouble, she can’t stop herself from trying to help. This means she’s often jumping into situations she really should stay out of. If anyone, dragon, human, or flit needs someone to learn on, she’s the first to offer a wing to cry on. She enjoys spending time with those she would consider a friend, which is almost everyone; however, her special person will be her bonded. She will always be there for her, ready to fight or comfort. When she’s not out saving the world, she will be right by her owner, chittering away softly in her ear.

Despite being kind-hearted, this flit is spunky and witty. She is always ready with a clever retort to anything, though she could never intentionally be cruel. She also can’t really seem to shut up, and is always chittering away to someone. About the only time she doesn’t speak is when she’s comforting someone. Along with her spunky attitude is an ability to fight well. She doesn’t like fighting, finding it brutish, but if she must, she will-and she’ll likely win. Most of her opponents tend to be tunnelsnakes, rather than other flits. This gold is certainly no damsel-in-distress and anyone that treats her as such is likely to get an earful.

Before flights, this gold won’t really flirt. She much prefers to just be treated as normal, though she tends to be a lot moodier around this time. During flights, however, she loves to be sung to, treated like royalty. She wants to hear romantic whisperings of true and eternal love. She will never pick males who try to win by force, but rather the males who act like the hero she craves. This gold longs to be rescued by a dashing, handsome male. Color doesn’t matter much to her, blue’s, browns, and bronzes all have an equal chance for her attention, so long as they’re a hero rather than a villain.

Inspiration: Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta (Galavant)
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Name: The Unlikely Hero Bronze Rex to [[[Phyrra]] (Shouriko)
Colour: Bronze #CD9B1D
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 28"


When this flit is first born, one could actually easily mistake him for a very large, light brown flit. However, once cleaned and oiled the bronze starts to show just a little more. This will quickly become more obvious as he matures, the light brown turning more bronze-gold. THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE is a beautiful dark, goldenrod color, once he reaches maturity, that almost seems slightly on the more golden side. He has a dark ring around his head, almost like a crown. On a few of his claws is a dark, thin, band of bronze looking like rings. On his jaw and around his mouth has darker markings resembling a beard and mustache.

THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE is rather fat as a hatchling, but as he grows he slims out, though he never can seem to get rid of that last bit of baby fat around his middle. He is on the larger side of average, with wings that are slightly smaller than his body. Despite this, he is quite the handsome bronze and his looks really just seem to improve in general as he ages.

When first born, THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE is going to be absolutely helpless. He will constantly need attention and for his owner to do things for him, even when he could do them himself. He will constantly be seeking out friends, though he might end up being too bossy for their liking. He also tends to have a bit of a mean streak, delighting in bullying others. When he wants something, he’ll either take it, or beg his owner for it. Delicious food is a common target, and he’ll want his owner to feed it to him. If he doesn’t like it, however, he’ll spit it right out and make faces.

As THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE gets older, he’ll start learning to do things on his own, and learn to even enjoy doing them. He will also start to mellow out a bit in a few ways. He won’t be as apt to bully, though he still easily could if he wanted to. He will start to feed himself, and may even take to hunting his own food if his owner doesn’t baby him too much. However, somethings will never change, despite how old he gets. THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE is a bit naïve, not really fully understanding how things work in the world. Other flits or dragons will find he can be easy to manipulate. He wears his heart on his wings, whatever the emotion may be. He can easily lose his temper or cry when sad. All of this will make training him hard until he matures, but even then it will be a constant battle.

THE UNLIKELY HERO BRONZE truly believes in true love, and wants nothing more to find the one. However, that means a lot of chases and disappointments. This flit will be very late to chase, and when he does chase he isn’t likely to win until he comes into his own. When he does find “the one”, he will always chase her, even if he does chase a few other flits in between. Greens or golds doesn’t matter, no matter the color he will always treat them like a Queen, even out of flights.

Inspiration: King Richard (Galavant)
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Name: The Manly Brown Iliacus to Narene (Notomys)
Colour: Brown #8B5A2B
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 29"


THE MANLY BROWN is a giant, hunk of brown. He is one of the biggest browns in the Weyr, and he knows it. This brown is a solid color of darker tan, a nice, uniform color all around. THE MANLY BROWN is muscular, leaving no doubt he could easily kill a tunnelsnake or, if needed, another flit. To many, the flit would look terrifying, and the looks he gives people doesn’t help one bit. He looks rather dry, as he doesn’t really enjoy being pampered and oiled, and prefers instead to just jump in the water.

THE MANLY BROWN is a brawny and burly as he looks. He doesn’t enjoy the more feminine things in life, with his owner often having to hold him down to get bathed and oiled. He enjoys the manly musk, and shard it all, being bathed like a girly girl ruins that! THE MANLY BROWN will be very loyal to his owner and isn’t easy to sway from that, even if it may look like it from time to time. This brown can be quite vulgar, and if it were possible, he’d be slightly sexist as well.

THE MANLY BROWN loves to chase and will go after many golds and a few greens, however there’s a catch. The flit he’s chasing has to look just right for this hulk to bother. He isn’t fond of the larger females, enjoying the slim, petite ones. He’s a bit of a brute in flight, and will happily tear into other competitors if he needs to. Any flit that gets too close to him might find themselves at the end of his sharp claws.

Inspiration: Gareth (Galavant)
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Name: Comedy Gold Blue Trys to E'sai (Vandelay)
Colour: Blue #009ACD
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 22"


COMEDY GOLD BLUE is a beautiful bright blue color. He almost could match the skies of Pern in fact. He has a ring of dark blue around his head, resembling a hat, with his left headknob the color of his body. He had a dark blue stripe around his neck and chest, almost resembling a sash, with a small crescent moon on the sides. On his front and back legs are dark blue, thick stripes, with mismatching dark and light blue feet. His wings are almost comically large for his body, though they help him fly fast. COMEDY GOLD BLUE is average size, with the exception of his wings.

COMEDY GOLD BLUE loves to play around and make jokes. This blue is quite the joker, often playing pranks on his owner and anyone unfortunate enough to be around him. However, pranks isn’t the only thing this blue can do, he’s very good at singing and quite enjoys it. He will always be chirping out a tune, usually when around his owner, almost as if singing some sort of theme song. The COMEDY GOLD BLUE is affectionate, enjoying spending time with others, especially his owner.

When it comes to flights, the COMEDY GOLD BLUE will chase any female he finds pretty, green or gold. He will give it his all, and tends to enjoy telling jokes or singing to his potential mates. When it comes to training, he will be a little harder than most blues, preferring instead to prank the receiver rather than deliver messages.

Inspiration: Steve McKenzie AKA The Jester (Galavant)
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Name: Hello Ladies Blue Lyric to Okathravin (Neena)
Colour: Blue #3B6AA0
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 14"


HELLO LADIES BLUE is a small, tiny blue. He is probably one of the smaller blue’s in the Weyr, even once he’s full grown. Everything about him makes him look like he is still a young flit, with some even believing he is. He’s a beautiful Greek blue color and his hide always seems to be oiled, gleaming easily in the sunlight. The top of his head is a lighter blue, as is his tail. Because of the HELLO LADIES BLUE’s size he is rather fast, though don’t expect him to go fast unless he wants to.

The HELLO LADIES BLUE may be small, but he sure acts like he’s big. He doesn’t see himself as small at all. This blue is slightly prone to tantrums, especially when he doesn’t get his way. He isn’t fond of flying-or walking-and would much rather be carried everywhere he goes. As such, he’ll be completely useless when it comes to being trained. He simply doesn’t want to, and nothing his owner does will change his mind. This flit will also tend to collect shiny objects, be them from his owner or things just lying on the ground. He also admires things that are pretty, including himself.

When it comes to flights, this little guy might just try well before he’s actually ready to give chase. He often flirts with any female he finds attractive, trilling at them sweetly and showing off. This will also start very early. When he finally does start to really chase, he’s rather lazy at it. He fully expects the female to just fall into his arms, and as such, he’ll actually struggle to win flights; however, it will never deter him from actually trying. When he does lose a flight, he’ll turn to his owner and pout, as if that could suddenly get him to win.

Inspiration: Prince Harry (Galavant)
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Name: I Am The Queen Green Malga to Indria (Shelacula)
Colour: Green #AADD00
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 15"


I AM THE QUEEN GREEN is a odd, almost gold-green color, though certaintly more green than gold. When this small firelizard is first born, she could almost be mistaken for a gold, if not for her size. As she grows the yellow-green tone will become much more obviously green, but always retain that golden undertone. I AM THE QUEEN GREEN is on the smaller side of average and is very petite and thin. I AM THE QUEEN GREEN is a solid color, with no real distinguishing markings on her. She will often hold her head erect, revealing a slender, slightly long, neck. She holds herself like the royal she imagines herself to be.

When the I AM THE QUEEN GREEN first hatches, she is very sweet, kind, and lovable. She will enjoy cuddling with her owner, never raising a voice or thinking cruel thoughts. However, when she started to age it’s almost like a switch flips. This may just be her true nature showing, or it could be the influence of others, but I AM THE QUEEN GREEN will turn mean. She will dote on her owner still, but to all others she will be just plain cruel. She delights in the misfortune of others, especially if she caused it. She is a ‘queen’ however, and will never directly get involved. Rather, she will manipulate her suitors into doing her bidding, getting their hands-er claws-dirty rather than her own.

I AM THE QUEEN GREEN takes care of herself, and herself only. She has no qualms putting down others, making sure they know they are beneath her. The only time she seems sweet and kind is to her suitors, though this will quickly change if they disappoint her or try to stand against her. This green is far more intelligent than she seems, and could very well be trained if it suited her. However, it doesn’t, as that is peasants works.

When it comes to flights, I AM THE QUEEN GREEN will tend to lean more towards bronzes and browns, seeing blue’s as almost beneath her, only to be used as play things. If a blue does manage to catch her it is because it has proven itself worth, usually by bullying or other such means. Rather than be wooed by pretty words, this green loves violence. She enjoys a rough flight, with the males snatching at her, rather than letting her pick. She is not one for cuddles and love afterwards, and really it’s in the winners best interest to leave sooner rather than later.

Inspiration: Madalena (Galavant)
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Name: Rock N Roll Green Jula to Tiressa (Fairytale)
Colour: Green #213D30
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16"


ROCK N ROLL GREEN is a dark, almost black, green, with lighter green headknobs and top of her head, making it look almost like she was wearing a wig. This green is the average size for a green, not really being too large or too small. However, delicate is not the right word to describe this green. She is a bit on the thick side, almost looking like she ate one to many pastries. However it’s not baby fat, but rather muscles. Her tail is slightly on the long side for a green.

Feminine, petite, lady-like, these are the exact opposite of the ROCK N ROLL GREEN. With a punk-like attitude and a tendency to defy her owner, this green will be quite hard to actually train. The ROCK N ROLL GREEN loves nothing more than to listen to music, especially with a harsher beat. If other’s aren’t playing music she likes the ROCK N ROLL GREEN will bang on whatever she can with her long tail, making her own noise that she insists is music. The ROCK N ROLL GREEN prefers to hang out with like-minded individuals and will find more male friends than female. She’s always happy to put on a show for them, and her owner.

ROCK N ROLL GREEN is fiercely protective of her owner and will fight anything that she believes will harm her. Dragon, person, tunnelsnake, it will all get an ear-or claw-full if they mess with hers. ROCK N ROLL GREEN will tend to rise often, close to four or five times a Turn. Her flights are short but fiery and passionate. She prefers strong willed males rather than weak ones. Her flights look much more like a dance, with lots of loops, turns, and spins. Like most greens, she will often forget about any clutches she laid, so her owner will have to take extra care to watch for them.

Inspiration: Jubilee from Galavant
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Notes: For OOC reasons, this clutch was split into two parts. The first firelizard from the theme can be found here.
Theme: Galavant

Credits: Kati

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