Green Odysseuth

Impressee: Sayrie

Name: Odysseuth
Pronunciation: Oh-dis-ee-ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 004400
Final Size: 26.6' length with a wingspan of 47'

Odysseuth is a green of fairly standard proportions. She will reach an average length and wingspan with the lean build characteristic of most greens. She will never attain much muscle mass nor does she show much interest in cultivating it so she may well tire before some of her more athletic siblings. She has a thin chest and long neck topped with large, wide-set eyes. She always comes off as an inquisitive green which is only enhanced by the way she cocks her head to the side when she is studying something that baffles her. Odysseuth has a rich, leafy green hide that will almost look black in the evening light. She is easily the darkest green of her clutch-sisters. There is a subtle shift to a marginally lighter green than her base color towards the bottom of her fore- and hind-legs. The same green can also be seen trailing along the ridge of her neck, back, and tail.

Odysseuth is quirky for a dragon. She prefers to entertain daydreams of grand adventures and dashing suitors than actually pay attention during their lessons or drills. She doesn’t like to deal in absolutes which are part of the reason why training is so difficult for her since the proper techniques and formations they learn are so set in stone. Odysseuth has more creative tendencies than training really allows for so she has to find another outlet. She likes to make up games and stories to play with and tell to her clutch-mates. She will develop the rather cute habit of asking Sayrie to read her a story before bedtime and it will eventually become part of their nightly ritual. She is a very approachable and outgoing dragon but a bit of an oddball. A lovable oddball but an oddball nonetheless.

But for all she seems like a dreamy and easily sidetracked green, she is strangely observant. She notices the minutest details and tries to tease a meaning out of them. A bed left unmade by a weyrling who always makes their bed, the blue color of someone’s dress, a small smile on someone’s face, the slight quickening of a dragon’s eyes. To Odysseuth, these infinitesimal details all have an important meaning in the grand scheme of things. This tendency to overanalyze things sometimes leads her to imagining things that are simply not there which is why Sayrie might have to bluntly tell her that she thinks that that person simply selected the blue dress because she was partial to the color not because she felt sad or lonely.

Odysseuth might be highly observant of tiny, passing details but sometimes she fails to see what is right in front of her face. She has a terrible propensity towards the gullible. She never realizes when one of her clutch-mates is just pulling her leg. Stories of ghost dragons and life-sucking humans will have her listening with rapt attention and demanding that they should go off to the caves and the infirmary to see the creatures for themselves. Sayrie’s assurances that these are just stories to scare little children will do little dissuade her. She insists that, Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

Overall, Odysseuth is an easy dragon to get along with except for one extremely irritating habit. Cevida and me went over to the beastcrafter caverns earlier… or Cevida and I, Sayrie, Cevida and I. She is obsessed with proper communication and will constantly correct mistakes in others' speech. She can be quite snarky about it too! I snuck some treats out of the kitchens for you. and You sneaked some treats out of the kitchens for me, you mean. It will make Sayrie want to rip her hair out. You did good today, Odysseuth. I did well today, Andvarith. At which point and exasperated Sayrie will interject, Can't you just accept the sharding compliment, Odysseuth? When it is spoken correctly, I will of course be glad to accept it. It would be enough to drive anyone mad!

Odysseuth is a fairly passive aggressive girl preferring to tie someone up in words than snarl and snap. She is always happy to engage in discussion but she will always stop long before it dissolves into shouting. She isn’t really a “physical” dragon which doesn’t exactly make her the best suited for fighting thread but Threadfall is like a daring adventure to her so she will plunge enthusiastically. It will be quite a challenge for Sayrie to keep her in formation though because she wants to chase after any clumps that escape her. Odysseuth views her flights as an adventure as well. She will lead her suitors on a merry chase and wait for one of them to sweep her off her feet (or rather wings) like the heroes in the stories.

Inspiration: English Teacher
Name Inspiration: From the Greek Hero Odysseus because who didn't have to read The Odyssey in high school.

Hatching/Impression Message:
Out of the corner of the eye it looked like the strangely flat edges of The 8 x 11 Egg were quivering but when looked at again full on the egg appeared motionless. The slight quivering off the egg wasn’t a figment of the candidate’s excitable imagination though. The egg was quivering! And if anyone was brave enough to put their ear up to an un-hatched egg they would hear the tapping of the hatchling within. Light lines began to slowly spread from the bottom of the shell to top interrupting and sometimes joining the strange lettering that decorated its surface. A line in the center began to darken then it split open revealing a practically black hatchling but as its wetness began to dry it became clear that she was just a dark green hatchling. She stood up and not wasting a moment more she bounded off excitedly towards the male candidates. She frolicked through the crowd of eager boys stopping besides Verfon before with a cry of delight she spotted the female candidates and rushed off to them. She bounced passed a few of the girls but then skidded to a stop looking back at one girl in particular. Sayrie stepped forward, her long blonde curls bouncing around her face, and her face alight with uncharacteristic emotion. “Odysseuth…” She whispered as she reached out to stroke the green’s cheek. The moment lasted until Odysseuth’s stomach let out an audible grumble at which point the girl wordlessly lead her off the Sands.

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The 8 x 11 Egg
Egg Description: The 8 x 11 Egg is a fairly standard sized egg but it looks strangely rectangular for an egg. The sides seem to smooth out till they’re almost flat near the middle of the egg before rounding very slightly into a tiny point. The oddities of this egg continue with its coloring. The shell would be a perfect white except it looks like someone decided to take a charcoal to it. If you strain your eyes it almost looks like there are words scribbled across its surface and if you’re brave enough to get close to it the egg seems to give off slightly more heat than its neighboring eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Freshly Printed Paper
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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