Brown Okidoth

Impressee: J'yan (Julyan)

Name: Okidoth
Pronunciation: OAK-EE-doth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: #91733A
Final Size: 36' length of 62' wingspan

Description: Although he isn't an exceptionally large brown, Okidoth holds himself with unshakable confidence. From the jaunty tilt of his head, to the casual flicks of his tail, it's easy to tell that this dragon things very highly of himself. He's a handsome fellow, with good conformation and balance to his build. Okidoth's main coloration is a simple medium brown color. He has an unevenly spiky splash of sandy tan on his throat and chest, and a similar slash of this same color on the end of his tail. His wing membranes darken to a deep russet color.

Personality: Okidoth is going to achieve great things with his life, and if you happen to forget, he'll be more than happy to remind you. Although he may not be as large or powerful as some of his siblings, Okidoth makes up for it in ambition. Highly intelligent and quick to learn new skills, this brown has a great deal of natural talent. Okidoth has a tendency to view other dragons as obstacles to his ultimate goals, and has a tendency to form rivalries, rather than friendships, with his clutchmates. If it means coming out on top, Okidoth is more than willing to take advantage of a situation and play dirty. Although he's a witty dragon, he takes pleasure in using the most juvenile insults possible against his rivals. As a young dragon, Okidoth is not only prone to gloating his achievements and abilities - but is an extraordinarily sore loser. Expect him to sulk and make excuses whenever he is bested. However, as he matures and develops better understanding and empathy for others, he will see his losses as opportunities to try to improve himself. As an adult, Okidoth may develop deep bonds of friendships with the males that he considers his rivals - believing that they will be capable of pushing him even further. Okidoth considers it important to always be in top form, and sees greenflights as an ideal opportunity to hone his skills for the all-important senior goldflight. Expect him to be a regular participant in both gold and greenflights.

Inspiration: Rival Blue/Gary (Pokemon)

Hatching/Impression Message: While some of it's siblings appeared to be struggling to break from their shells, this little brown had no trouble breaking out of the The Better If Evolved Egg. Within a moment of tumbling free from his egg, this handsome brown was already on his feet and trotting toward the male candidates. He let out an adorable squeaking imitation of a roar. Although the effect was less than intimidating, this little dragon wasn't bothered. Satisfied that the boys were paying him proper attention, he swaggered closer to the line of candidates.
The brown understood the gravity of the choice he was about to make. Not only would his choice determine his destiny, but by picking the best partner, he would ensure that his rivals had to select inferior lifemates! He paced along the line, pausing at Suogo. He carefully examined the poor boy for a few moments, before snorting in dismissal - what a loser! With a dismissive toss of his head, the little dragon moved on to the next boy. Julyan's face broke into a confident smirk. The newly forged brownrider crossed his arms as he gloated at the unimpressed candidates, "Me and Okidoth'll be Weyrleaders someday, just you wait and see!"

Dragon Credit: noto

Egg Name: The Better If Evolved Egg
Egg Description: This smaller than average egg sits there and doesn't seem to inspire you to want it. More of an oval shaped egg, at a distance it looks more orange than anything. Once you get closer though, you find hints of yellow and ocean blue swirled along it. If you give it any due amount of attention feelings of greatness and potential surface. Maybe if given enough chance, this one might be more than meets the eye.
Egg Inspiration: Magikarp Evolution
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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