Green Okorrath

Impressee: B'ram (Bramnon)

Name: The Green That Won the West Okorrath
Pronounciation: oh-kor-ath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: B0C96B
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 28' wingspan of 42'

Description: Okorrath will always be a brawny green, with a square frame and muscles to spare. Her wings are shorter than what would be proportional, and while they might seem stubby they give her the maneuverability to perform the tight turns and barrel rolls that she is partial to. From far away her hide appears to be an unbroken, dusty yellow-green, but upon closer inspection there is a faint pattern; long wavy lines of a slightly darker color run from neckridges to talons, reminiscent of tall prairie grass. She moves with boisterous energy, loving to cavort and kick up her heels when the mood strikes.

Rambunctious is a good word to describe Okorrath. As a youngster, she loves nothing more than a good wrestle. She gravitates toward her larger male clutchmates for this reason, as they're less likely to shy away from a challenge than some of those prissy greens. While she prefers blues, browns, and bronzes for her friends, she has a special reverence for the golds, especially her mother Parivyth, who she thinks is a true lady.

Aside from a good tussle, music and revelry delight Okorrath to no end. She will bemoan the fact that Weyr celebrations take place in a cavern she can't enter and will plead with B'ram to bring the party outside to her. Once she learns that a person is a musician, they become her favorite person ever and she will do anything in her power to wheedle a tune from them.

When faced with a confrontation or disagreement, Okorrath wants to hash things out right then and there. She's not one to back down, however, so things are more likely to escalate than be resolved. It will fall to B'ram to smooth things over, more often than not.

Flying with Okorrath is a wild ride. She's a bold risk-taker in Threadfall, flirting with danger on a regular basis. And she enjoys every minute of it. She has no patience for wingmates who are slower or more cautious; it's every man for himself out there, and those who can't keep up will be left in her dust. Her flights are a downright rodeo. She plays hard to get until the last possible moment, attempting to buck her pursuers with sudden maneuvers and and fancy wingwork.

Inspiration: Colt Frontier Six Shooter
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: Not Quite Gold Egg suddenly rocked so hard that it rolled out of place, careening down the hill that held it and toward a group of candidates that must quickly scatter to avoid being rolled over. It meandered to a stop remarkably unbroken, tilted in a steep angle and nearly upside down, and remained still just long enough to build a moment of suspense. Suddenly and with a sharp crack, two yellow-green feet punched through the rounded bottom of the egg. They were hind feet, a fact proven by the appearance of a waving tail shortly thereafter.

With much kicking and wriggling, The Green That Won the West freed herself from her egg and began to cavort about. She kicked her heels up in celebration of her newfound freedom, creating a spray of sand that cascaded out and over a clump of candidates, including the unlucky Syaira. It wasn't until a minute later that she seemed to realize that there was anyone else on the sand with her, whirling eyes turning out over the white-robed candidates. Hunger hit her like a ton of bricks and she cried out with a sudden urgency. Like a bullet from a gun, she darted between two girls and went up to Bramnon, eyes turning multi-colored. "Okorrath," he said over a disbelieving laugh. "Sure, I can get you some grub. I'm B'ram now!" he shouted out excitedly toward his brother Mallen, grin plastered across his face.

Egg Name: Not Quite Gold
Egg Description: A large egg that isn't quite silver but isn't quite gold either. Depending on how you look at this egg it can be either or both all at once. The silver and gold colours swirl around the smooth surface of the egg, almost seeming to gleam.
Egg Inspiration: Iron Pyrite aka Fools Gold
Egg Credit: Kati

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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