The Best Brew Brown Olcath

Impressee: T'rin (Terrin) [Lady Bread]

Name: Olcath
Pronounciation: Ioll - CAA - th
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 5f1914
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 34' wingspan of 60'



The Best Brew Brown hatches a remarkably rounded little hatchling. In fact, he looks remarkably like a wine barrel, waddling on short legs. As he grows through weyrlinghood, he loses that awkwardness - but he'll never really outgrow the baby fat.

When it comes to size, the Best Brew Brown falls slightly below the average, however his sheer girth makes him appear larger than he is. He is barrel chested with a wide belly, giving him a huge presence - and his relatively short legs only make him look larger still. Though he rarely sees fit to use it, beneath what appears to be mere fat is a great strength that can be called upon when needed.

His wings, by necessity, are large - large enough to get all that bulk aloft. He is not particular graceful, neither on the ground or in the sky - agility will never be the strong suit of this particular brown.

He cuts an impressive figure, but the Best Brew Brown is not particular impressive when it comes to colour. The base colour of his hide is a dark brown with just a hint of gold (#5f1914) - the colour of a fine dark ale. Around his face and snout is a more florid red-brown (#C65D57), as though his face is flushed with good cheer. And across his chest are splotches of a darker brown still (#442518) - these appear almost as though he has spilled water, or perhaps something else, down his chest.


Even as a hatchling, Olcath is a dragon of contradictions - and a dragon who seems far older and worldly than his young age could allow. At a glance one may think him vulgar, a scallywag concerned primarily with his own pleasure. He certainly does nothing to dissuade this opinion - he has a high opinion of himself, and from the moment of hatching will be vain and boastful. He has no qualms lying or otherwise elaborating on the truth to make himself look better, braver, mightier, than is genuine. He has his vices, and these he indulges whenever the opportunity arises - his appetite is enormous, and if he is introduced to alcohol, he will develop a taste for it that rivals the worst sort of drunkard. He will even seek to lead his rider astray, believing T'rin entirely too serious for his own good.

But if one delves below all that degenerate bluster, there lurks a dragon with a good heart. He is without malice, despite his occasional careless insults. He possesses a fine sense of humour, and a keen wit that is all too often disregarded by others. To those he considers trusted friends, he is as loyal as any can be. He has a certain charisma, a joy in life, that makes him well-liked, even by those who otherwise think little of him. Even ridicule he bears with good humour - there is little that can keep Olcath down.

Olcath is a dragon who, above all, wishes for a good and peaceful life. Fighting Thread is ultimately unpleasant, and if he can avoid it, he will. He will even go to the extent of faking an injury during 'fall so he can leave early. He doesn't see any appeal in putting himself in harm's way - T'rin will need to work hard to convince Olcath that he must do his duty by the Weyr. Despite T'rin's efforts, Olcath will only ever be an adequate fighter at best - though to hear Olcath himself tell it, he is the best and most valiant Threadfighter the Weyr has to offer.

As he grows older, Olcath will start to find his place - of a sort. He attracts friends, particularly dragons younger than himself, who find him an entertaining and ebullient companion. Olcath is keenly aware of the hierarchy in the Weyr, and his own place in it, but he has little use for authority. He makes friends amongst the bronzes, as it may benefit him - but too often he is disappointed to find these bronzes are fair weather friends, happy to abandon his friendship when his use to them is past, despite his own loyalty to them. The friendships he forms with fellow browns and blues are more likely to be genuine, though he never lets his blue companions forget that he outranks them.

When it comes to female kind, Olcath is unashamedly a seducer. Golds he seeks to woo with sweet words, though often enough he makes the mistake of being too obvious in his attentions, too insincere in his flattery. He is far more likely to see success with greens, for he is kindly and without pretence in greenflights, and his charm wins through. Though he may not ever settle with one female, those he catches regularly will become special to him, each in their own way. He will consistently chase any green he has caught, even if she later rejects him - and this he doesn't let bother him.

Should he succeed, somehow, in capturing a queen, Olcath will be far less concerned with being a father than making sure everyone knows of his mighty efforts. He will enjoy the attention he receives as the sire of a clutch, but once that clutch is hatched he will quickly forget his offspring in favour of other pursuits.

Sir John Falstaff
from Henry IV Parts 1 and 2
and The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

Dragon Credit: Kitya

Olcath has a roughened voice that sounds far older than his Turns, but it's one that can captivate an audience. It is at once both hearty and sonorous, capable of weaving an elaborate tale or expounding on some excuse for his own shortcomings. At times he slurs his words together - particularly after a good meal - but even then he doesn't lose his ability to explicate on things that matter to him.

Hatching Message:
The Rosey Plume Egg had been rocking and shaking since the Hatching began. Despite all this activity, it hadn't seemed in much rush to progress further - swaying away as the first of its siblings emerged to find their lifemates. Now, however, something was happening. The egg rolled backwards as the dragon inside thrashed to free itself. The side of the egg split, but what emerged first wasn't a tail, a leg, or a head. No, the first part of the dragon within to be visible was a rotund brown belly.

After a moment's struggle, the pudgy Best Brew Brown emerged. He staggered to his feet, swaying like a drunken man, and blinked blearily at the candidates crowded nearby. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't quite remember.
A minute or two to get his bearings, that's what he needed. He plopped back down on the Sands next to his eggshell with an audible sigh, taking some time to rest.

Public Impression Message:
The Best Brew Brown looked around from where he sat, then got up and started limping heavily towards the candidates, his wings drooping. First he reached Awaihos, and he stopped to inspect the young man. With a shake of his head, he moved on. Moraos was next, but he earned barely a glance. He paused longer at Loamol but eventually he too was rejected. Then his gaze fell on a dark skinned boy and he picked up speed, his limp vanishing as though it had never even been there. He arrived at the boy's feet, and the whirling rainbows of his eyes were a clear sign that Impression had been made.

Personal Impression Message:
It is the growing hunger that first alerts you to the brown hatchling's attention. As you turn to meet the rainbow gaze of the Best Brew Brown, you feel a mind touch yours. In an instant, your world expands and a wild mix of emotion surges over you; joy, amusement, and above all, that dreadful hunger. Zounds, what time is it? I'm frightfully hungry.

The hatchling arrives at your feet, swaying slightly on unsteady legs. He's not injured, though, you can see that clearly enough now he's up close. Perhaps you wonder about his display on the Sands a short time ago; the once-limp hatchling is now lively as he butts his head against your leg, interrupting any thoughts you may have. Well, don't stare, lad, and stop your worrying about that girlie. I am your Olcath, your valiant and true Olcath. Your dragon looks up at you, his enormous hunger gnawing at your belly. Your very hungry Olcath, T'rin. Come, lad, don't look so stunned. He nudges your knees again, willing you to move: food awaits.

Egg Name: The Rosey Plume Egg
Egg Description: This egg is average in size but might seem smaller due to a peculiarity. The Rosey Plume Egg squishes out near the top into a broad spoon-like shape. Some might wonder if the egg might even hatch given this very odd deformity. Beyond it's shape though, the Rosey Plume Egg is swathed in in ever darkening shades of pink and magenta. Pale white soon gives way to light pink and rushing into a deep dark magenta.
Egg Inspiration: Roseate Spoonbill
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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