Green Olith

Impressee: Rh'il (Rharil)

Name: The Rubber Green Olith
Pronounciation: ohl - IHTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 428053
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 26.2' wingspan of 39.5'

Description: As a hatchling, Olith’s head will seem unusually large in proportion to her body - so large in fact that she will seem to be in constant danger of toppling over while she is young. In addition to her noggin’s unusual size, she has very distinctive facial features. Her overall head shape is more rounded than average, with an unusually short muzzle. Both her lips and eyelids are unusually prominent, giving her facial features an oddly humanoid twist. Although her physical proportions will become less preposterous as she grows, Olith will remain a roly poly dragon. Her wings are stubby, and slightly undersized compared to her robust body proportions. Despite her appearances, she is incredibly flexible and graceful both on the ground and in the air. Her hide is an even jade color, swirled all over with thin veins of minty green. She has a cap-like splash of a darker jade color around the top of her head.

Olith will quickly prove herself as one of the more mature members of her clutch. She is intelligent, considerate, and very conscious of the world around her. She is far more patient than most dragons her age, and is unlikely to have any problems - even as a young hatchling - sitting quietly while her rider attends classroom lessons. Olith is far more interested than most dragons in writing, and will insist that her rider keep notes during lessons. While she and her rider are likely to be near the top of their class, it is Olith’s unusual appearance, rather than her talents, that she will be best known for. While she is not the type of dragon to make a big fuss of things, and tries not to let insults bother her, this will cause her to be somewhat shy around strangers, and as a young dragon, she will stick primarily to herself and a handful of her closest friends.

While her fascination with blood and ichor is mostly just a little creepy, it may cause some problems when she is first learning how to hunt. Rather than making clean kills, she prefers to let her prey bleed out. In addition to this, she has a strong preference towards eating younger animals, and unless specifically instructed otherwise, prefers to make her meals of foals and other young animals. Olith’s interest in blood is not limited to taking lives - she is also interested in the Healer’s abilities to help preserve life. Before they are old enough to fly restock, Olith will encourage her rider to volunteer at the Healer’s tables in the hopes that she will gain some secondhand knowledge.

Olith will always seem to be one or two developmental milestone ahead of the rest of her class, and this will also be true when it comes to Flights. Although she is not as overtly flirtatious as some of her siblings, Olith is likely to be among the first greens in her class to rise. While she will rise relatively infrequently for a green, she will quickly fall into a regular and predictable schedule. Curiously, she will always blood before her Flights, but unlike most other dragons, will likely not need reminding to consume only the blood of her kills. Olith becomes unusually playful during her Flights, and often determines the outcome by some sort of athletic competition.

Inspiration: Olmec Colossal Heads
Dragon Credit: Notomys

Hatching Message: Scribbalicious Egg could wait. Patiently nestled in a warm wallow of sand, it remained still while shells cracked and broke around it. But there was a time for everything, even for Scribbalicious Egg to break. A measured tapping came from within the shell and it began to fracture in several areas. Two sets of thick talons shoved their way through on particularly week spot and they pry the rest of the shell open, letting a plump green hatching out onto the sands. She lands in a jumble and it isn't until she begins to rise, sorting her limbs out one by one, that her comically over-sized head is revealed.

When The Rubber Green finally rose, that gigantic head seemed too much for her hatchling body to bear and she lists to one side, her feet scrabbling in the sand in order to stay beneath her. Then she leaned the other way, weaving like a drunk on Gather day. She never fell, however, and eventually got control over herself and that head of hers, stable enough to turn her attention to the candidates. One in particular caught her immediate attention and she walked slowly over to Nimridian. It wasn't the boy that fascinated her necessarily, but the trickle of blood snaking down his leg. She crouched down to sniff at it with her short, stubby muzzle.

She drew up short of actually tasting it. A deeper drive, something more than physical hunger, spurned her forward and away from the boy. She waddled off, searching the faces of the candidates that she passed. Finally, a pale, blue-eyed boy sparked her interest and she turned to him with rainbows in her eyes. Rharil laughed, tears springing to his eyes, and he said, "Olith, yes. I've waited for you, too." Then a hunger of a different sort took precedent and they walked together toward the bloody buckets awaiting them.

Egg Name: Scribbalicious Egg
Egg Description: A surprisingly small egg, but almost perfectly-shaped. The Scribbalicious Egg boasts a clash of colours all higgedly-piggedly across its shell. There’s no rhyme or reason to the questionably stunning display of… could it be called art? Perhaps an artistic attempt… Streaks of deep navy blue are shot with a bright, blood red and a pale leaf green. Yellow and purple are contrasted magnificently as sharp, jagged lines, but they leave almost no room for the lingering dark brown to emerge. And amidst the chaos, a singular golden rosette stands out on the middle of this shell. The jumble of colours is a thing of purity and freedom, and the egg reflects this in its demeanour. There’s always something more to do, something more to experience! Why wait? Life won’t live itself. Its vivaciousness is only rivalled by its energy- unbridled and seemingly unlimited, the Scribbalicious is a small egg full of potential.
Egg Inspiration: Drawing, copic markers and, of course, the colour gold.
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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