Dance of the Cygnets Green Ondileth

Impressee: Q'tus (Quentus)

Name: Ondileth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 004953
Final Size: 28' length with a wingspan of 46'

Sensuous. This dragon is not one for just the eyes, but the ripple of muscles and wet glean of the hide demand the exploratory brush of the fingertips. For that matter, color only seems to be conjured upon the creature's Stygian hide by light's own caresses - the dragon is without a doubt dark, edging on the black that caps off her each and every talon. She is emerges from the shadows of the forest floor, highlighted with an eerie cast of deep juniper gleaming along the taught and trained curvatures of her lean form. In wispy fibers the blue-green filaments streak regally down the neck and over the wings in feather like iridescence - glitter and glamor replaced by the haunting glow of shifting shades of cyan. Her eyes are framed by the most notable of her markings, the malachite veins sweep out from the far corners and mingle with feldspar to fan out like wings. Its an illusion, a mask of sorts, the down stricken angles clash against the eye ridges and leave an air of danger - for what reason would the green need to hide? Perhaps appearances belies her true nature.

Fluidity finds itself not just in color alone. She is without a doubt graceful, as one could expect by even passing glances at her build. Aptly called a slip of a thing if approached from the front, she is deceptively large if only by the virtue of her sheer length; her neck, her limbs, her tail all seem to go for miles without once approaching anything resembling awkward or gawky. A dancer's body in dragon form is the best way of putting it, she is more dexterous than forceful with the majority of her muscle bundled into her shapely hindlegs. As such there is no surprise that she has a certain spring in her step, and as for her flight the same is true, despite the fact that her wings are so broad and lofty. Stretched out they are simply massive, but no doubt regal, and while such excess would appear to be only a hindrance in flight, she is simply adaptable enough to know how to use it.

Pirouetting between emotions, "mood swing" is an excuse you'll learn to use more than often to explain the outbursts that interrupt what is normally the placid - even weak willed - green that Ondileth appears to be. This condition however is one that creeps into the mind, more dangerous than the threat of between touching the cracks of her hide. Insidious in nature, no sign of aggression marks the early days of her existence and for all intensive purposes she is: sweet, soft, innocent. In fact, there are oh so many flowery words that can be used and applied to Ondileth, but what is most remarkable is the way her youthful, fresh-out-of-the-egg naivety seems so unwavering in face of the throes of weyrling training. The judgments and critiques of her superiors no matter how harsh are only fuel to the fire and become standards by which she measures herself; her value is only that of how useful she is to the wing, or how well she pleases that of her bonded. Yes, she is a perfectionist if a patient one, but takes her determination to nearly tragic extremes. The green will push herself to physical and emotional limits to achieve technical proficiency in everything from flying in formation to breathing fire and it will take everything in her Chosen's power to prevent her from chewing chunk after chunk until her mouth bleeds.

One should not assume that this obsession with physical prowess will subside when formal training ends. An obsessive quality seeps beyond her obvious diligence in practice. The green is prone to hero worship, practically seeking relics or souvenirs of the person or dragon in question, so prepare for the awkward request for a lock or hair or the remains of one's oil jar. No matter the simplicity of the object, it is a totemic piece… a link for Ondileth to something greater. This pressure for perfection builds with even greater fervor, as the green loses sight of the delicate balance between work and play. As far as she is concerned, all the world is a stage, and how dare you suggest that she give a performance short of flawless! Here is the greatest area of contention for the green, and is where the darker shades of her personality show their teeth. Snapping from her reserved shyness, she is not opposed to a verbal tangle with anyone who suggests she just "relax" - even if those kind words come from those she most admires and idolizes. It will not win her many friends, but with as painfully shy as is, general loneliness is a fact of life. Besides, she does know when to relax, thank you very much, its called a flight, and they are never late nor early as far as she is concerned.

It is the moment when she finally unravels. Behind that careful construction is a pure creature… a pure hedonist that is. Her bonded will be lucky to maintain any shred of decency when she sets her sights on the males of the weyr, because this dragon throws herself fully into the pleasure and will not accept anyone whose passion does not match hers. It is a nearly violent affair… her flights are that is. For all of her time spent drilling herself on the most minute details of wing motions, her physicality reflects a direct opposition to such institutionalized movements. Long in length and indulgent in her preference for intricate loop-de-loops and twirls, she is not afraid to leave a mark on her chasers or even turn the whole tradition on it's head. Whose to say that she has to be the one that is caught? In the heat of the moment Ondileth much prefers to pick out victims and seduce the blues, browns, or even bronzes who dare to take after her. But ultimately, the winner has the unfortunate issue of waking up with a once again prudish who wants nothing more than to find some delicate way of untangling herself from his side and his memories. No cuddling. No warm and fuzzies. Of course, the situation is probably exponentially worse for a certain Q'tus whose dismay will surely be beyond words should he find out how enthusiastically he mimicked the green's debauchery.

Threadfall is a completely different matter. It is a time when Ondileth is truly able to show off a certain mastery over her own body as she executes maneuvers with pure precision. A flip side of the coin really; instead of wallowing in the fires of emotion, the dragon will operate with an almost empty head to work solely on the good graces of muscle memory. Fighting the silver menace becomes a highly ritualistic dance, but one she flies alone, she hardly will utter a murmur to her wingmates out of the innocent assumption that they should know exactly what they are supposed to be doing to. Haven't they worked as ardently towards this moment too? Should the worst happen and mistakes be made she be completely unsympathetic - silently of course because she wouldn't want to betray the general saccharine taste of her character - since there is never anyone to blame but yourself. So it follows that when even so much as a hot ash falls on her own hide her bonded will be saddled with the responsibility of reigning her in from yet another bout of hysteria in which she demands of herself more and more practice.

Inspiration: Nina and Lily from Black Swan
While a bit too nuanced and complex to divide the lines into good and evil, Ondileth was crafted from the film Black Swan and the film's rivals Nina and Lily. Since the former represents the White Swan Odette and the latter the Black Swan Onile, it was only a matter of jumbling around letters to get Ondileth.

Her voice has a tangibility to it; distinctly fragile. Warmed only slightly by a saccharine sweetness, she speaks in what seems to be on the edge of a constant exasperated whisper, and there may even be the rare quiver to hint at her little insecurities. So soft is her typical tone that one would be particularly struck when the chords strain and her speech takes on anything other than it's defeated whimper. While the very timbre may not be childlike - there are no high pitched squeals here - there is something to her questioning breathy-ness that paints her as being over cherished or sheltered and constantly curious to the world.

Hatching Message:
As patient as it was, it is easy to dismiss the opalescent Precious Pearl Egg. For exception of it's exceptional shine there was little going on with the pretty little thing… or at least that was until that immaculate veneer began to tear, the sound of the jagged edges raked against each other with petite tin-like tings before once again it stopped. For a second it is considered that perhaps the Precious Pearl Egg had hatched nothing at all, for the rift opening up in the center showed nothing of the signs of dragon hide - there was only but black there in the void and the egg still did little to rock, shake, or even so much to quiver. Cracks instead seemed to web over the shell not by way of damage or trauma from within, but on their own accord, compelled by some faceless force. Building as they are, the fine little lines criss-cross again and again until it seemed that the structure could do nothing other than collapse onto itself, only to explode instead.

The fragments and pieces shot out in all directions, as the creature within contorted her body back into 's' shaped arcs, her jaws slightly agape with a piercing trill, and her dark wings pushing out away from their sides triumphantly. The shiny pearl bits of shell came drifting back down as if light as a feather down onto a stray candidate here and there, and of course down onto the blackish green of the dragon's hide. Those bits of sparkle stuck themselves there on fresh hide, glued by the embryonic goo of the egg. It was only a moment then, after the Dance of the Cygnets Green was assured of the spectacle of her grand entrance that she settled herself again onto all fours and stepped away from the ruins of her former home.

Public Impression Message:
Why was he so displeased? His thoughts pricked at her from across the sands even as she had been exchanging glances with a couple of faces up there in the stands. It was just something about his air… the smug one that is, the insolent soul whose spirit she could see straight through even the bleakness of a drab candidate robe? Was he not anything less than spectacular? Together they must dance, she was sure, so with little hesitance the Dance of the Cygnets Green was fleet on her feet, stretching her legs out in long bounds to make a rather artful little jaunt over to her intended.

It was not awkwardness where she made her mistakes however, it was in her own brief moment of arrogance. Too confident she was in her bonded's strength and well all around preparedness. Launching off of her hind legs she sprang into a Grand jeté, her front claws dangerously primed to inflict damage. Of course she assumed that her dance partner would catch her, but somethings are just not in the cards, and instead the green did a better job of tackling the young man and bringing the both of them down into a huddled mass of distress and confusion. At least one sound came from this… an embarrassed bugle from the hatching, the closest thing to a dragon's expletive.

Personal Impression Message:
Perhaps being pummeled by a wannabe ballerina is not exactly the description of a good time, but it is nonetheless exactly what you will get as you stare incredulously at the green dragon bouncing directly towards you. Dratted beast! Is probably the first sort of response - or well a cleaned up and censored response at least - to the realization that there is no escape you are Impressing and getting slammed to the ground in one fell swoop. You could perhaps throw a royal fit as is becoming for you, but who has time for that when a dragon voice has invaded your mind… so weak, so soft, in comparison to your own and whimpering so sadly as to wrench everything from the stomach to even the heart.

You - you d-dropped me! Quentus how could you have done so….you dropped your one and only Ondileth… There was a hint of anger there as the words built up to an unfinished end, but the subject was dropped as the green whined again pressed up against your skin, I am sorry mine, I didn't mean to, hurt you, I meant for this to be perfect… but I do not know what to do now… Apparently food had not occurred to her, nor did getting up from this place. She refused absolutely to get up until she was rest assured that all would be ok.

Dragon Credit: Vandelay

Egg Name: Precious Pearl Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a small egg, but it’s size does not in any way detract from its beauty. It is nearly a perfect white, but there is a gleam of faint pink even distributed across its surface. It even appears to have a special metallic sheen, as if it were coated with some kind of special clear coat of paint. The egg is handed very carefully, because it looks as if it could very easily be scratched and marred by anything abrasive. What is perhaps most remarkable about this little egg is how it appears to be a perfect oval. It is smooth, without any marbling to its surface and no matter how you look at it, it always appears to be the same shape. Such a pretty little keeps you smiling whenever you look at it.
Egg Inspiration: Pearl
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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