Blue Oodumeth

Impressee: Z'otte (Schnotzlotte)

Name: Ocean Blue Oodumeth
Pronounciation: OO-duh-meth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 4248c4
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 36' length of 62' wingspan

Description: A larger blue Oodumeth is a wonderful shade of colors that run from a dark blue to turquoise to light blue. He is constantly relaxed so his eyes frequently rest at the same color of his hide. This leaves some people disconcerted as it almost looks as if he doesn't have eyes. Oodumeth is also quite a smooth moving blue. His movements are hardly every jerky, even when walking, and has worked since hatching to make sure that this stays true.

Personality: Oodumeth is a cool and relaxed dragon. Not much ruffles his feathers, as such he doesn't have any enemies, or even rivals, among the other dragons. Often his responses will include, cool dude, or totally. His rider will usually have to translate for others as he makes up words for different ideas. Oodumeth could also be described as a lazy dragon. When he isn't having to practice or work he can always be found laying in the sun, spread out so he can absorb the most he can, or playing in the ocean. The only time Oodumeth really wakes up and becomes active is at the mention of Thread, a Flight, or the ocean.

Fighting Thread Oodumeth's smooth movements keep him and his rider out of trouble and almost always keep them from being marked. During Flights he will be a flexible and agile dragon. He will often try moves where he inserts himself between bigger dragons and the green to finalize the catch, sliding along the air as a shipfish cuts through the water.

Oodumeth's one true love is the ocean. The lake is too tame for him, and he relishes diving through the waves and cavorting with shipfish if he gets the chance. Salt on his hide is an itch he enjoys, especially when his rider cleans it off. Oodumeth firmly believes it makes his hide shine stronger when the dried salt is scrubbed across his hide.

Inspiration: Surfer
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching/Impression Message: The November First Egg started rocking slowly, and never increased its pace. It was a slow and steady rock back and forth. Many of the candidates began to watch as other eggs began to rock violently and more aggressively. Many of those candidates missed the cracks that appeared in the November First Egg. Slowly the crack grew and spread. Then the Ocean Blue fell out of the egg on his side. Stretching his neck out the Ocean Blue surveyed the candidates laying on his side. Standing up slowly he paced over to the one that had caught his eye. Sticking his head into the boys face Impression was made. "Yes, Oodumeth, we can get you some food. No, you won't have to work to hard at it."

Egg Name: November First Egg
Egg Description: This poor egg has a strangely deflated look. While its surface is rigid and smooth as any of it’s siblings, one can’t help but feel that the slightest touch would cause this egg to collapse into a sticky mess. It’s coloration does not help matters, the surface of this egg is an anaemic orange, covered with fuzzy looking patches of gray, black and green. As hatching time grows closer, this egg will not rock, so much as it will shiver and lurch, Gross! Did an unhatched egg from an earlier clutch somehow get left behind on the sands? This egg seems to know that it is unwanted, and has the forlorn attitude of something that was once loved, but was somehow abandoned.
Egg Inspiration: pumpkins left out to rot after Halloween
Egg Credit: noto

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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