Bronze Ordoneth

Impressee: Ia'sul (Iashesul)

Name: Dangerous Summer Bronze Ordoneth
Pronounciation: or - DON -neth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 737000
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 42.5' wingspan of 72'

Refined, yet efficient - precise. The Dangerous Summer Bronze Ordoneth is not a dragon with time for nonsense or fancy, a fact which is reflected readily in his appearance. Overall the dragon is a more olive toned than his fellow bronze clutch siblings, his color looking antiqued and worn, with a distinct leather grain covering the majority of this robust creature's body. His hide at all times looks absolutely supple to the touch, and even un-oiled invokes the smells of a well managed records room, lined with rich mahogany. On his broad chest is a lighter, uneven splotch, looking a bit like a torn and tattered label, though he treats the birthmark as if it is a badge of honor from the adventure of hatching from his shell. His neck ridges too are a shade different, though instead of offering a paler, glittering color, are astoundingly dark starting at his crown before the gradient trails off at the base of his tail.

It cannot go un-mentioned how hearty of a dragon he is, brawny even, or at least throughout his Weyrlinghood. His strength and size will inspire stubbornness and foolhardy bravery in him, which will lead to his fair share of injuries as he throws himself into every disaster. He is not even the largest of his kind, after all there will always be somebody bigger, but one would never be able to tell with the way he moves: boldly and artistically, but without excess. To carry his weight, he has somewhat larger wings which he carries neatly and cape-like. His tail is thicker and more rudder like, but notably long nails make a distinctive click clacking sound, and in moments of boredom, the Ordoneth can be heard purposefully tapping them against his stone couch.

This dragon wastes time on little, he is one of action, with a disdain for needless complexity. Standing is his preferred state of rest, and even as a hatchling his rider will be hard pressed to get him to sit or relax. Fresh out of the shell he will make a beeline for food, but won't even lean back onto his rump once. Once done with that Ordoneth will not be content to just sleep, oh no, he will be poised and ready for more -desiring nothing more than to throw himself into the next quest or adventure. While this habit is most definitely one part curiosity, it is actually primarily driven by a desire to prove his worth and masculinity. He is afraid of nothing and well through his training and into adulthood he will frustrate his leaders as he dives headfirst into trouble - inevitably coming out the other side scathed somehow and probably over proud of his battle scars.

This is not to say that Ordoneth is dumb. He is far from it, but for some there may be something lost in his directness and his adamantly dedication to speaking only truths. He states feelings, thoughts, and opinions explicitly and in many cases with a degree of urgency. He does not bother with long speeches, instead always striving to get the most from the least. This may come to a comedic head when he begins chasing after golds and greens. While the others may resort to romantic phrases, this bronze will surely be reminding the lady in question that such praise is hollow, and a cover up for the suitor's deficiencies. Worse yet will be the interactions after the flight - for you see Ordoneth has something of a quirk when it comes to the ladies. As madly in love he thinks he has fallen in with a gold or a green, it is only so temporary. After 3 or 4 flights chasing the same girl, he promptly turns his attention to another one explaining when asked, My dear, I just don't love you anymore. Bluntness that surely will result in a good tail thumping.

Inspiration: Hemingway's Last Typewriter
Dragon Credit: Vandelay

Hatching Message: The Golden Man Egg took a few shakes, but it finally seemed awake and began to pulse and move with life, yet never seemed at risk of actually breaking. It was toying with it's audience for the moment, dancing a bit with a wiggle here and there before going silent again. Finally a wing of all things cut through, swinging clear through the odd, golden veined shell and only giving the hint that the dragon within was a bronze - a color sure to delight the sire and the dam.

It took another flick of his tail, and the bottom of the egg fell out, revealing a tough base and long, long, black talons. They gripped into the sand, kneading it for a moment, while his head remained concealed by the top half of the shell. Despite being blinded by these sticky fragments hooding him, the Dangerous Summer Bronze took a few steps forward towards the boys, knowing by instinct where he needed to go. Eventually after wandering close enough, he shook off the mossy shell, allowing it to land in the sand at Idaris' feet. The shards could very well knick the top of his feet if he wasn't careful! Seeing for the first time, he pinpointed the one for him immediately, sauntering up to Iashesul and punching him in the knee. The sailor, didn't lean down to brace the offended joint, but instead placed a hand on the Dangerous Summer Bronze's head and assured him he would get fed.

Egg Name: Golden Man Egg
Egg Description: This rather unfortunate looking egg has a strangely flaccid appearance, looking far more like a blob of muck plopped on the hatching grounds than a proper egg. From a distance, it’s coloration - swirls of muddy brown and mossy greens - only further the feeling that this egg crawled out of some sort of primordial swamp. There is more to this egg than meets the eye and when the light in the hatching sands grows dim, one can easily see the thin veins of gold running over the surface of this egg like thousands of miniature rivers. This egg seems to come from an entirely different place and time, and exudes a strong sense of strangeness and danger. Despite being one of the more unwelcoming eggs in the clutch, some Candidates and observers will find themselves inexplicably drawn to this egg, obsessed with the possibility of figuring out what kind of mystery it might contain.
Egg Inspiration: El Dorado
Egg Credit: Noto

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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