Green Oreisymeth

Impressee: W'tran

Name: Oreisymeth
Pronounciation: Oh-ray-sigh-meth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 548B54
Hatching: Late Autumn T14, 8th Pass
Final Size: 25.5' length of 37' wingspan

Oreisymeth does not hold the title of the smallest green of the clutch, but she definitely deserves a place in the small green wonders club! She doesn’t appear to be wildly out of proportion but her wings are a bit shorter when compared to her length. Oreisymeth is all soft, lean lines and long legs, neck, and tail. Her movements are graceful, fluid like willow branches rustled in a breeze. Femininity rolls off her in waves. Oreisymeth’s hide is a pleasant mossy green. While mostly solid, she does have a few spots of mottling that lean more towards a brownish-green color. Her hide doesn’t lend itself to much shine but there is a homey quality to her earthy tones.

Oreisymeth is awfully shy. She won’t ever try to initiate a conversation with her clutchmates (or later, with her wingmates). In lessons, she spends most of her time trying to hide behind W’tran (with less and less success the older she gets). When she’s real little, W’tran will often find Oreisymeth underneath his cot wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets that she pulled off his bed the moment he left the barracks. There might be speculation that Oreisymeth can’t speak at all…though W’tran will insist that she is quite talkative. And, the truth is, she is, for him. She blossoms for W’tran. Sweet, gentle, with a touch of mystique, and a love for all things that grow, only the most dogged of her clutchmates will discover these things about her. By the time they move into their own weyr, Oreisymeth will have amassed a little brigade of potted plants that she’ll have W’tran arrange on their ledge. She’ll even help to tend them by carrying up water in her mouth or digging up fresh, rich soil. She’ll spend many afternoons out on the ledge chatting away to her plants. Threadfall will evoke a side of her rarely seen. She becomes all fury and passion when the silver tendrils threaten Southern’s fertile soil. She despises Thread. Even after all her stamina is exhausted, it will take a direct order to get her to abandon the fight. She will be among the first to volunteer for sweep after Threadfall but W’tran will learn to keep her from it, if at all possible. Seeing the withered remains of plants or gaping holes where trees and crops once grew, will send her spiraling down into a bleak depression. She will return to the Weyr grey-tinged with her thoughts raw and hurting. She’ll refuse to eat even with her stomach gnawing with hunger. Eventually, she’ll pull herself out of it with help from her rider, but with the determination that next time not a single Thread will get through. Flights will evoke a similar passion in her. True to form, she won’t speak much (if at all), but her sensual movements are tantalizing in their own way.

Inspiration: Dryad
Dragon Credit: Neena

Hatching/Impression Message: The Leaping Escape Egg didn’t rage from side to side like the eggs that everyone was betting would hatch first, no, this egg trembled. It was such a delicate movement that no one even realized that the egg was moving. Their eyes were all trained elsewhere. A crack, swiftly and silently, split the egg in two. It all happened so quickly, so quietly, that as everyone scanned the eggs waiting for the first dragon to emerge no one actually saw the egg splitting. One minute there wasn’t a dragon, the next minute there was. The green, who like any hatchling had looked dazed and confused at suddenly finding herself no longer inside the warm comfort of her egg, didn’t seem to mind that no one noticed her at first. However, when she suddenly found herself the star attraction as the first dragon out on the Sands, her expression went from dazed to horrified in about a second. She jumped then all but sprinted to the candidates. Woltrand stepped forward to catch the panicked green in his arms. “It’s alright, Oreisymeth, it’s alright. It’ll be much quieter at the feeding tables.” W’tran reassured the green as he helped her off the Sands.

Egg Name: The Leaping Escape Egg
Egg Description: What seems at first to be just a simple, silvery blue egg of average size proves more complex when viewed at arms-length. Etched in darker blue is a pattern of tiny, overlapping semi-circles, the overall effect like that of delicate fish scales. While the pattern runs in a single direction near the broad base of the egg, it shortly diverges, scales arching in opposite directions. They finally split, leaving an expanse of normal, egg-colored shell exposed, that mundane patch interrupted only by a spattering of brown dots across the very tip. Touching it will give you a vaguely slimy sensation and a wriggling, nagging feeling that you should be escaping from something, from somewhere.
Egg Inspiration: The constellation of Pisces and its myth, where Aphrodite and Eros change into fish to escape, their tails tied together to avoid losing one another.
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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