Impressed to blue Rolopeth

Name: P'hit (Phichit)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T198
Birth Place: Mathon Hold
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Handyman

Mini-Biography: When one thinks of a Mathonite - they are unlikely to imagine somebody like Phichit. He is kind and cheerful with an upbeat outlook on life. He is proud of his birthplace, but what he really wants is for everybody to get along. He was first search for Parivyth’s T15 clutch, and hopes that by acting as an example for his peers and accepting search, more Mathonite boys will follow. Although Holdborn, Phichit is tolerant of a wide range of different viewpoints, and finds it fairly easy to switch between life at the Hold and life at the Weyr. He makes friends easily, and has a habit of giving people amusing nicknames. His short and slim build makes him look much younger than he actually is. He has dark skin, short black hair, and gray eyes and a generally jaunty sense of fashion.

Mini-Biography Credit: noto

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAIlLABLE for adoption!

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