Spirit of Service Brown Palaveth

Impressee: U'lr

Name: Palaveth
Pronounciation: PAL - uh- veth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 857164
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 38.5' length, wingspan of 64'


Mini biography:
Palaveth is a stately, severe looking brown with a narrow head and small, intense eyes that seem predatory no matter his mood. His headknobs are long and sharp, exaggerating his elegant, austere look. The color of his hide, a dusty tan-brown occasionally mottled through with darker spots, doesn't lend any more warmth or gentleness to his outward appearance. Neither, for that matter, do the bluish geometric markings across his snout and down his jaw. The rest of him is whipcord lean, all bony points and long limbs that end in deadly talons, and he moves with the same sort of stalking grace as a hunting feline.

Despite the way Palaveth often comes across as intimidating or unfriendly, he is truly the most stalwart defender of Pern and a born Threadfighter right down to his core. Public service and discipline make up the tenets of his belief in the world: service to the Weyr, service to his Wing, and service to all of the Solarian protectorate. It is his belief that the Wings must do more than just fight Thread - they must assist in every aspect of life, working together to make their community greater. He can be self-sacrificing to a fault, and stubbornly unbending when it comes to following the regimented rules and orders from his superiors. Palaveth is a remarkably awful liar and considers things like guile or manipulation to be blatantly dishonorable, making him seem somewhat naive compared to more wily dragons.

For all his sharp edges, Palaveth has a soft heart; once he falls in love with a green or gold, he'll be as loyal to her as he is to the Weyr itself. So sharply at odds with his usual composure, he can be endearingly awkward with his lady-love - and utterly ferocious when it comes to defending her and winning her flights.

Inspiration: Turians from Mass Effect
Dragon Credit: Shelacula

Egg Name: Soldier Egg
Egg Description: This huge egg sits on straight in it’s wallow, giving the illusion of proudly watching over its siblings. It is easier one of the largest eggs in the clutch, and is a bit more rounded and rotund than average. The bright red color that predominantes this egg is especially stark against the dark Solarian sands. There are four adjacent spots in a beautiful velvety black color, and a small single splotch of bright ochre in the center. Although those familiar with Femaith will be quick to point out that she is unlikely to intentionally conceal the identity of a gold egg, this large egg and its yellow splotch are liable to inspire hopeful speculation on the girl’s side of the barracks.
Egg Feeling/Emotions: The first impressions one gets from this egg falls neatly into the stereotypes that one would associate with a bronze or gold dragon. When one draws closer to this egg, they are filled with a quiet sense of duty and pride that grows stronger the moment that their fingers grazes its smooth surface. One can practically hear the words of the Duty Song as they open their mind up to this egg. However as one lingers longer, they are liable to notice that underneath the noble strength of this egg lies a curious sense of sacrifice. The more time one spends with this egg, the stronger and more specific the sadness becomes and the strong sense of duty is replaced with an intense longing for the simple-day-to-day pleasures of life. Curiously, these feelings will subside the moment one removes their hands from its shell.
Egg Inspiration: Remembrance Poppy
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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