Green Palith

Impressee: L’esk (Laresk)

Name: Palith

Colour: Green

A large but delicate dragon with grass-green hide. Tries to act regal and hates being embarrassed.

In Late Winter P8 T14, Palith suffered severe burns to her wing membranes when the Weyr suffered an earthquake.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Love is Blind Egg shook once, twice, three times… Then stopped. Given that it had been rocking gently for the whole hatching, and now the sudden frantic rock and stop, anyone would be forgiven for giving up on it when all of a sudden… With a quiet explosion of noise, followed by a pattering down of egg fragments onto the nearby remaining eggs. Sat in the remnants of her egg was a delicate little green. Well… Not so little, more large. Raising a surprisingly lithe head attached to a long serpentine neck, she gazed about herself regally before shaking herself off. Whereupon the regal look failed. Falling ungracefully to the sand and getting her pale grass green hide coated in sand and egg shards, she rolled down a small incline and landed in a tangle of wings, legs and tail. Raising her head as far as she could she gave a desperate bugle, but Hers was nowhere near. Angrily she struggled to her feet, wings dragging on the ground as she shot off towards her chosen, there by the wall! Thundering across the sands, she suddenly realised that wasn't Hers, and she changed direction, clipping either the wall, or Olgenorn with her tail and left wing as she changed tack. Slowing as she reached her chosen she flopped to the sane, panting angrily and glaring up at him. Laresk, or L'esk as he would be known from now on, scrambled to help her, tenderly caressing the wedge head and soothing her. The reds and oranges faded and rainbow took over as he tenderly proclaimed, "It's alright now Palith, we'll get you some food"

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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