You Know You Love Me Gold Parivyth

Impressee: Alistylla

Name: Parivyth
Pronunciation: parr-EYE-vee-th
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: FCDC3B
Final Size: 48' length with a wingspan of 76'

You Know You Love Me Gold is a solid gorgeous golden color that glows in the sunlight, and moonlight adds a wonderful silver sheen. The silver doesn't hide the color, only accentuates it with silver borders and accents. You Know You Love Me Gold has a hide that is unmarked by any discolorations or imperfections, including any markings or other distinctive features considered normal in other dragons. Around her head knobs is a shimmer, almost like a gem reflecting the light, or could that be a lighter color there and the light is playing tricks with your eyes? Either way, You Know You Love Me Gold makes sure that everyone notices that shimmer by the way she holds or turns her head, causing it to reflect the light.

You Know You Love Me Gold has wings that make up for the lack of other markings. At first after the hatching the wingsails will look like there are clouds moving from one side to the other, but that will clear up in a few months after hatching. At that point these smudges will reveal themselves to be a star-scape. This means that You Know You Love Me Gold can open her wings and cause anyone looking to think all the gems of Pern have decided to take roost in her wings and sparkle in their eyes. It is quite a stunning sight during the day with her wingsails mostly blocking the light except where these spots let them through. During the night it becomes a soft light that could be quite comforting if one had to take shelter under her wings.

You Know You Love Me Gold is a delicate creature. She is feminine in every aspect of her build and carriage. She will walk, almost as if on tiptoes, so that she doesn't stir up the dust and get herself dirty. She will also remind some of a cat in the way she slinks along with her whole body moving in a sinuous, almost sensuous manner. Everything that You Know You Love Me Gold does is to get attention to her. She poses, she walks, and she lounges in areas just so that others will see her and admire her. This of course is all helped by any fair of firelizards that come to adore her. The many jeweled fairs will be welcome attendants to her beauty, as long as they behave themselves, and the You Know You Love Me Gold will encourage their attention.

Parivyth is an arrogant and self-righteous dragon that is outwardly classy and courteous, the epitome of a highborn lady. She is very intelligent and hard-working, and despite knowing that she is already the best of the best, she still strives to exceed even her own expectations. As a gold, she is authoritative and demands to be obeyed without question, which is why she spurns the rebels and ruffians of society.

As a weyrling, Parivyth will constantly be trying to establish the social strata of the Weyr. Of course she is the best, there is never a question of that, but what makes a bronze more esteemed than a brown? Can a green be higher in the social order than a blue? Humans will also confuse her. Those who treat Alistylla with deference will be favored, those who treat Alistylla with familiarity will confuse her, and those who treat Alistylla with jealous sneers or the like will be immediate enemies. How dare Neovith's rider insult you! But why is Efiemth's rider defending you? As Parivyth matures and starts to learn more about society, she will mellow in her attitude towards the other humans. She will slowly begin to understand that this is just the way humans are, and the ones who sneer at Alistylla are the ones to be laughed at and dismissed because they are simply jealous that they do not have the prestige of being her rider.

Parivyth will settle comfortably into her elitism as influenced by her Alistylla's perception, especially on the straightforward views of the color hierarchy of dragons and the general ranking of society. As a gold she is a purebred aristocrat, and as such she holds not only herself but her fellow golds to a higher standard of performance. Although she will form an exclusive clique with the other golds, they are still viewed as competition and she would not hesitate to overstep even the senior gold to seize power. Bronzes, especially those in leadership positions, are considered to be nobility and so she expects them to behave in a likewise smart and sophisticated manner. Browns are given little more acknowledgement than blues, although she will be slightly more considerate to those that have been appointed as leaders. When it comes to greens, Parivyth loves to collect a small entourage of subservient greens that make her look good, do her bidding without question, and tell her that she is always right. If any of them disagree with her, then she will drop them faster than a firestone sack.

As far as Parivyth is concerned, human ranks are first determined by their dragons, and then by their status in society as perceived by other humans. But unless they are distinctly high-born or distinguished by a prominent rank such as Master or Steward, she disregards the majority of humans that she encounters. Even family and friends who are important to Alistylla will be cast off if Parivyth does not see them as worthy of the attention of a weyrwoman. Alista-love, you should not bother with Nautuelath and her rider. They are far too tasteless for our attention.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Parivyth is a firm believer in the separation of duties between men and women as determined by rank. Politics is a game best suited for men in leadership positions, whereas women have their strengths in domestics affairs. Weyrwomen, specifically, should focus on the domestic aspect of the Weyr, although she often extends that to include the executive aspect if there is even a slight chance that any such decisions would affect her side of the Weyr. For all that Parivyth insists that the bronzes should be in charge of the politics and military, she will not hesitate to tell the Wingleaders, Wingseconds, and even the Weyrleader how to do their jobs right. She is very arrogant and assertive, and she is not shy in making her opinions known. In fact, more often than not she believes that she knows better than the bronzes, and while she will not publicly undermine their authority, there is no stopping her from privately making "suggestions" to them. Really, Cioruath? You are appointing that one as your Wingsecond? I have a much better candidate in mind for the position. If they should disagree with her, or worse dismiss her completely, then Parivyth will begin a campaign to replace these leaders with one of similar mind and interests as she.

In her mind, there is also a hierarchy within the genders, where lesser women handle the household while lesser men do all the "dirty work" for society. As much as Parivyth disapproves of men who want to raise children themselves, she also does not abide by women wanting to impress fighting dragons since that is "dirty work," but there is nothing to be done once a dragon has impressed. But by choosing the life meant for a lesser man, these women have forfeited their rights to be a "proper" woman, including the privilege to be a mother to bear and raise children. If such a woman does become pregnant, Parivyth is going to be very adamant that the woman completely relinquish the child to one who is of the appropriate social strata to raise the child. Prinaryth, the Weyr is better off if your rider ends all contact with her child so that she can solely focus on her duties as a Threadfighter. However, this does not mean that these women now have the liberty to delve into politics, because that is still within the jurisdiction of the Weyrleaders. Only weyrwomen have the prerogative to influence the Weyrleader's authority.

Furthermore, her perception of hierarchy also extends to the relationship between the Weyr and her Holds, and this will be an area of contention with Alistylla since Parivyth views the Weyr as superior to Holds as well as Crafthalls. Just as she, a gold, is always right, so is the Weyr as the higher authority relative to her Holds. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good, and if a few at Mathon Hold had to be abandoned to their deaths in order to bring the entire Hold to heel, then the ends justify the means. But she respects Alistylla enough to at least try to see such disputes from her rider's perspective and even begrudgingly agree that additional aid can be provided to Mathon Hold now that the Hold has accepted its subservient duty to the Weyr. Of course, should anyone else try to argue the same, she would loftily ignore their opinions and dismiss their presence.

Parivyth is vain and loves to receive compliments on her appearance, but she will be outwardly very nonchalant about it. She keeps in mind that public appearance must be maintained, mostly so all those who are enamored by her can continue to envy her beauty and the fact that she had chosen the best rider. This may lead to some situations where she will misconstrue a sarcastic remark for a compliment. Regardless, she will probably end up treating either situation the same way, with the understanding that any compliments or insults are made out of attraction or jealousy. You think my hide is blinding, Rokalyth? Thank you, I agree that I am blindingly beautiful. Her propensity for cleanliness can be traced from her first bath. Since the brush bristles touched her hide and she learned what clean was, that is the epitome of perfection for her, and all other dragons. A small splatter of mud on her hide might put her on the verge of a fit as she tries to make it look like she doesn't care but inwardly is freaking out. Dirt on other dragons, or even humans, are considered an outward sign of apathy. Someone who is unconcerned and careless is obviously of no benefit to the Weyr, or to her. Not wanting to be one of those, Parivyth is constantly working to maintain a pristine appearance, and demanding that Alistylla do the same.

When she rises, Parivyth will not allow herself to be completely overcome by lust and will consider her choice of victor carefully. At first she will prefer leading bronzes, choosing the highest ranking in the Weyr and bragging about it for weeks after the flight. Every flight will have a different victor and she will forget about each one soon after the flight is over. As she matures, Parivyth will begin to choose her victors based on personality, rather than status. She will stay with her mates longer, and for a longer commitment will prefer a classy gentleman, preferably one who knows the meaning of chivalry, with less regard for his status. Of course, her preference will always be for a leading bronze who is also a gentleman. Should a dragon such as this win her heart, she will be loyal to him with only a few dalliances. Parivyth will never choose a brown, unless a particular one manages to catch her eye by doing her some outstanding service. Even then, she will likely not stay with a brown dragon in the long term, considering such a match beneath her, no matter how chivalrous the brown may be.

Parivyth will expect assistance when clutching and will become moody and unmanageable should others ignore her needs. Her mate will be required to bring her food and anything else she might think of, and her entourage of greens will also be roped into fussing over her throughout the entire clutching process. She will be prone to exaggerating her discomfort while carrying eggs, sighing often and making a show of being unable to find a comfortable positing. However, should anyone ask her if she is in pain, Parivyth will put on a brave face and deny that anything is wrong. When she clutches, she will be proud but not overly protective of her eggs. She will be more concerned with comparing her clutch to that of other golds in the past. Do you see how stunning my eggs are, Femaith? And there are so many! Out of curiosity, how many were in your last clutch? Although Parivyth will brag about her eggs to anyone who will listen, she will not tolerate another gold hovering over her clutch. Green dragons looking after her eggs are fine; after all it is their job to make her life easier. Gold dragons she sees as invading her property and she even worries they will try and destroy her eggs to make their own clutches look better. Any gold dragon approaching her clutch will be politely, but firmly turned away, likely by one of the greens she will employ to stand guard over the eggs.

Parivyth is not especially fond of having to fly Threadfall. She is a Queen, not a fighting dragon, so why should they have to get all suited up and lug around a flamethrower, only to have to stay below all of the fighting wings by the weyrlings and not really do anything. However, she does come to accept that they all have a role to play, and it is the role of the golds in this to make sure that nothing escapes to ruin the lands below. She is also somewhat mollified by knowing that the golds are the only ones that can enforce behavior of the other dragons if something goes awry, or if a dragon is injured and can no longer fly, it is only the golds that may be able to catch them. Goldriders are also the only ones that can administer the necessary aid, those little dragon aides aside, but since the aides have no way to control an injured dragon, how must use could they really be? Parivyth still prefers when she has the opportunity to stay at the Weyr during Threadfall instead, where they can take on their proper role of directing affairs inside the Weyr and healing as opposed to fighting.

Inspiration: Preppy
Name comes from a combination of Pre(par)atory schools that individuals in the Preppy subculture attend in order to get into an (Ivy) League university.

Parivyth has a smooth and refined voice, with a hint of a strange aristocratic accent. She pronounces some of her words differently than anyone else in the Weyr, but no one can quite figure out why. Any other dragon would be teased for this odd manner of speaking. However, for her it merely provides a mysterious aloofness. She manages to make it sound as though the normal way of speaking is undesirable. When speaking to those she views as inferior, she speaks in an off-handed tone that gives the impression that she is looking down her nose at you. Despite this, Parivyth is always perfectly proper in her speech, choosing her words very carefully and never insulting anyone directly. The only time her voice is not perfectly controlled is when she is upset about something, like dirt on her hide, or being ignored by those around her. At times such as these, her voice rises to an uncomfortably shrill pitch, almost like a child's wail. Until someone fixes the issue for her, she will continue to shriek, her cries echoing all around the Weyr.

Hatching Message:
The Tri-color Egg wobbled in place as You May Already Be a Bronze bumped it, and gently started swaying back and forth in a hypnotizing manner. The egg seemed to be in no rush to hatch, as if the dragon inside was willing to take its time waking up for the first time. The swaying slowed within a few minutes of beginning, causing some alarm. However, fine lines started to form on the still shell, impossible to see from the stands. Only the nearest candidates would be able to tell at all. The fine lines continued to form for several minutes, eventually numbering in the thousands as they crossed paths numerous times creating tiny segments of shell. After what seemed like forever, the tiny shards of shell began to shower down on the sands, falling onto each other with a musical tinkling sound. In the wake of the sunset-shaded shell, You Know You Love Me Gold stood. She shook the remaining egg goo from her pristine hide, settling her wings gracefully along her back afterwards.

Wandering Message:
You Know You Love Me Gold looked around with a draconic scowl. It seemed that the lack of attention her hatching had gotten displeased her. First, she tried to daintily walk across the sands, but found that it is hard to coordinate such precise movement right out of the shell and stumbled a bit. Her attempts at walking got better with every step, however. You Know You Love Me Gold seemed to be a quick learner, and by the time she reached Nevyria things are working smoothly. The gold paused, one forearm held up in the air with poise. She looked at Nevyria long and hard, starting at the girl's feet and moving upwards in her examination. It took several minutes, and You Know You Love Me Gold cocked her head in question, before shaking it in confusion and walking away. She found Azrael at a distance, but seemed to pay her no heed after a quick glance.

You Know You Love Me Gold was so confused by Nevyria that she wasn't concentrated on walking. She bumped right into her next person to undergo her inspection, Malika. Again starting at the girl's feet and moving up, the blond girl best not squirm while under this inspection. The gold began shaking her head about halfway up her inspection of Malika, as if saying 'this candidate is all wrong for me!' You Know You Love Me Gold then turned away from Malika, not even giving her a second glance. The young gold looked around for her next target, spotting Resha and Alistylla next to each other.

You Know You Love Me Gold made sure not to repeat mistakes and watched her steps, careful not to bump into anyone this time as well. She stopped just short of Resha and began to investigate her. This investigation took a few long minutes, as if she found Resha far more interesting than Malika. You Know You Love Me Gold eventually moved on to the next candidate, eyes whirling red and yellow with hunger but she was not done yet. Alistylla was next up, and just like the others, the gold inspected her from feet to head, appearing to count fingers and toes to make sure that each candidate she looked at was absolutely perfect. You Know You Love Me Gold stared at Alistylla's face for quite some time, appearing lost in thought and sitting just out of arm's reach for both girls. Her eyes were still whirling red and yellow several minutes into this staring contest, and many riders were very confused by this action. Was the girl not open enough to Impression? What if the gold wanted her and she wasn't receptive? This might turn into a disaster!

Finally You Know You Love Me Gold looked away from Alistylla. It seemed that it was just not meant to be, but the gold kept looking. She meandered towards Reyda. Once she reached Reyda, You Know You Love Me Gold looked her over, taking just as long as she had on both Alistylls and Resha. However, the gold did not stare at Reyda so openly, but rather observed her from a different angle than the others. She was quite different from them, after all. You Know You Love Me Gold appeared contemplative while looking over Reyda. She seemed very interested, but there were still more for her to examine. The gold paused for a moment, considering her next action. There were still more female candidates about, and the gold seemed to need to see all of her choices. She wavered, however, torn between ending her journey and holding to her original course of action.

You Know You Love Me Gold spotted Faranna, and strode over with surety now. She was really getting the hang of walking neatly. Faranna suffered the gold's once-over, though she did not appear to hold her interest at all, and You Know You Love Me Gold quickly moved on from the younger girl. Finla was next to catch her attention, and You Know You Love Me Gold took several minutes to consider the tall red headed woman. She was of interest, it seemed. Then she moved on to yet another candidate Misteloe had finally caught her attention. You Know You Love Me Gold appraised Miseloe for a long time, as long as she spent on Alistylla, Resha, and Reyda, even going so far as to stare at this girl as well. However, her eyes were still not the rainbow of impression, and many in the stands were starting to be very worried by the gold's continued presence on the Sands. What if she didn't Impress anyone here?

Public Impression Message:
You Know You Love Me Gold moved away from Misteloe even. She retreated to the tiny shards of her egg shell, and looked at them for several moments before sitting primly, facing the candidates she had scrutinized. She had done her best not to get covered in the black sands, though they did offer a nice contrast to her hide. You Know You Love Me Gold looked at each of the candidates she favored in turn, starting with Resha, Alistylla, Reyda, Finla, and finally Misteloe. Then she looked back to one of them, a rainbow of Impression finally showing in her eyes. The riders in the Stands finally could breathe easy again. The Weyr had a new gold! Even though she took her sweet time making the decision. One of the five girls started forward to the gold, intentions clear. This was her gold.

Personal Impression Message:
The gold sat regally in the remnants of her shell, looking over the candidates she had deemed worthy, more or less. One of them would be her rider. But which one? They all had promise, they all had what it would take to be her rider, but one of them was more right than the others, though not by much. Alis-tylla, you have room in your heart for your Parivyth. Come here. The gold had made her choice, the rainbow of emotions shown in her eyes as she stared at Alistylla as she heeded her call. My decision took quite some time, but I had to have the best of the choices available, the gold explained to Alistylla when she finally made it across the sands to the young gold. Now, feed me, I am famished, Alista-love! It seemed that Alistylla's name was just more than the young gold could easily handle, but she would have her own special name for Alistylla - Alista-love.

Dragon Credit: Adina, Ierynetra, Jey, Rhee, Starr, Velcro, and Wunderingmind
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora/Starr

Egg Name: Tri-Color Egg
Egg Description: A larger egg rests aside from the others, the surface shimmers almost as a smooth lake of water would. Here and there it reflects the light, but mostly it absorbs it to seem to glow from within. This egg is a white which fades down into an orange color that fades into a sunflower yellow. Barely visible in the sand the yellow color shimmers, and closer inspection makes it look almost gold, though the shadows make it hard to tell.
Egg Inspiration: Candy Corn
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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