Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T15

Flight - 6th August 2015/Early Summer T15, 8th Pass
Clutching - 7th September 2015/Late Summer T15, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 2 October 2015, Early Autumn T15, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)
Totals: 25
Gold: 0
Bronze: 3
Brown: 4
Blue: 6
Green: 12

PC Candidates: Alexia, Ardossan, Awaihos, Ellandra, Idaris, Kimessa, Misteloe, (Rakesh), (Raulette), Resha, Reyda, Rillian, Sealy, Syaira, Uliria

PC Dragons:
The Wind Carried Legacy Brown Kharvaath to R'kesh (Rakesh) — [Emma]
The Tried and True Blue Tohath to Kimessa — [LdyPayne]
The Exquisitely Delicate Green Dehuath to R'nill (Rillian) — [Kitya]
The Courtly Lady Green Maitreth to Uliria — [Katie]

NPC Dragons:
The Dangerous Summer Bronze Ordoneth to Ia'sul (Iashesul) — [[adopted by Mandy]]
The Boy Queen Bronze Neferneth to K'lyn (Kaelyn)
The Painted Knight Bronze Broughamberth to M'al (Mallen)
The Seven Points Brown Himbohoth to Sh'en (Sheydelen)
The Savage Brown Drath to D'gan (Darigan) — [[adopted by Kati]]
The Devoted Soldier Brown Qinth to W'nal (Wesgonal)
The Timely Wonder Blue Xuith to Ts'ark (Tslesark)
Dream of the Sky Blue Nebrath to M'upo (Machupo)
The Seagoing Explorer Blue Leswinth to Cal'in (Calihadrin) — [[adopted by Corgi]]
Oh My Treasure Blue Buruth to B'ul (Berul)
The Composed Devil Blue Subachith to L'wyn (Llewyn)
The Oldest Green Nalayath to Akavia
The Maiden of the Battlefield Green Lagerth to R'bel (Robelshy)
The Controlling Green Ebith to Dro'vo (Drobolevo)
The Green That Won the West Okorrath to B'ram (Bramnon) — [[adopted by Ivy]]
The Dihchroic Green Lycurth to U'os (Urnalemos)
The Keeper of the Hearth Green Kayath to N'ru (Narrurru)
The Kingdom of Crystal Green Mictlanteth to V'lur (Vinaflur)
The Wise and Sensible Green Wicelith to Liala
The Rubber Green Olith to Rh'il (Rharil)
Set In Stone Green Ranodioth to L'nor (Lannor)

Egg theme: All that Glitters (Things that are Gold or have Gold in the name)
Dragon theme: Antiques and Artefacts

Many thanks to: Corgi, Kati, Notomys, Rhee, Shouriko, vandelay, wunderingmind

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