Parivyth's 1st Clutch - Egglist

Theme: Things that are gold or contain the word gold

Egg Name: Silence is Golden Egg
Egg Description: Purest white. A blank slate, ready to be filled. This egg may look plain, but perhaps that means one can better appreciate its subtle beauty. The smoothness of the shell. The odd imperfection that can be found beneath fingertips. The toughness of the shell, a stark comparison to the fragile growing life within. The soothing presence of this egg, simply being present.
Egg Inspiration: As they say: silence is golden!
Egg Credit: EmmaRunner.jpg
Egg Name: Runner's Gold Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits squarely in the average size, not too large or small. It has a lovely round bottom that arcs up to a rounded point at the top, much like a wherry egg. The color of Runner's Gold Egg is a warm cream, like wet beach sand. All along the surface is a scattering of paler white dappling. A sense of power and majesty surrounds this egg, like a well trained, well bred runner. If touched, this egg feels warm and soft, surprisingly like dragon hide.
Egg Inspiration: Palamino horses, Stallion Famous Gold Coin
Egg Credit: DragonblossomSunset%20Flower.jpg
Egg Name: Sunset Flower Egg
Egg Description: Ruffled petals of vibrant color spread out from a central spot located on the broad side of this smaller egg. Each arching section has its own gradient, sweeping from a brief deep red, to orange, to a sunny goldenrod that lines the edges. Each one layers on top of the next, growing larger as they spread across the egg's curves, the pattern ending up looking like a flower thick with petals or a sunset unconstrained by that pesky horizon. Those coming nearer the egg will be treated to a pleasant, earthy smell, much like sun-warmed soil.
Egg Inspiration: Marigold
Egg Credit: CorgiEggselence.jpg
Egg Name: Golden Orb of Eggselence.
Egg Description: This egg is rather large, and very round at it's peak. It's color is a bright yellow, tinted with a very slight green shade and there are tiny, slightly green dots at random, but fairly uniform spots all over this egg. The lower side of the egg seems to taper somewhat, just enough to make people think that it may hatch an upside down dragon.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Delicious Apple
Egg Credit: VelcroGolden%20Man.jpg
Egg Name: Golden Man Egg
Egg Description: This rather unfortunate looking egg has a strangely flaccid appearance, looking far more like a blob of muck plopped on the hatching grounds than a proper egg. From a distance, it’s coloration - swirls of muddy brown and mossy greens - only further the feeling that this egg crawled out of some sort of primordial swamp. There is more to this egg than meets the eye and when the light in the hatching sands grows dim, one can easily see the thin veins of gold running over the surface of this egg like thousands of miniature rivers. This egg seems to come from an entirely different place and time, and exudes a strong sense of strangeness and danger. Despite being one of the more unwelcoming eggs in the clutch, some Candidates and observers will find themselves inexplicably drawn to this egg, obsessed with the possibility of figuring out what kind of mystery it might contain.
Egg Inspiration: El Dorado
Egg Credit: NotoGolden%20Epoxy.jpg
Egg Name: Golden Epoxy Egg
Egg Description: This egg is on the small end of medium, and looks a little strange, honestly. The majority of the egg is a uniform gray, but it is laced with lines of a golden color along the areas commonly broken open by a hatchling dragon. A crack across the "waistline" of the egg, golden spider webbing at the top point, and more. It tends to sit upright, proud and on display.
Egg Inspiration: Kintsugi
Egg Credit: VelcroHappy%20Cat.jpg
Egg Name: The Happy Cat Egg
Egg Description: This average-sized egg is rotund and pudgy around its middle. Despite being surrounded by siblings, it still seems to steal the show with its glorious incandescence. It is gaudy and bright- gold, save for a red band located two-thirds up its shell. Why, it’s almost as if it’s wearing a collar! A collared dragon? Who even knew? Whatever the case may be, this egg is happy with its lot. The Happy Cat’s cheerfulness will put a smile on even the most reluctant of faces. It seems to want nothing less than the best for everyone, regardless of the cost- as though money were no object. Upon closer inspection, very faint dark golden lines trace this egg in circles, as though it were made of an abundance of gold coins.
Egg Inspiration: Maneki neko, the waving good luck cat
Egg Credit: SymmetryGoldfinch.jpg
Egg Name: Goldfinch Egg
Egg Description: What a fine little egg! Although diminutive in size, it has a certain jaunty air about it that draws the eye closer. Unlike most of it’s siblings, who nestle cozily into the sands, this fellow gives the impression of being perched upon them. One might get the impression that walking too quickly towards it would cause the egg itself to sprout wings and flutter away! The majority of this egg is a bold canary yellow, capped with a triangle of pure black on it’s top, and a “v” of alternating black and white along one side. As hatching day approaches, this egg will be one of the more active ones in the bunch, twitching and peeping with impressive vigor.
Egg Inspiration: American Goldfinch
Egg Credit: Notoall_that_glitterssm_by_ldypayne-d98x3z3.png
Egg Name: All That Glitters
Egg Description: A very robust egg that is more round than oval but overall about average sized for the eggs of this clutch. This egg is coloured a nearly uniform light golden brown with a series of spots running lengthwise from top to bottom. The spots are a more rust brown color and compliment the more yellowish sheen of the base color. The entire egg possesses a metallic sheen that catches the light and turn it almost a brighter golden brown. When touched this egg is quite smooth, almost glass like. The observant person touching this egg may notice with some people it becomes a darker color, like it just wants to hide, other people bring out an opposite effect, the shell seems to brighten and the egg seems more interested in whoever is touching it.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Tortoise Beetle
Egg Credit: LdyPayneb5f6a4f4-a8eb-40ad-b80e-d007a72894b8.png
Egg Name: The Orb
Egg Description: This egg is unusually round, and unusually large - perhaps the biggest in the clutch. It's surface dances with shades of golden yellow that seem to change every time it is looked at. Even standing nearby you can feel the heat this egg generates - it feels hotter than the sands themselves. Any candidate who wishes to touch it will have to do so swiftly if they do not want to be burned. Those that do brave the heat will be filled with a sense of vitality and power as vibrant as Rukbat itself.
Egg Inspiration: The Sun
Egg Credit: KityaSinging.jpg
Egg Name: The Singing Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small. It might not be the smallest but it's not going to win any size awards. Still, it's not just size that matters. The Singing Egg gleems with a rich honey gold like a finely polished golden bowl. When viewed up close this egg's shell reflects the viewer's own image. Much like when one looks at their reflection on the back of a metal spoon, the image is distorted and blurry. However, a sense of contemplation and peace surrounds the viewer when they examine The Singing Egg up close. Cool and smooth to the touch, this egg also seems to exude the scent of calming insistence.
Egg Inspiration: Buddhist singing bowl
Egg Credit: DragonblossomGolden%20Poison.jpg
Egg Name: Golden Poison Egg
Egg Description: Compared to many of its siblings, it is a very small and quite nearly tiny egg. It could easily go missing if not for the bright yellow coloring that is the primarily hue. While it is an overall yellow hue, it varies across the shell from a vibrant and glistening gold to a more homely and earthly yellow-green. There are a few black spots on one 'side' of the egg, lending a strong contrast by being both dark and matte. The shell itself is very smooth, albeit a little sticky, as if it were a bit moist.
Egg Inspiration: Panamanian Gold Frog
Egg Credit: Shourikogoldeneagle.png
Egg Name: The Golden Eye
Egg Description: This egg is big, it is majestic, and it draws the eye. By it's very presence it demands attention. It is a golden brown in colour and is covered with a feathery pattern. On either side is a circle of gold-red with a darker point in the center; they look like eyes and they are watching. If you wish to touch this egg, you'd better hope it finds you worthy.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Eagle
Egg Credit: KityaGolden%20Gore.jpg
Egg Name: The Golden Gore Egg
Egg Description: The color of this egg stands out the most, it looks like a powdered gold, almost as if someone had taken the time to collect a million gold eggs shell, reduce them to a powder, and glued it all over this egg. There are a few things different about this egg that make the naysayers agree that this egg contains no gold. The first is the size of this egg, it's on the small end of this clutch. The second thing would be that the gold coloring almost seems to rub off whenever this egg is rotated. As the eggs mature on the sands, less and less gold coloring will remain on this egg, leaving it a bland tan color as the hatching nears.
Egg Inspiration: Goldfinger, James Bond Movie Villan who leaves his murder victims painted gold.
Egg Credit: VelcroBest%20Egg.jpg
Egg Name: Definitely the Best Egg
Egg Description: This is a rather large egg- and save for a few strange bumps towards one upper side of its shell- it is well-formed. It is a wonderous egg to behold- graced with many splendid colours arrayed in a rainbow across its shell. It is not a vivid rainbow- but one drawn in pastel hues, light, springtime colours that are easy on the eye. Definitely the Best Egg is remarkable in this sense, for not only does it lure you in with an easy pattern, but it wins you over in an instant. This egg can do anything! And it’ll be the first and most important person doing it! This egg is proud, possibly arrogant, and self-assured. It knows it’s the best- and now you have to know it too. Filled with feelings of incredible power and potential, Definitely the Best Egg leaves a mark and won’t soon be forgotten. It’s all about winning, though there is no illusion of it being easy. This egg is fully aware of the fact that it’ll need to train hard to achieve its goals.
Egg Inspiration: Gold medals
Egg Credit: Symmetryretrieveregg.png
Egg Name: The Loyal Friend Egg
Egg Description: This egg is medium sized, and it has a tendency to lurk around the larger eggs - always underfoot, somehow. It's a pale golden colour but has three dark markings that almost look like a face, though not that of a person. The surface is finely waved and should you touch it, it will feel soft and warm. This egg brings nothing but good feelings to those who look at or touch it. It's hard not to smile when you see it; there's something almost goofy about the way it sits in the sands.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Retriever
Egg Credit: KityaGolden%20Curcuit.jpg
Egg Name: The Golden Circuit
Egg Description: A smaller egg is hard to find in this clutch. The base color is a solid deep green, interwoven with incredibly straight and precise golden lines; each line ending in a golden dot, as if to signify the end here, and time to branch off into another line going elsewhere. The lines are numerous, often running parallel to each other until one unexpectedly stop with a dot, the other continuing on to round the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Gold is often used in computer and cell phone microchips.
Egg Credit: VelcroFools.jpg
Egg Name: Not Quite Gold
Egg Description: A large egg that isn't quite silver but isn't quite gold either. Depending on how you look at this egg it can be either or both all at once. The silver and gold colours swirl around the smooth surface of the egg, almost seeming to gleam.
Egg Inspiration: Iron Pyrite aka Fools Gold
Egg Credit: Katihoneyegg.png
Egg Name: Sweet As Honey Egg
Egg Description: Other eggs seem to gather around this egg, like they are attracted to it. The bottom of the egg is patterned in a hexagonal pattern while the top half looks like it has been drizzled with liquid gold - the colour is rich and enticing. If you touch this egg you will find that it feels warm and vaguely sticky. A faint buzzing sensation - not unpleasant - fills your mind, as though the dragon within is humming.
Egg Inspiration: Honey
Egg Credit: KityaAuratus.jpg
Egg Name: Auratus Egg
Egg Description: This large egg is strong and stout looking, not even a little quake could unsteady or harm it. The strongly ovular shape gives it a lot of balance. It is colored in an orange-golden hue, but over the entirety of the egg are scale markings with a yellow or red sheen. The egg looks wet or even slimy, but when you walk up to and touch the shell, you find that it is quite dry. There is some texture to the edge of the scale-like markings that are like tiny ridges and are oddly comforting to run your hands over.
Egg Inspiration: Goldfish
Egg Credit: ShourikoGolden%20Ticket.jpg
Egg Name: The Golden Ticket Egg
Egg Description: This delightful egg is just a bit….odd. The surface seems wrinkled and creased, those wrinkles more of a brassy hue, in a darker brown-gold. Ripples of paler gold flow around with highlights of white gold to top everything off. Upon closer inspeaction the Golden Ticket Egg seems to have what appears to be writting upon it, in elegant caligraphy mentioning something about having won a prize. The scent of sweetened klah wafts from this egg, causing some viewer's stomach to growl with hunger. This egg feels heavy with purpose and suspense, as if upon hatching something truly wonderful and adventerous will begin!
Egg Inspiration: Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket
Egg Credit: DragonblossomGolden%20Touch.jpg
Egg Name: The Golden Touch Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is a darker brown base color, like a deeply tanned farmer kind of brown. There are some markings that make it stand out though, a light yellow marking shaped like a hand, and a circle around the peak of the egg in the same color. The circle resembles an ornate headpiece that a Lord would wear for ceremony. The most unusual thing about this egg is that the splotch that looks like a human hand seems to be raised and textured, rather like the palm of the hand should be.
Egg Inspiration: Midas' Touch Myth
Egg Credit: VelcroContentious_1.jpg
Egg Name: Contentious White and Gold Egg
Egg Description: Stripes of gold stretch across the gently sloping curves of this otherwise white egg, some wide, some narrow. Up close you can see that the stripes are not solid, but are themselves formed by a delicate, lacy pattern. While intricate and very pretty, this is by far not the most interesting thing about this egg, however. In certain lights, from certain angles, this egg’s appearance changes dramatically, appearing to have black stripes on a muted blue background. No one seems to be able to explain it and there are sure to be arguments about its true nature. Those lucky candidates who get to touch it up close will come away with a sense that they know for sure what colors grace its shell, but it will quickly be realized that they are just as divided as everyone else.
Egg Inspiration: The dress that divided the internet
Egg Credit: CorgiScribble.jpg
Egg Name: Scribbalicious Egg
Egg Description: A surprisingly small egg, but almost perfectly-shaped. The Scribbalicious Egg boasts a clash of colours all higgedly-piggedly across its shell. There’s no rhyme or reason to the questionably stunning display of… could it be called art? Perhaps an artistic attempt… Streaks of deep navy blue are shot with a bright, blood red and a pale leaf green. Yellow and purple are contrasted magnificently as sharp, jagged lines, but they leave almost no room for the lingering dark brown to emerge. And amidst the chaos, a singular golden rosette stands out on the middle of this shell. The jumble of colours is a thing of purity and freedom, and the egg reflects this in its demeanour. There’s always something more to do, something more to experience! Why wait? Life won’t live itself. Its vivaciousness is only rivalled by its energy- unbridled and seemingly unlimited, the Scribbalicious is a small egg full of potential.
Egg Inspiration: Drawing, copic markers and, of course, the colour gold.
Egg Credit: SymmetrySilverampGold.jpg
Egg Name: Silver and Gold
Egg Description: The egg is a dull silver color [808088] matte all over. It's a medium sized and very smooth. The egg is smooth to the touch and smooth to the eye. It's silky to the touch and warm to the feel. Gold [FCDC3B] swirls over the face of the egg in smooth motions. Really it's almost a spiral up the egg, but the swirls end and dip or curl at the ends instead of making a single smooth line.
Egg Inspiration: "Silver and Gold" song and the Parent dragons
Egg Credit: WunderingMind
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