Green Pelehath

Impressee: G'shen (Goshen)

Name: Pelehath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 608341 (324F17)
Final Size: 31' length with a wingspan of 54'

Large. Extraordinarily large for a green dragon. Those are the first words out of most people’s mouths, when they see fully-grown Pelehath. This green dragon is as big as blues, and probably rivals some of the smallest browns. It’s not only that, either, but every part of her seems overly big. Her wings are long and frequently get in the way of her feet, and her tail is uncontrollable and was possibly given a life of its own. Her eyes are too big, her snout too large and wide, and those headknobs- oh boy, they’re like miniature mountains jutting out of her skull. What she lacks in stereotypical beauty, she makes up for in size. She is not graceful, she is not the prettiest, she is not sleek, but shells, Pelehath has stamina and power behind those muscles. Colour-wise, she is an interesting mixture of palm tree green, with swirls or verdant grass covering her stomach and neck. A lighter, almost sandy shaded yellow-green paints her paws and tail tip, as if she was born on a beach.

If her constant twitching and agitation hadn’t already given her away, Pelehath is enegertic and excitable. To her added benefit- and to the dismay of everybody else- she is also incredibly spirited and fiery, always one to throw herself into anything headfirst. Some of her more remarkable quirks are her taste for destruction, however accidental, and her incessant need to set things on fire. Really. She loves firestone. And flaming Thread will be one of her passions. She is particularly amorous as far as greens go, going as far as stealing from other females in the Weyr. When slighted by a male, however, she angers and snaps quickly, driven by ‘the ultimate feminine power’, as she frequently calls it. She may have to be taught that setting males on fire is not okay.

Inspiration: Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind and Volcanos

Hatching/Impression Message:
With such fierce rocking and shaking, it was a surprise Kaleidoscopic Conflagration Egg hadn’t hatched sooner. The cracks were loud and intrusive, splintering any peace that might have presided during a lull in the hatching. Nevertheless, Kaleidoscopic Conflagration was finally ready to yield to the world. It all but exploded, and the poor prisoner within shook itself free, spreading its wings wide in greeting to the world. Little did the world know that trouble was on the loose. The swirly green dragon- yes, definitely green beneath the pieces of egg shell- ran forwards, manner rampant, before she tripped over her legs and collided with Reijo. She then picked herself up, scrambling away with little regard for the man's health.

“What?” Goshen, now G’shen, gasped. “Pelehath? I can remember that. Yes, and feed you.”

Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Egg Name: Kaleidoscopic Conflagration Egg
Egg Description: The Kaleidoscopic Conflagration Egg is only slightly bigger than average and more round in appearance rather than oval shape. The base color is a deep, deep ocean purple with white cloudy wisps dappled randomly across the whole egg. Some of these white cloudy wisps taper off into thin parallel strips of white cloud. These parallel strips are ornately rainbow colored and give the impression of a flaming rainbow cloud streaking across the deep ocean blue of this egg. It’s inspirational and awe-inspiring.
Egg Inspiration: Fire Rainbows
Egg Credit: Atlys

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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