Brown Pfaunth

Impressee: A'ven (Aiven)

Name: Pfaunth
Pronunciation: Fonth
Colour: Brown
Hatching - Early Autumn, Turn 8, 8th Pass

On the small side for a brown, Pfaunth is built in a slightly odd way. His chest and shoulders are rather narrow while his hindquarters and back legs are extremely powerful and disproportionately wide, making him appear chunky on his back half in comparison to his slender front. His coloring only serves to emphasize this as he is an even, medium tan shade in the front and seems painted with darker browns on his back half. One can almost see the brush strokes of his darker coloring, and it gives the illusion of fur in certain light. This darker coloration is also present under his chin and tapers down his throat. His head knobs are longer than normal and slightly curved.

Pfaunth believes in doing what is best for the group or Weyr rather than the individual. He will gladly follow those whom he deems to be making the most progress toward unification or betterment of the Weyr. He is rather capricious, though, and his idea of who is doing the best can change on a whim. This brown enjoys being part of a group, and is unusually vocal in his contentment. When happy, his voice is a lilting croon that is rather lovely to hear. When angry or startled he is capable of emitting a screech that can exacerbate a negative situation and strike fear into those around him who might not know what is happening. It will take a strong rider to calm Pfaunth in these moments of panic. Pfaunth fancies himself something of a ladies' man, and will chase any dragon that rises unless he can remember them rejecting him previously. His memory is rather short, however, so he rarely recalls being rebuffed. He tends to be a bit overzealous in his pursuit and can turn females off by being too persistent.

Inspiration: Faunus, the Roman God of Forests, Plains and Fields (aka Pan of the Greek Pantheon)
Dragon Credit: Rachel

Hatching/Impression Message:
The shaking and shuddering of the Swallowed by Blood Egg had been growing more and more frantic as the Hatching progressed. Finally a wetly glistening hind foot managed to punch through at the top of the egg, and with an abrupt crack! the egg shattered. A brown dragon landed rather roughly on his back and let out a startled screech. The sound reverberated around the Hatching Grounds and almost seemed to grow louder as it echoed. Many clapped their hands to their ears and adult dragons roared in protest at the particularly sharp tone to the cry. A strong-looking young man reacted to the sound by running toward the brown to help him, and Impression was made as he helped the rather small young dragon to his feet.
"Pfaunth!" Aiven- now A'ven- said sternly. "You can't hurt peoples' ears like that!" He wonderingly stroked the hatchling as they moved off the Sands.

Egg Name: Swallowed by Blood Egg
Egg Description: Of a medium size and a mostly darkened red colour, almost hinting at black near its crown and growing lighter as the eye moves lower, this egg would not stand out but for what resembles a brightly contrasting crescent of a light greyish-white that adorns its base and curves to halfway up its side. What could resemble pockmarks are actually a faded mottling, almost resembling the craters of Belior and Timor.
Egg Inspiration: Lunar Eclipse
Egg Credit: Kohaku

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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