Phantasmal Pacifist Green Phaesyth

Impressee: Niheyl

Name: Phaesyth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 6EFF70
Final Size: 28' length with a wingspan of 52'

A delicate dragon, poised in the remnants of her shells, ever so picturesque. The Phantasmal Pacifist Green blocks view of her head with one damp wing. With poetic grace, the pastel but leafy green colored wing lowers, slowly revealing the face of this delicate green. More than a few of the crowd will gasp as they first glance the awkward looking face of this dragon. It is unexpected of one so young to look like this poor dragonet. Her face looks burnt to a crisp, though it's obviously not possible. Aside from the usually blue-green cerulean eyes of a dragon, the rest of the skin is the darkest black charred color of the worst burn injury you could imagine. However, not the the crowd can see, there are small, curving lines spiraling out from the edges of her perfectly shaped eyes. They are strangely symmetrical in design, leading down her neck and far along onto her back and chest, in a light shiny green color. The blackened color leads down along the slender green's stomach all the way to the tip of her tail.

The Phantasmal Pacifist Green's overall body shape is quickly heading towards curvaceous as one's vision heads down her neck, which has a solid base leading into small shoulders that only serve to highlight a deep, powerful chest. After that, a long, slender stomach leads down to a set of powerful hips, thighs, and rear legs in general. Her wings are wide, and longer than they should be, draping down to the ground even when she holds them up. The tail is medium length, but appears a bit short if you compare it to the wings. If one can get over the initial shock of the strange coloring, they will see a finely shaped green dragonet.

As a Weyrling, Phaesyth will be rather timid around her peers and older dragons. She does not prefer to be the center of attention, but with her usual looks, it will inevitably happen more than once. Instead of shutting down completely, Phae will embrace it. She will arch her neck regally, and pose prettily while she is the object of scrutiny. She will not speak while doing so, however, and after she is done, she will most likely try to go hide in a corner to re-establish her mental balance. While she is still nervous from being put on the spot, anything she might have to say will be in a mental whisper so faint that even Niheyl will have a hard time hearing her. Phaesyth is a sort of fragile dragon when it comes to things she does not enjoy, and being on the spot is surely one of them. During lessons though, she feels that she plays a supplementary role, which is her true preference in life. She is a supportive dragon, and will give Niheyl any support she needs in all of her adventures.

Once this green reaches adulthood, some of the shyness she was plagued with while growing will slowly dissipate. Phae will still be a soft spoken dragon though, and nothing will change that about her. Strangely, once Phae has reached a level of comfort, after her first flight, she will begin to show some backbone of her personality. She will develop affinities for certain singers in the Weyr, and certain people to watch become her favorites. The favorites shift every now and again, and she is a true people watcher, even if it's through Niheyl's eyes. Her new found hobby will lead her to a overly obsessive level of fondness for a green, which means that she will really encourage Niheyl to be around this one person or dragon until her attentions shift.

It is for the best that Phaesyth has a slim to none chance of ever becoming a wingsecond, since she will have nary a clue how to act or behave if she's ever put into a position like that. Her ideal role in fighting thread is a support role, much like with Niheyl. She prefers the back of the wing to the front, and though she can last throughout the whole fall, she prefers to hang back and get the strays that other pairs miss. One of her favorite activities is the after fall sweep, and she'll prove to be a very effective dragon for spotting Thread burrow that other dragons miss. She will enjoy swooping down and around to get the small pieces that the upper wings miss.

A broody Phaesyth is a pushy dragon, and only when she's broody does she insist her rider go and talk to that one other dragon's rider. It will be fairly obvious who her pick to win her flight is ahead of time, but the unknown can always happen in a flight. Before the flight itself, Phae will perform her very best, posing coyly beforehand, and then she will call out alluringly to her suitors when it is time to go. It may be the only time she willingly makes a noise that loud(unless something hurts Niheyl, but that's different). The flight will be a fantastical affair of dips, rises, drops, pirouettes, and rolls. Phae will rarely let her suitors fly in a straight line and still let them be considered to win her. It doesn't really matter though, since her winner will be chosen ahead of time. In the unlikely event that someone does sneak in, Phae will be a little upset, depending on who the interloper is. She won't be outright rude to them, but she may be quieter than usual if it's not the male she wanted.

Inspiration: (Opera) Phantom of the Opera
The appearance is based on Masquerades masks.

A throaty, but timid sounding alto is the best way to describe this shy lady's voice. She will always be a bit hesitant when speaking, it will lessen with time, but not completely go away. When she's really pensive her voice will be soft, rather like a bunch of leaves blowing in the wind. When she's interested and relaxed, her voice will posess more power, like a howling wind combined with the star ballad singer currently. It's something that can give you shivers down your spine if you are not expecting it.

Hatching Message:
The Oeuf Nouveau Egg shakes intermittently, giving a wobble every now and again, as if scared to draw too much attention to itself. Of course, with what a pretty egg it is, that may be hard to do. Eventually, after long consideration on the part of the egg, it decides that the time is now. A small crack appears near the top of the egg, and then the rest of the pretty shell crumbles as the dragon inside presses outward. The Phantasmal Pacifist Green sits in a perfect lady-like matter, wings covering her face and neck. She soon peaks out from under her wings, relatively sure that she can't hide in plain sight like she was trying so hard to do. Reluctantly, she sits higher in her throne of shells, and dramatically uncovers her face to peer around at the candidates.

Public Impression Message:
After several pensive minutes, the Phantasmal Pacifist Green moves. At first, she rather scuttles, like she is weighed down by the vision of the people in the stands. After reaching her halfway mark to the candidates, a personality shift seems to occur. Quite suddenly, this unique green stands upright, conquering her reluctance to stride over to the one she had chosen from afar. The caramel-eyed girl receives a nudge to her hand as the Phantasmal Pacifist Green's reaches her, and quickly reverts now that she has found the ones, skittering around behind the girl to hide from the crowd.

Personal Impression Message:
You might have missed the egg moving, but the gasp from the crowd certainly makes you stare at the green with the dramatic movement. Her face, it's like nothing you've seen so far in your stay at the Weyr. It's blackened, burnt looking. But somehow, you can't take your eyes of the gruesome green dragonet. Especially once she starts moving, your eyes are glued to first the quivering movement, and then the strangely bold strides she adopts. Is she starring at you? She continues the approach, and suddenly she is at your feet, a delicate head nudging your hand. It does not feel burnt, thankfully, you realize in the far back of your conscious. A quite, timid sounding voice fills in your head, filling the void you could feel before this moment. My Niheyl, will you keep them from starring at your Phaesyth? I'm too hungry to put on s show for them anymore…

Dragon Credit: Velcro
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Oeuf Nouveau
Egg Description: This grand egg is quite the charmer with its delicate swirls and curvaceous lines that flow naturally and yet purposefully across its smooth calcified surface. It has a soft gleam to it and the colors are both bright and dull while matching perfectly. There appears to be leaf-like patterns hidden in the multi-colored gold, tan, brown, and green hues and flowers disguised in the little splashes of pinks and purples. Had this egg been laid in the jungle, it would have fit in harmoniously.
Egg Inspiration: Art Nouveau
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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