Bronze Phosreth

Impressee: C'hom (Cyhom)

Name: Phosreth

Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Mid Winter, Turn 4, 8th Pass

Phosreth is a sturdy, medium-sized bronze.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Esoteric Educational Egg rocked very precisely from side to side just twice before its shell cracked neatly in half – very much the model of a perfectly hatching egg. A medium-sized, sturdy bronze stood among the halves of his egg, but he knew who he wanted right from the beginning, and wasted no time in crossing the sands to reach the candidates. His tail lashed from side to side as he walked, and Firraz would find himself right in the line of one of its swings if he wasn’t careful. The bronze stood to attention before Cyhom, and the young man’s mouth dropped. “Phosreth…you picked me?” And so C’hom began a new life, far away from the farmcrafting that had caused him so much grief.

Egg Name: Esoteric Educational Egg
Egg Description: This perfectly-proportioned, medium-sized egg draws the eye with the complxity of the patterns that mark its shell. At the prolate end is a patterning of lines that could have been drawn with a ruler, forming a perfectly right-angled triangle surrounded by curious wedge-shaped markings and cojoined squares, some shaded with dark tones and others a pale near-white. Colourful blotches around the ovoid sides form the shapes of a variety of creatures of Pern. Fish, herdbeasts and runnerbeasts, wherries, tunnelsnakes and firelizards all parade with order and precision along to the slightly oblate end.
Egg Inspiration: I am the very model of a modern Major-General
Egg Credit: Quidnunc

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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