Blue Phreyrith

Impressee: M'cai (Maedecai)

Name: Phreyrith
Pronunciation: Frey-rye-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 5271B4
Final Size: 32.5' length of 53.5' wingspan

Description: Phreyrith's hide is the well-worn, dusty greyish-blue of a frequently washed and worn suit. The color is almost uniform across his frame and he lacks the flashy markings that some of his clutchmates are regaled in. The sails of Phreyrith's wings are a slightly paler shade of blue, and his very spiky dorsal ridges darken to a greyish blue that's nearly black. The brightest mark is a tiny coin-like blotch in a bright brass color at the centre of his chest. His build is slim, rather unremarkable, excepting that his headknobs are quite elongated and jut out noticeably from the back of his skull. Phreyrith's wings are perfectly proportioned to his build and while he's no speedster, he's pretty good in the air. Phreyrith does have a remarkable tolerance for taking scores and injuries and bouncing back easily.

Personality: "Adorkable" is the word, at least while Phreyrith is a young dragon. He's quite sweet, really, with all that nervous energy and a brain that's too clever for what his mouth can keep up with. Until he learns to keep his sardonic thoughts about the antics of his clutchmates to himself, Phreyrith's liable to put his paw in it more than once. Really, though, Phreyrith's a good clutchmate, endlessly patient and never losing his temper. He's always got an ear for his clutchmates, and empathizes (perhaps too much) with almost anybody, even if he can't help be astonished by the weird ways of others.

His rider will have a bit of trouble with Phreyrith in class. It's not that Phreyrith isn't clever - he is - but he's incredibly single-minded, and if there are steps in the way of getting to the final result that Phreyrith wants to achieve, he's likely to come unstuck and fall flat on his nose (literally and figuratively). Phreyrith learns by doing, not theorizing, and while he has no patience to learn the details, he is astonishingly good at bluffing his way out of pickles. If Phreyrith doesn't know something, he'll fake it until he makes it…ish. Speaking of knowing things…his curiosity is endless, and Phreyrith sees no problem with snooping or being nosy…or jumping into conversations (or class lectures) with a loud bugle and a {Hey! Hold it! I think…}

Growing older, Phreyrith's sarcastic commentary on events and the doings of others will become internalized, and his rider will be treated to a continuous sardonic monologue that is at odds with Phreyrith's outwardly polite disposition. {Uh…sure Ninath, whatever you say…}, he fends off an exuberant clutchmate, while confiding to his rider, {Did Ninath's egg get rolled around a lot? Cos I think she's scrambled!}. Even if he's snarky, Phreyrith will still be a champion for the downtrodden, a defender of the underdog, and liable to come out worse in whatever argument he's jumped into this time. Sometimes, at his most introspective, Phreyrith might come out with some deep philosophical gems…or at least words that kind of sound like one. When it comes to romance, Phreyrith just can't keep out of trouble. It's fortunate that he's no suave lady's blue, because Phreyrith goes for all the bad girls, and never seems to learn his lesson…

Inspiration: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

Hatching/Impression Message: Last to be laid, the gaudily purple hued Oh, So You're an Egg? sat sweetly at the rear of the sands in its dark sandy wallow. The way it just rested there with its neat little bowtie marking, the egg almost seemed condescending of the surrounding chaos. The calm wasn't to last, however, as slowly the Oh, So You're an Egg? began to rock to and fro within its sandy divot. Cracks splintered across the shiny shell and the hatchling within shoved and squirmed until fragments began to fall away. The egg crumbled completely to reveal a dusty blue dragonet with his head tucked between his front legs.

The hatchling's head shot up in astonishment as he blinked uncertainly and took in the scene around him. Dubiously he took his first few steps, revealing a skinny build and eyes the size of saucer-plates full of curiosity. The little blue sucked in a big breath, puffing out his ribs and showing off the penny-bright blotch at the front of his chest. With each step he took, he came more into his stride, until he was trotting along the line of candidates with nary a care in the world. Suddenly, he would stop - and swing his head towards one - but no, he was mistaken after all…the dusky blue repeated this a few more times, staring questioningly up at Resha for a long moment.

Ah, no! The dragonet leapt forward and froze, his body one long rigid line from snout to tail-tip. He had it! It was Maedecai all along. The former Mathonite stumbled forward to hug the hatchling's head. "Phreyrith, yes, I think you might be right!"

What Phreyrith had asked or told the older candidate - Weyrling now - would have to remain unknown, because the new pair wasted no time hurrying off towards the food.

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Oh, So You're an Egg?
Egg Description: Talk about an egg that stands out! If anyone had ever claimed that even eggs strive for attention, then this one would be the very epitome of that theory. The color of the egg itself is striking, though not necessarily in a good way depending on one's preferences. The majority of the egg is a vivid purple that seems almost velvety, broken by a inverted triangle of lavender and white spots that covers the top fourth of the egg and narrows down into a V on one side. At the top of this triangular patch is deep champagne pattern that looks almost like a bowtie, and then topped by a circle of dark brown at the very top of the egg like a hat of sorts.
Egg Inspiration: Charlie Wonka
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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