Brown Phyreth

Impressee: Z'ren (Zairen)

Name: Phyreth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 992200
Final Size: 42' length with a wingspan of 72'

Phyreth is quite a large dragon, even for a brown. He is built compact but balanced, his body emphasized by strong musculature and short but solid legs that are meant to support his steady strides on the ground. He has a proportionately long tail, starting thick and then tapering so as to provide the perfect balance for his movements. His wings are broad and expansive, slightly fluttery, perhaps the one flaw to his otherwise proportional frame, but they boast of strength and stamina that can keep him flying effortlessly for long periods of time. For a brown dragon he can be surprisingly agile, though not as much as the blues and greens, but his dexterity comes more from his swift and sharp movements that could only have been achieved after much practice and experience.

But what catches the eye about this dragon are the unique markings on his wings and down his dorsal ridges. Phyreth is a deep reddish brown color, almost like an intense burgundy, and he has distinctly golden-tipped claws. His ridges are splashed with a more red tinge touched by a hint of orange and golden embers, giving them the illusion of being dark flames that flicker along his spine. Then his wing membranes are highlighted by sharper orange and yellow tones that seem to flare brightly under the sunlight, and when they are open in flight, he appears to be flying with flaming wings. He is an awesome sight to behold, and he often turns heads that wonder if a dragon had been set ablaze.

Phyreth is a fierce and passionate dragon. He is one that allows his actions to do the talking, and he believes that words are wasted. He is most often following his gut instincts, even if his logical mind is screaming against his intuition, but fortunately he has good enough instincts that they’ve rarely steered him wrong. Highly motivated and ambitious, he strives to be the best he can be, and he always pushes for his rider to do the same. He knows that they will one day lead a wing – perhaps even the Weyr – and because he wants to be recognized for having the qualities and abilities to a great leader, he practices long and hard so that he may exceed expectations.

But as a weyrling, Phyreth doesn’t necessarily have specific goals in mind when striving to be on top, because he simply wants to be known as the best. He will be prone to the flamboyancy that comes with youth, showing off the things he can do with as much dramatic flair as possible. Often times he will also try things that he thinks he can do, and when he fails to do so, he’ll probably fall into a great state of embarrassment for the next day or two; but he’s quick to forget about such incidents, and especially after much practicing until he perfects what he had failed, he’ll be right back to his old self. As he matures, however, Phyreth will become more constrained and only slightly theatrical in his actions, but there will be more purpose and determination behind his actions. He will be controlled as an adult, and for the most part, he will actually think before he acts – that is until something sets off his temper.

And does he have a temper. Even the most insignificant slight can set him into a rage. Phyreth can also be stubborn – a dangerous combination – and he’s especially easily offended if someone tries to correct him. He holds fast to his beliefs, sometimes even when proven wrong, and he will often fight to defend his ideals. He is definitely a very opinionated dragon, and should he disagree on a matter with anyone, this is one of the few occasions where he uses words to get his point across. But verbal arguments don’t last long with this dragon, because he can only say so much and if you still refuse to conform, then he’ll either try to beat some sense into you or dismiss you altogether. Yet as temperamental as he is, Phyreth does have a strong regard for rank, and he will refrain from arguing with his superiors – most of the time, anyways. After all, he will one day be a leader, and he would expect his subordinates to show him the same respect he showed his leaders.

Despite his temper, Phyreth will be one of if not the best fighter in Threadfall. He is extraordinarily aware of his surroundings, even more so than most dragons, and many will be amazed by his seemingly sixth sense when it comes to flying in a ‘Fall. And his flame is also a point of envy, for he has an uncanny ability to shape his flame to his needs – from long and thin, to wide and dense – and even he cannot explain how he manages to do so. Phyreth rarely disobeys a command from his leaders, but don’t expect him to take ‘suggestions’ from his wingmates. There are very few circumstances where he will be wounded, and most injuries will be a result of his temper; when he becomes frustrated or angry during a ‘Fall, he can become unpredictable and even reckless, and his rider must fight hard to bring the dragon back under control.

When it comes to flights, Phyreth is just as fierce and passionate. He prefers to chase golds over greens, and he will only chase the smaller females if he or his rider is attracted to the green or her rider. But he will be more determined when chasing a gold, striving to prove himself as good as if not better than the bronzes. He won’t be as depressed to lose a green flight, perhaps a little disappointed, but should he fail to catch a gold – which will be often, no doubt – don’t be surprised to see him practicing his flying skills long and hard for the next few days. Should he succeed in catching a female, especially a gold, he can be slightly obsessive over her. And the same goes for any clutches he may sire with a gold; Phyreth will be a very caring and sometimes overly protective father, and perceived threats on his offspring – from eggs to weyrlings – he will take personally and react ferociously.

Inspiration: (Dance) Fire Dancing

Phyreth has a medium deep tone of voice that speaks with strength and passion. His voice is warming, and sometimes burning, and gives the illusion of an open flame that can be either protective or painful. To the few individuals he actually likes, there will be a welcoming quality to his voice, but still lined with a warning tone that clearly implies that if you dare cross him or his rider, you will suffer the consequences. And for those that have been foolish enough to incur his wrath, however, they are subject to the heat and fury of his words – often followed by his enraged actions. But for his rider, he will always have a touch of warm affection to his voice, and occasionally a sense of mischievous mockery.

Hatching/Impression Message:
Almost suddenly, without any warning, the Seeing into the Past Egg started to shake violently, and it doesn't take long before a limb shattered through the shell — and then another, and a third, followed by a wing entangled in a claw. There seemed to be some struggling, and eventually a head popped out before the egg is crushed by the force of the dragon flailing wildly about. A reddish brown tumbled out, crying out in frustration as he attempted to right himself. After a few moments, he managed to place every part of himself in the right place, and he stood trying to regain his bearings. Shaking the sand off his wet hide, the brown looked around, and he was quick to find the one he wants. There was no hesitation as he made his way quickly to Zairen, though his momentum had him accidentally bumping into the young man. "Phyreth!" cried Z'ren, unharmed and grinning at the enthusiasm. An apologetic cry from the brown, and after they had helped each other up, the new weyrlings walk out of the cavern together.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Seeing into the Past Egg
Egg Description: Earthy tones of browns, tans, reds and creams make this egg seem almost rock-like on a first look. One would be forgiven for mistaking it for a stone, in fact, given its rough-looking surface, marked with the odd vein of darker colour. It even seems uneven thanks to the shading caused by the variation of base colours across it, though closer inspection reveals that it is a perfectly normal ovoid, on the smaller size in the clutch. Such an inspection would also reveal a multitude of curious patterns across its shell: predominantly they look like herdbeasts, some outlined in black and others simply appearing as blocks of reddish-brown colour. Splashes of red, brown, black form into patches with what seem like hand prints in their centres. Here and there is the odd set of lines that could resemble a crude stick figure, sometimes looking as if they are holding aloft a stick or weapon of some description. All in all, the collection of patterns are rather fascinating.
Egg Inspiration: Prehistoric cave paintings are immediately recognisable due to their distinctive style and contents. Many feature animals, while hand-based imagery is also common. Some include depictions of humans, offering fascinating insights into the lives of mankind’s ancestors.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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