Green Pinkth

Impressee: Ilane

Name: Pinkth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 6AFB92 (CC6666)
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 52'

Pinkth is a gorgeous, unusual green. She is on the larger end of the size scale. Her wings are long and narrow, which makes it hard for her to hover for very long. She has a lithe, lizard look to her even though is large, but it is her coloring that really makes her stand out. She is a completely average green in color, but under bright light her hide takes on something of a soap bubble effect, with a peculiar pink gleam to it. The pink color is most noticeable at her joints, wingsails, and around her muzzle. Under normal lighting, she appears to be a mostly normal green, but if one looks closely the darker pinks of her joints are still evident. There are also fine vein-like traceries of pink in the wingsails that are always visible. Her conformation is superb.

Pinkth is a bit of a snob, to put it bluntly. She often comes across as stuck up due to her prissy, Miss Manners attitude. She likes rules and likes a good leader that she can trust. When under pressure or feeling stressed out due to classes or her rider's actions (or perceived slights against either of them), Pinkth can become even more elitist and prefer to grace only "special" dragons and people with her company. She decides what makes them special, and those rules can change on a whim. She doesn't mind being different, and actually embraces her unusual coloring as a way to stand out. She loves the attention that she gets (particularly from little girls) because of it, and is always happy to preen and pose for her admirers. Pinkth likes to try new things and has a strong sense of adventure and no lack of courage.

There is perhaps no dragon quite nearly as cute and adorable as Pinkth, nor as conflicting in personality. She is a lovely shade of sea foam green and her hide appears to be evenly colored. In bright light, her hide has a peculiar gleam to it, as if she isn't simply green, but also pink. The pale green coloring hides various other little undertones that only really show up when she is bright light. In addition, the pink hue is much more noticeable at her joints, in her wingsails, and just around her eyes. Pinkth is a nicely framed dragon and in respect to other greens is on the larger end of the scale. Her wings are quite long, but a tad bit narrower, making it difficult to hover for long. She is often a very prim and proper green, glad to follow the rules and do as she is told. She can be a bit elitist at times, especially when she is moody or feels pressured and stressed. Sometimes this attitude can emerge simply from doing particularly well in a lesson. At the same time, she doesn't mind making a few waves and being different. Pinkth will be the first to try speaking in a different dialect, suggest a new clothing style to her rider, or a new wing formation. If that is not enough, she is certain that she can change her hide color at will and would request to be dyed in much the same way cloth is. She only looks slightly pink and that is not enough, she would like to try being very pink or purple or even orange!

Inspiration: the New Wavers clique and the Richie clique from Pretty in Pink

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Pretty in Pink Egg is a shaker and a mover all on its own. It doesn’t just shake or shiver like the others. This egg tries to rattle and roll and makes a whole host of noise as the dragonet within fights against the shell. As it breaks apart bit by bit from larger, more developed cracks the noises only grow in volume until bursting free is an excited looking green. Her eyes are already a-while with excitement and fun in the tones of blues and greens. She warbles and chirps as if singing from amidst her shell and once she tries to run off, finds herself much too wobbly to get anywhere. She snorts unhappily and immediately begins to clean herself off, taking her time. It is one thing to be excited, but she best look her best while doing it. No sense in having anyone look down on you!

The pale, sea foam green, finished getting as much sand and egg shards off of herself is now a good deal drier. As she approaches the line of candidates, the light gets brighter around her and the reflection cast off her hide makes her look a curious color. Is that pink? Pink almost like the egg she had hatched from? She doesn’t notice it right away because she is much too fascinated by Ilane. “Oh, Pinkth, don’t you see how pretty you are? You are just as pretty as I am!” She cries out, “Come along, I’ll feed you and you won’t be hungry anymore.”

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: The Pretty in Pink Egg
Egg Description: The Pretty in Pink egg is well…pink. A cloudy pastel pink is the base colour of the shell with long, needle shaped shots of a rich blood-red randomly distributed upon its surface. The egg is not as shapely as some of the others, it has a more bulging appearance to it at the base though it is very smooth to the touch.
Egg Inspiration: Strawberry Quartz
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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