The Regal Romantic Blue Pirkinth

Impressee: Khourey

Name: Pirkinth
Name Inspiration: Named after the Pirate King, who is only know as the “Pirate King” throughout the opera.

Colour: The Regal Romantic Blue
Hex Colour Code: #00009C
Final Size: 35' with 55' wingspan
The Regal Romantic Blue is fairly uniform dark color of blue all over, from his wing membranes to his snout and tail, all the same darker blue. The color is dark, but light enough that he is very certainly a blue, the pigment being very concentrated so he's not just dark of color, he's also very blue. However, there is a spot surrounding his left eye that seems to be lacking in the blue pigment, and looks to be very nearly black. The black patch looks like a eyepatch worn by those unfortunate enough to have lost the use of that eye, but the blue still has perfect vision out of it. The young blue is already well built, muscles showing where they should be, and everything in perfect proportion. He's the very model of a modern blue dragon, as anyone can plainly see. He'll be a dashing blue once grown, and the greens will swoon over him.

Pirkinth is not the usual blue you see. He is strong willed, and certain of what he thinks, even as a dragonet. He will question authority routinely, to make sure that he thinks that they are capable of leading them. Pirkinth does this because he feels very protective of those that are willing to listen to him. He will be very certain of his wingleader before listening to a word the bronze says. Pirkinth seems to be almost immune to the desire to obey dragons of a higher rank than him, all except the queen, anyway. On that subject, if the queen of the Weyr bids him to do anything, he will do it. He is a very loyal dragon, believing he owes his services to his Queen and Weyr.

A anomaly of this blue, is that Pirkinth seems to command a certain amount of authority over other blues and greens. Not naturally, mind you, but through his words and actions, he earns their trust. He will notice little things about them, and comment on them; ”I see that you like watching what's happening in the Weyrbowl, Seegith. I enjoy watching as well, but what do you find the most amusing down there?” or ”Lolith, you are nearly glowing today, do I need to be flirting with you?” At that, Pirkinth is a direct dragon. He won't be blunt, but he will just straight out ask if he feels the need to. He'll phrase it so it's not rude, of course, because, well that would be rude. None the less, Pirkinth will earn the trust of many greens and blues that way, simply by paying heed to them in a way that higher ranking dragons never seem to. Eventually, with a few Turns experience, this blue will be a good contender for a wingsecond for that reason. He'll have a better mind for it than most blues, at least.

Pirkinth is still an unusual blue, in that he will admit to becoming angry often. It is good that the blue is always calm, even when angry. Once in a great while, when he has been deceived, or Khourey has been deceived, he will lose all semblance of calm, and rant, rave and go find the person or dragon that has angered him so. Pirkinth will let that dragon or person know exactly what they did to wrong him and his rider. Khourey will never have a better defender than her own dragon as to why she impressed a blue, she will come to find out. Pirkinth is rather prickly about people speaking ill of his rider because she is a woman, not a man. He will be upset when people do not treat them fairly, never being quite able to grasp that the two of them are considered non-traditional, thanks to dragon memory.

During Threadfall, he is as fierce and brave as any bronze. If only a bronze had Pirkinth's mobility, they might even be able to keep up with him! He may not be able to flame like a bronze, but he makes up for that with effort and the ability to move quicker and turn sharper than his bronze brothers. He will be aggressive for a blue, often calling out in Threadfall that “That piece is mine! I call it! I got it!” During Threadfall, Pirkinth is prone to act more like a green than a blue, sulking if someone chars the piece he was going for before he gets there. Pirkinth doesn't go out of his way to do stunts in Threadfall like some dragons do, as he considers such things as fancy and rather useless if a easier move can get the job done.

With all that, there are still a couple important aspects of Pirkinth's personality. First, is that he adores shiny thing, his “treasures.” He will go out of his way to obtain things that he wants of thinks are valuable. In Weyrling Training, Khourey will often find things he has slipped in her pocket at the end of the day, often times a fork, shiny rock, or discarded harness buckle and the like. For such a young dragon, he has a talent to slip things away and into her pocket without any notice. He'll only have this talent while he's little though, otherwise the objects he'd pick up to put in Khourey's pockets might be as big as she is!

Secondly, Pirkinth has a great sympathy for those who have no family, orphans of any sort; including felines and canines, as well as humans and fire lizards. He is a very empathetic blue, in that area. However, this empathy does not make him a good search dragon. Anyone he perceives to be alone at all, he will want to take back to the Weyr with him, candidate material or not. After one time as a search dragon, Pirkinth's wingleader will learn not to take him because none of the other dragons will agree with his choices, and mostly they wouldn't make good candidates anyway.

Inspiration: His personality is loosely based off of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance. Loosely, because the opera is short and a comic opera at that.

Pirkinth's voice is in the bass and baritone range, very deep and strong in the head of those he talks to. It is a voice that will make people and dragons trust him.

Hatching Message: The Sorcerer's Egg shook violently a few times, before breaking down the middle of the egg, from top to bottom. A dark blue hide is seen in the crack while the two halves wobble, then fall away to reveal the Regal Romantic Blue standing on all four feet. The hide of this blue is dark, and people in the stands are unsure as to whether this is due to the egg goo on his hide, or the natural color. However, as the blue sits to clean himself, it becomes apparent that he is naturally a darker blue than most. Also, people who are familiar with dragons will note that this blue is exceptionally well built and already looks to have a good amount of muscle.
Public Impression Message: Standing, the Regal Romantic Blue seemed to be satisfied that he was clean enough to find the one he deemed to be his. He strolled over to the line of boys, not a hint of the usual hatchling clumsiness to be seen in his movement. He felt several eye him with want. They could not have him! The Regal Romantic Blue tossed his head, and froze as he did so. There, that one. That one would be what he was looking for. He pranced over, his body language saying “Here I am, look at me! I am all you'll ever need!” The young blue nudged the dark-haired girl's hand, demanding she acknowledge him.
Personal Impression Message: The Regal Romantic Blue is wandering down the middle of the gendered lines. Your eyes are glued to the happenings on the sands, including the strolling blue dragon getting closer to you. He seems to scorn the boys nearest to him, odd for a blue. He tosses his head, and freezes. Then his eyes meet yous, and you have a second to see the rainbow of colors flow over them before he strolls his way over to you, like he has not a care in the world other than eventually getting over there to you. He is silent until he nudges your hand, and then the deepest voice you have heard thunders into your mind. Khoureymine, I am you Pirkinth. I have come to make sure you are all well and good. However, before I can do that, I am in need of food. As he mentions his need of food, suddenly you feel much the same. You can feel this blue's hunger, and you need to feed him. Then you realize, you realize that you have impressed a blue dragon, and your future is more certain than you might wish it to be.

Dragon Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Sorcerer's Egg
Egg Description: This egg is somewhat smaller than others in the clutch and sits gleaming in the light of the glows to one side of the main group. The swirling blacks and purples on the shell at first appear light-hearted and warm; however as one looks at the egg more intently it gives an increasingly acute feeling of foreboding. The colours that had before seemed so bright and exciting now appear to twist and entwine as if conspiring to block out all light from the surface of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer. [SPOILERS] The sorcerer deals with a love potion distributed in an English village in order to solve the numerous problems with the villagers’ relationships with humorous results as the most unlikely pairings are realized. The conclusion of the story sees the villagers rallying to murder the sorcerer that had sold the love potion in order to reverse its effects. This is one of the few Gilbert and Sullivan operas that deal with death, and in this case, the death of an innocent.
Egg Credit: Legal

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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