Octopus's Garden Green Plumeth

Impressee: Vorac / V'rac

Name: Plumeth
Name Inspiration: The name of Hinamori's sword is "Flying Plum," and thus the name!

Colour: Octopus's Garden Green
Hex Code: #015230
Final Size: 28.5 feet, with a 50-foot wingspan
Plumeth is a muscled dragon, and much of her build is rectangular. However, she isn't a heavy dragon; her appearance is definately feminine. She has average length legs with short, dainty nails. Her wings are long and narrow, as is her tail. As for color, this green is very dark, almost the color of sushi-seaweed. In the sun, her true colors show in brilliant shades of emerald, and the almost lacey, crinkled pattern of her skin is visible. She has a sprinkling of light green spots across her rump and legs, varying from dusty sprinklings to round spots to large oblong patches, all arranged in a blanket-like patch. Plumeth also has large, doe-like eyes with a (usually) friendly expression, aided by curved, lady-like head-knobs and a springy, energetic gait. What a cutie!

Plumeth is a sweet, loyal dragon. As a weyrling, she'll care almost more about her rider than herself— as much as is dragonly possible! She will be curious and outgoing, wishing to meet as many other of her clutch-brothers and sisters as she can find, and marvel at the wonder at it all. (Look at that rider over there, isn't he so tall? There's a fuzzy mop on the top of his head… you're fuzzy on top too! Will I be fuzzy on top someday? Say, wouldn't that be splendid?) She has a very optimistic personality, and can be a handful at times, but she gives her all in lessons and isn't one for malice. However, she takes every mistake she makes personally, and often blames herself for things out of her control. Fortunately, dragon memory restores her to her perky self soon enough. She'll find it easy to make friends, and wants to please everyone. Those who are unwilling to talk, or just generally unpleasant, are a source of confusion to her - for example, her sister Samaeth. She'll puzzle over personalities and other minutiae of life, desiring to know as much as she can. Understanding the world means she can help more, after all - for example: Why is that little one crying? Do ask him, V'rac. … No-one will play with him? Then we will!.

As an adult, she'll be more in control of herself, and make a demure, willing partner in learning to fly. She may even have problems in caring too much— it was much easier to jump into her rider's arms and lavish on him in displays of affection when she was just a dragonet. However, she'll show her affection in other ways. Plumeth will be supportive, considerate, but also order him to make himself feel better, without realizing how silly it is. She'll also bespeak those that he's especially fond of— her rider is her world. Doing little things for him will be one thing that she greatly enjoys, whether it be talking to another dragon to get a friend to visit, or finding a particular shiny stone or pretty shell from the beach. If V'rac is ever angry or upset her whole world will seem to collapse, and everything will revolve around her rider. Getting her to go to drills may become a chore if she's refusing to leave the weyr until V'rac is happy again, so be ready to deal with that if it happens!

In the fighting Wing, her willingness to go out on a limb and do her best may get the best of her. She'll get all riled up about a Fall, and she won't want to take a rest, even when she's beat. For her first few falls, she may complain and feel guilty about letting her wing down by not lasting the entire Fall. (I'm larger than the other greens, surely we could have gone longer! I'm not helping out anything down here. I feel so useless, V'rac-mine.) Reassurance will help, for she needs encouragement to overcome her guilty feelings. She'll be a good fighter, a natural in the skies despite her size - and she will last longer than other greens. Sometimes she may push herself too far trying to match their agility, and minor injuries such as sprained wings will take her out of action and cause her great frustration. No dragon likes not to fight Thread, but for Plumeth, not being able to do her duty - and help her friends - is a killer. She'll have to learn over time where her limitations are, and come to accept them.

Unlike the other greens, when she gets proddy, she usually eyes only the friendly dragons that make her feel safe, ignoring all the others. She may obsess over a particular dragon or two, forgetting even the most obvious of flaws in light of a good trait she sees. Before a flight, her rider may notice her tone of voice take a slightly stressed pitch and she'll state her opinions more stubbornly, arguing more with those around her. When she finally rises, she'll zip through the air with all sorts of ascents and vertical drops, using trees, rocks, and any landmarks she can sail around to put traps in the trail her suitors will stumble over. She may even turn back on herself, zipping past before they realized where she has gone!
Afterwards, she'll spend a few days curled up with the dragon who caught her, snuggling and warbling to each other like little lovebirds. However, she'll return to her normal self within a couple days or so.

Hinamori Momo, from the anime Bleach. In this episode, she appears kneeling at about the :30 mark, and really appears around the minute mark.
As for Plumeth's design, it's based loosely on Hinamori's stature, her skin's pattern on Nori, and her markings on horse markings.

This green has a very high-pitched voice, but it's mellowed by a wholesome tone, although her ramblings may cause more tire than her voice. She usually speaks with a bouncy, rising cadence, especially when excited, and when she's stressed or proddy, it seems more strained, and may crack. Overall, it's quite pleasent to listen to, a little like a flute.

Hatching Message:
Suddenly, the Firebombs Away! Egg shook, and just as it looked, burst into tiny fragments, revealing the Octopus's Garden Green, who immediately shook herself, swinging her head around, confused. Oh, there was someone, somewhere! She took off in an awkward gait, her nose at the ground with her spotted rear end in the air comically, like a sniffing hound. Suddenly she lifted her head before a row of candidates, froze, and bounded off gracefully the other direction, searching for the right person among the crowd of strange faces.
Public Impression Message: The Octopus's Garden Green stopped briefly in her search to consider the people around her. Where was hers? They must be around here somewhere! She'd have to just - oh! A lightbulb seemed to go on above her head and she bounced over to the young man with the stocky build. The speed of her approach meant she had to put on the brakes, showering him with sand. Oops!
Private Impression Message: After the sand that showers you settles, a feeling of perfect completeness, love and belonging, fills you from your toes to your nose; a presence enters your head, turning around and fitting perfectly.
Hello, hello Mine! her voice says, entering your mind. I'm so excited to have found you at last! I'm hungry. she stated proudly. Oh, wait, I'm Plumeth… but I'm hungry too. Say, why don't we get something to eat? Would that be okay? she asks sweetly, although it belies the gnawing, aching hunger you can feel through the lifelong bond.

Dragon Credit: Haku

Egg Name: Firebombs Away! Egg
Egg Description: This egg is slender and taller than most eggs. Most striking though is the colouring. This egg is comprised of three straight separations of colour. A deep brownish red makes up the lowest third of this egg, this colour deep and dense yet seeming to hold a hint of translucency that gives an illusion of depth. The middle third comprises of a pale beige-cream that lends a velvety look to the egg, it draws the eye and makes you want to stoke it. The top third is a translucent yet opaque orange which almost seems to glow. This glow effect is further enhanced by the blue tip which if you didn’t know better, gives the impression that this egg is flaming gently at the tip.
Egg Inspiration: Flaming B-52, a layered cocktail made of Tia Maria or Kahula, then Bailey’s Irish Cream then topped off with Grand Marnier. The top layer of Grand Marnier is heated before pouring to improve flammability and is then set on fire before serving.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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