The Ardent Adept Bronze Poerath

Impressee: H'den (Halden)

Name: Poerath
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 8B5A00
Final Size: 40' length with a wingspan of 67'

The has never been a better formed bronze to hatch in Solaria than The Ardent Adept Bronze. This young bronze has near perfect proportions, aside from he is a little on the smaller side. His musculature, even just out of the egg, is impressive. The greens in this clutch will swoon over him. His so-far flawless hide is a warm shade of bronze that darkens a couple shades around his feet, tail, and face. One will notice right away that this dragon's balance is impeccable, as he stretches out and becomes aware of all his body. He lacks the usual clumsiness of a hatchling, and he is one of the lucky few who will look as natural on land as he is in the air.

They way he walks is smooth for a dragon of any age, his shoulder rolling comfortably, and his hind legs taking small steps to not overwhelm his front. This bronze has a very specific timing for walking, one that everyone can see, and it doesn't seem like he can stray from this pattern, like the beat of his heart can't change. His wings are held aloft, as they should be, not dragging in the sands like some others who don't know what they're doing yet. His tail only slightly drags, near the middle of it, the tip also held above the sands. His neck arches regally as if he were inspecting those who would present themselves to him.

Poerath is a dragon with a thirst to learn all things to the very best he can do. He is generally a serious dragon, dedicated to learning what he needs to know to fight the good fight, and destroy Thread until the threat is gone. He will push his rider to do the same, but after a while it will seem like H'den's lack of seriousness rubs off on his dragon, and Poerath will lighten up a bit. While that last part isn't entirely true, as it just takes Poe awhile to relax enough to not concentrate fully on learning, and begin to socialize with his peers. He relies on H'den to get to know the others around them in the beginning, but soon enough he will get out there and socialize too. His dedication to learning will last well beyond Weyrlinghood, however, it will be a lifelong journey for his rider. Poerath will push H'den to be just as muscularly developed as he is, which may be trying for the young man.

However, when lessons are not in session, Poerath is very enthusiastic about life in general. Is that a pretty green over there? Can I go talk to her? Oh! Do you like that girl over there H'den? He isn't endlessly curious like some dragons, but it will take him some months to learn tact, even concerning Jasderth and Ph'in, but especially all the other assistant Weyrlingmasters. He does so to entertain, partly, but also to express dominance over the lesser colors. Not that he has anything against them, not in the least, more so just to prove himself a leader.

As an adult, Poerath will be very confident in talking to both people and other dragons. He feels that the time for respect of their betters has passed beyond anything more than simple word-service.(Yes, wingsecond, wingleader, etc.) He can and will perform to the best of his abilities, no matter the cause. It's his time to do the duty, complete the task, etc. It's at this point that Poerath strives to get everything done that he can. He will show his dedication to the task at hand, searing Thread to a fine char.

This bronze's mind is nothing short of phenomenal in the air, fighting Thread. Any human, besides perhaps his own rider after a few Turns of partnership, would be hard pressed to compete with the level of organization in this bronze's head. All winding throughout the way as you investigate this, you hear an ancient sounding drum beat, incredibly primal. This beat is what guides every flap of the wings, every step, and every other movement for this dragon. It becomes more prevalent during Threadfall, as well, flowing into H'den's mind, louder than the man's own heart beat and the wingbeats all around him. It becomes a sort of dance, after much practice, and it can lead to some spectacular dodges, as well as unusual angles to flame Thread from. It is a rare thing that this dragon will get hit by Thread, which is good because he can't take a hit very well. Any sort of injury that limits his movement will have him in the lower wings for a couple weeks, to his dismay. He prefers to fight Thread on the front lines, but Poerath is very dignified about letting his injuries heal as best as possible. Though some might think it's vanity on his part, Poerath does his best to heal well because he would rather not have any scar tissue to hinder his movement in the future. He will be agile in the air, much like his sire, Cioruath. He can do more acrobatic maneuvers than the larger bronzes, and he can fly just as fast as any of them. His stamina will be adequate for an entire fall, and most queen flights will be stress less as far as his stamina is concerned, as long as he keeps his beat.

However, some things can distract this dragon from his seriousness. Flights, for one, he finds very distracting, and this is the best time to see him do something ridiculous. Poerath will do anything, anything at all to get the attention of the dragon he wants to choose him. It's at times like these that H'den will be able to do strange things with cooperation from his dragon, like face painting. If, and perhaps when Poerath wins a gold's flight, he will be a very doting father figure for his eggs, and even well on into Weyrling training for the young dragons. He will eagerly bring the gold any food she desires, and watch the eggs with determined protectiveness when she requires a break for a bath or anything else.

After Poerath has fought Thread for a few turns, he will feels the need to pass on his wisdom. He will insist on volunteering to help teach Weyrling classes, especially if he has fathered them. It's at times like this were his rider's leviety and humor will entertain the riders, and Poerath's dedication to the art of searing Thread and teaching it to the next generation will shine through. He will develop a love of teaching new things to young dragons, though sometimes he will teach them things they shouldn't know yet. Like teaching a dragon just learning how to fly how to do a barrel roll. His rider should keep a tight watch on Poerath when he's around dragon less than a Turn old, and that can include Poerath himself, when he's young. He'll try many things he shouldn't, ahead of time, and often before his muscles are ready.

Inspiration: (Dance) Capoeria
Martials Arts, War dances, and mostly Capoeria, which is what his name is based off of. His personality is strongly based of the learn, do, and teach theory of mastering techniques.

Poearth's voice is a note of interest. He has a medium tone, between tenor and bass, but the way he speaks is completely masculine. He's a dragon who will rarely use consonants, and he will be very punctual about proper grammar. H'den, I would appreciate a bath soon. My shoulder does itch. He will also search H'den's brain for words when he needs them, and sometimes he will pick them up from other dragons. Sometimes, after learning a new word, it will take him a few times to use it correctly, which can be quite funny, until he figures it out.

Hatching Message:
The Dreamy Desert Egg wobbles once, just a little bit, and then twice, with determination. A third wobble results in a crack that spills the handsome The Ardent Adept Bronze onto the sands. The regal, if a little small, bronze stands up; brushes off the sands the best he can, and looks around for a moment. While looking at the candidates, he starts stretching his legs out, moving from leg to leg, like a runner readying for a run.

Public Impression Message:
After a few minutes of stretching out, The Ardent Adept Bronze begins to move. No hesitation, no unsteadiness. He strolls in a rather jaunty manner, first past the girls, and then to the boys. Now, if his would just come forward, things would be so much simpler. The young bronze stood proudly in front of the boys on the sands, gazing at one candidate in particular.

Personal Impression Message:
Standing on the sands, shifting from foot to foot, you notice one of the great creatures coming towards the lines you are in. The creature that caught your eye is a bronze, not exactly what you would think. He's certainly a prime example of dragon kind, already very well formed. Watching the dragonet, you meet his eyes. Is he staring at you? H'den, you need to come forward. I will not let our moment go past with you standing behind the others here. His eyes start to form a rainbow color of impression, and he is indeed staring at you.

Dragon Credit: Velcro
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Dreamy Desert Egg
Egg Description: This egg is on the large size, as smooth and even all over as a pebble worn away by a stream. It sits quite perky and upright, and the patterns on its surface seem to waver, making the egg seem light and flowing. To just glance at this egg, its colours are quite blunt and obvious. From the very base, a liquid, obsidian black fills its surface, but a third of the way up the egg the black shades to a rich maroon, and then lightens until the point is a blushing scarlet. There is a slight deviation in this egg’s colour, as a bright yellow mark, circular and glowing like the sun, sits on one side of the egg, right in the centre where black merges into red. But all this is from a glance. Looking closer at the egg, it is clear that the egg shell is a sandy brown in colour. The black, red and yellow are formed from tiny, shiny dots, closely spaced, forming swirling lines and patterns and tangling together where the colours meet. If the eye lingers, it can find shapes in the dots – is that the figure of a dragon, or is there perhaps a snaky band that winds the whole way around the egg?
Egg Inspiration: Indigenous Australian Art.
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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