Poisoning Plot
IC Start Date: P8 T15 Early Autumn
Organiser: Dragonblossom
Reyda, unstable after failing to Impress and witnessing her sister Impress, attempts to poison various people.
Getting Involved
A character who was poisoned, or whose relative was poisoned (and possibly even died).

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T15 Early Autumn Testing the Plan Reyda tests her poison idea on her sister, Uliria.
P8 T16 Late Autumn The Woman's Choice of Weapon Reyda enacts her plan to poison Vania, making it less suspicious by poisoning lots of people at once.
P8 T16 Late Autumn Crash Course in Stomach Remedies Infirmary Aide Phielle is run off her feet helping the sick patients.
P8 T16 Late Autumn Shiver and Shake A woman's son is desperately ill.
P8 T16 Late Autumn Illness in the Halls People are falling ill.
P8 T16 Late Autumn A Long Feverish Night Many people are ill.
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