The Lost Outlander Blue Poleekath

Impressee: T'nas

Name: Poleekath
Pronounciation: poh-lee-khath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 406085
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 30' length, wingspan of 49'


Mini Biography:
This blue is smaller and more compact than average, but do not make the mistake of under estimating his abilities. This little guy packs one heck of a punch as he channels his strength efficiently. He is nimble and quick, often among the fastest in flying sprints, which sadly compromises his ability to fly long distances. No, Poleekath has not one ounce of the endurance to last a full Threadfall even if he were to conserve his energy and hold back any enthusiasm. His hide is a dark, blue-gray color and the patterns of even darker blue-gray give the appearance of being plated or composed of many body segments. Poleekath has long, thin legs and a short snout; a short, stout neck and in contrast a long, flexible tail.

Poleekath is not the most talkative dragon. He's the type to keep his head down and press his nose to the grindstone, quietly working on whatever little project he might have in mind. Namely to travel beyond Pern and into the stars somehow, although he cannot fathom how to do so just yet. The blue is strongly devoted to his job of flaming Thread, but also to his Rider and to his clutchmates, when he is older he may even include his more trusted Wingmates. A clever dragon by all accord, Poleekath doesn't reveal this fact very often as he prefers not to call much attention to himself. Sometimes attention can be bad, negative even, and if he's going to have eyes on him he is especially mindful and conscientious. He has… secrets: he likes to keep tunnelsnakes and conduct little fights with them. He has the greatest respect for the golds, valuing and treasuring the young equally as much as the traditionally matronly dragons. Since he cannot be a father himself, if given the opportunity to parent a clutch of Firelizard eggs, he will readily do so and be a fierce protector. Likewise in regards to human child he is entrusted with.

Inspiration: "Prawns" from District 9
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Farmer Boy's Euphemism Egg
Egg Description: A most cheery, pleasant blue, this egg appears to be hand dyed – but as with all crafted products there are variations and inaccuracies in the process. The color is not even, veins of a darker tone with hints of purple mark the edges while a dusty near white color bursts across the shell in patches. On one side of the egg, which the clutch mother will be sure to display for all to see, is a starbust – five pointed with a yellow circle center and a white outline. It’s not the showiest egg, and it isn’t the biggest one out there on the sands, but it certain is niiiiice.
Egg Feeling/Emotions: At first there is only innocence. Unmitigated, guileless, enthusiasm. A vague flush is bound to come across the cheeks of the un-initiated as they lay their hands on the soft, smooth, shell. There is something about this egg that makes one feel exposed, vulnerable, naked really – fresh and as new to the world as the day your were born.
Egg Inspiration: Periwinkles! (Vinca minor)
Egg Credit: Vandelay

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (([[T'than]]])

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