Gold Primrose x Bronze Prom

Flight - 3rd February 2011/Late spring, T5, 8th Pass
Clutching - 5th March 2011/Mid summer, T6, 8th Pass
Hatching - 18th March 2011/Late summer, T6, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Primrose
Sire: Bronze Prom
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

The Haughty Ladies’-Man Bronze Bob to Paldan (Maiden)
Colour: #CD6600
Size: 17" with a wingspan of 28"
Appearance: This firelizard very much so appears to be the typical bronze. As an adult he’ll have a length of 17 inches and a wingspan of 28 inches. Even just out of the shell he holds himself proudly, looking around at everyone as though he is superior to all. His medium orange-bronze hide is mostly uniform in shade, lightening slightly on his underbelly and darkening along his neck ridges and all the way up to his head knobs. The form of this firelizard is sleep, but lacking no amount of muscle, making him slowly and less agile than the smaller colours, but quite mobile for his own.

Personality: This bronze does not only look like he believes he owns all of Pern, but acts like it as well. He goes around behaving like he is smarter, faster, stronger and just generally better than everyone else. The first, however, is actually true with respect to other firelizards. His memory is much sharper than that of many firelizard, and at times it seems he recalls things that should be too far past.
From the time he’s old enough to chase, this one will be after all of the females that rise. Everyone, almost without fail. He’ll turn into a bit of a serial chaser quickly enough, and if there’s a girl in the picture he’ll probably pay you little mind. It’s nothing personal, really, he just finds the females more interesting. However, if you can ever manage to get his attention to train him, he’ll be able to perform simple tasks quite easily, once you can convince him to do them.

Inspiration: Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Knowledgeable Skull Egg
Egg Description: The base colour for this egg is a fairly uniform off-white colour, and if that was it, this egg would be remarkably plain. However, a series of dark blotches cover the egg, managing to arrange themselves so that they look strongly akin to a human skull, even to the point that the egg has settled with its smaller end down in the sand, appearing like a tapering jaw. However, the most interesting thing about the egg is that when you glance at it out of the corner of your eye, you might just see what seems to be glowing orange lights from the ‘eyes’ of the egg, but of course, on closer examination, there’s nothing there.

The Binary Opposites Bronze Sheen to Renza (Rainewolf)
Colour: #FFB90F
Size: 19" with a wingspan of 32"
Appearance: This bronze is long and sleek, and will reach and adult length of 19 inches. His wings seem to have less sail than the average firelizard’s (with a wingspan of 32 inches), fitting with his thing figure, but they are still plenty to support in the air, for the aerial acrobatics that he will become quite good at. His neck ridges and head knows are less pronounced than average, adding to his streamlined appearance.
This bronze’s colour is very pale, so much so that he might almost appear to be a gold in some lightings. However, after another look it is obvious that he is a bronze. The grace with which he carries himself is obviously masculine and his movements around the female firelizards are stalking and possessive.

Personality: Like his brother, the Binary Opposites Bronze is very much after the ladies. He’ll chase often, but unlike his brother he’ll put inn more work ahead of time, flirting with and sucking up to them long before they rise. He enjoys the art of flirting, and takes quite a bit of pride in his skills. He is quite obviously a predator, and most often will prefer to hunt his own food as opposed to have it give to him (though he won’t complain about extra treats). He is also rather vain and will bother you incessantly about keeping him well oiled and looking his best.
Of course, despite his fixation with the ladies, he really is quite loyal to you, and will pop in often when he’s off doing his own things to check and make sure that you are all right.

Inspiration: Thomas Raith from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Bloodstain Egg
Egg Description: Marring the pale blue base colour of this egg are dark, rusty red splotches. They’re irregular, forming no apparent pattern, and cover about a third of the egg’s surface area. The red colour may seem familiar to some people, like cooks or dragonriders who are used to dealing with meat, as it is remarkably similar to dried blood. Of course, it is not, simply an odd coloured egg.

The Gawky Gentleman Brown Ranal to C'din
Colour: #5E2605
Size: 16" with a wingspan of 29"
Appearance: The hide of this firelizard is an even dark brown, with slight lighter and darker striations all over his hide, giving him an almost dappled appearance, and allowing him to sneak around and blend into the shadows. His most unusual marking is across his shoulders, a darker section of his that looks like the mantle of some great coat that he is wearing, tough there is no continuation of such a design on his hide. As far as firelizards go, this one appearance quite uncoordinated, all long limbs, a skinny body for his size and sharp angles. However, what he lacks in grace he makes up in size alone, being as large as some of the bronzes with an adult length of 16 inches and a wingspan of 29 inches.

Personality: The Gawky Gentleman Brown will spend much of time while he’s young tripping over his feet, but he takes it with quite good graces, and eventually he will become more coordinate, though he will always seem kind of awkward when he’s not in the air, all long limbs, big wings and skinny as he is. He puts a lot of hold on what he considered to be chivalry, and will go out of his way to help a ‘damsel in distress’ though the number of those that he will come across is questionable. He is also willing to do the same for his friends, and is willing to break the rules to be able to do so. He feels obligated to be able to help if he is able to, and generally even if he’s not.
When he’s not saving his ‘damsels in distress’ he’ll quite likely be off exploring places and sticking his nose into everything, whether or not it belongs there. This brown has an insatiable urge to figure everything out, which means he could find himself in trouble that he needs help getting out of on occasion. However, he really is well-meaning, and doesn’t try to get into trouble. It just happens. Also, because of his nature making him want to be helpful, he’ll also be fairly easy to train to do simple tasks.

Inspiration: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Shining Star Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a dark charcoal base colour, and a series of silver-grey lines on it, that seem to be oddly even but fairly insignificant until the egg is viewed from above. Then the light lines on the egg seem to form a five-pointed star, the kind that children draw without ever taking their pencil off of the paper, the five lines crossing over one another. It’s slightly misshapen, but the resemblance is uncanny.

The Playful Polka Blue Song to Dilen (Tina)
Colour: #42C0FB
Size: 12" with a wingspan of 18"
Appearance: This blue is never going to lose quite all of his baby fat, giving him a slightly pudgy look even into adulthood, though it doesn’t really do much to hinder this blue in flight. He’s of a fairly average size for his colour, and will grow to a length of about 12 inches with a wingspan of 18 inches. His wings seem to be just a little bit short in comparison to the rest of him, but it seems to fit it frame, as well as his slightly shorter limps and tail.
His hide is a sky blue, and around his neck seems to be a slightly darker patterning, vaguely reminiscent of a chevron pattern. It makes it look as though he’s wearing some kind of cavern, though this isn’t the case.

Personality: This blue is full of quirks, first and foremost being the fact that he will be fairly fascinated with the Harpers and their music whenever there is an event that they’re playing at. He seemed to find that it’s quite interesting, as though wondering how it is that they make music. If you can drag him away from all of the harpers, though, he’ll also be quite happy to explore the party, watching people dance and go about their business.
He’ll certainly try to be as helpful to you as he can be, but since he is a blue, his attention span is only so great. He’s also fairly quiet as far as blue firelizards go, preferring to watch others and join in later as opposed to throwing himself right into things. It’s simply that he’s just a bit more reserved than some, and would rather look before he leaps.

Inspiration: Waldo Butters from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Shield Egg
Egg Description: This egg is such a pale washed-out while colour that it seems like it’s almost see through, and you should be able to see into the interior of the egg, or all the way through and out the other side again. Of course, this isn’t the case at all, and when you look more closely it becomes obvious that this egg is not entirely white. There’s a faint blue colour to the egg, spreading out in a pattern like shattered glass from the center of the egg, slightly darker on the ‘back’ side of the egg.

The Helpfully Hindering Blue Wink to Jensyn (Stolenhart)
Colour: #6600FF
Size: 11" with a wingspan of 19"
Appearance: This firelizard is predominantly a bright clear blue, fairly light in colour, but close enough to a periwinkle colour that he seems to be slightly purple when he gets wet. He’s fairly small for his colour, and will reach and adult length of only 11 inches with a wingspan of 19 inches. The colour of his wing sails seems to be lighter than average, making them very translucent. Occasionally when he is flying light will shine through them and highlight the little veins in his wing sails, making them seem like some kind of insect’s wings.
The firelizard does seem to understand what sitting still is, and he is constant flitting from on place to another, sometimes moving so quickly that it almost seem as though his form is slightly blurred. His small form is also fairly slight, allowing for great aerial acrobatics, oftentimes matching those of the greens.

Personality: One word that could be used to describe this firelizard is hungry. If people didn’t know better they would think he was never fed, as he eat everything he had get his claws into, and will even attempt to eat things that are quite obviously not food if he things for any reason that they might be appetizing. You might hope that it’s a trait he’s going to grow out of when he gets older, but it’s fairly unlikely that he will ever be trained out of it entirely.
As far as firelizard get, he’s quite scatter-brained, and combined with his hyperactivity, it means that getting this blue to sit still for a moment will be a feat in and of itself. He’ll want to do what he can to help, but he’s just too easily distracted to be able to do much good without a whole lot of patience (and quite a few bribes of treats would probably be fairly effective).

Inspiration: Toot-toot from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Name: The Summoning Egg
Description: The slate grey of this egg varies slightly with lighter and darker shades, almost as though the egg is made out of small particles, or had many tiny little bumps and dips in it the shell (much like concrete, though of course there is no such thing on Pern). Around the middle of the egg, is a horizontal circle, breaking the egg into two halves. The colour of the circle on the egg seems to be copper, but lacking the shine that it would have if it had been made of actual metal.

The Jovial Girlish Green Amara to Enile (Pavlova)
Colour: #00FF33
Size: 12" with a wingspan of 22"
//Appearance: Unlike her sister, The Jovial Girlish Green is rather large for her colour, as opposed to small. She’ll grow to be one of the largest of her colour, with a length of 12 inches and a wingspan of 22 inches. Like her brother, she’s very long and thin, though she’s much more coordinated than he is, and doesn’t look like she’s going to trip over her feet all of the time.
Also, her hide, unlike her sister’s soft teal green, is a bright green, almost as though someone has dipped her into a vat of dye. The markings on her hide are vague, slightly lighter and darker splotches over her hide. The colours of these splotches are slightly lighter and darker greens, but still very bright and vibrant. Looking at this green could almost be painful in bright light.

Personality: Like her colour, this green is very bright in her personality. She’s outgoing and flirtatious like greens stereotypically are, though quite often she doesn’t quite realize she’s doing it. She keeps around her a rather immature girlish quality, always playful and happy and completely carefree. She’ll be happy to spend time with you and play around with other firelizard and generally be happy.
However, when something gets under her skin (namely Thread) she’ll be much different about it. She’ll collect her little bits of firestone and go out with other firelizards to flame pieces of Thread before they reach the groundcrew. This won’t start until she’d old enough to be up and about on her own, of course.

Inspiration: Molly Carpenter from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Boiling Cauldron Egg
Egg Description: The lower two thirds of this egg are a fairly uniform—and remarkable uninteresting—black, giving nothing special to look at. However, the upper third of the egg is much more interesting, a blend of all different colours, both jewel tone and pastels, mixed together indiscriminately, but smoothly enough that they blend together and it’s impossible to tell where one colour ends and the next begins.

The Cute but Capable Green Tiny to Malaya (Hikari)
Colour: 4EEE94
Size: 8" with a wingspan of 12"
Appearance: This firelizard is a tiny little thing and will only grow to an adult length of 8 inches with a wingspan of 12 inches. However, her slight figure is going to be quite well muscled after she loses her baby chubbiness, as though she decides if she’s going to be one of the smallest firelizards out there she’s going to be strong in order to make up for it. This gives her a fair amount of stamina for a firelizard her size, which is to say, still significantly less than most other firelizards. Her skills lie in her acrobatics which quite often can’t be matched.
Quite honestly this firelizard can be described as nothing but ‘cute’ though it’s something she’ll resent if you tell her. She doesn’t want to be cute, she wants to be capable. However, with her small frame, even proportions, pale teal green hide that is covered in slightly lighter and darker swirls, all soft lines and wave that adding to the appearance of her flowing motions while she flies, it’s really hard to consider her anything but cute.

Personality: This little girl seems to consider herself quite capable—sometimes even moreso than she is—right from day once. She’s quite willing to playfully wrestle with other firelizards, even those significantly bigger than she is. She doesn’t seem to notice that part, simply going at life head without putting too much mind onto what trouble it might get her into until later. She doesn’t much like the males telling her what to do simply because they are bigger than she is.
In her own way, this green is also full of jokes and bantering with you as well as other firelizards, sending playful images, and quite often even sarcastic ones. Being the firelizard that she is, this could often be in the form of literal images to go along with phrases that she hears used, that only make sense in the language.

Inspiration: Karrin Murphy from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

Egg Name: The Burning Egg
Egg Description: This egg appears shocking akin to a piece of hot charcoal in a fire. It’s fairly round for an egg, only slightly oblong making it seems quite stout in comparison to its companions. Its dark base colour is marred by red and orange lines covering the shell. They have such a strong contrast to the dark background that it almost seems as though the egg would glow if it was put in the dark.


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