Gold Primrose x Bronze Sheen

Flight - Early Autum, T8, 8th Pass
Clutching - Late Autumn, T8, 8th Pass
Hatching - Mid Winter, T8, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Primrose
Sire: Bronze Sheen
Totals: 5
Bronze: 2
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 5

PC Fire-lizards:

The Joyful Risk Bronze Reven to Jeran
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 29"
Hex code: B87333

Physical Description:
The Joyful Risk Bronze is on the upper end of size for bronze firelizard, his base colour is a medium-light aged bronze, and he has a medium build. However, from there his appearance deviates from what anyone can consider normal. His colour seems to pale as it moves up his body, and where it feet are bronze, his snout, headknobs and tail appear to be nearly white. However, on his wings, the colour darkens rapidly again, and the very tips of his wings are a deep bronze, that can often appear to be brown or black more than any kind of bronze. However, this boy has absolutely no problems with his strange appearance and in fact prides himself on being unique and will insist on being oiled regularly to keep him looking his best.

Right from the get go, the Joyful Risk Bronze will be a bit of a trouble maker. He’ll absolutely love to get into things, and he’s not picky. Whatever he can get his claws on he’ll play with, and he’ll need close watching until he learns better, or he could wreak some serious havoc on your work, whatever it may be. Fortunately, perhaps for Jeran’s choice of farmcraft, it’s a bit more difficult for this bronze to make a mess outside. However, if there are any times that he’s confined indoors, there will probably be some issues.

It isn’t that he’s intentionally destructive, it’s just that the Joyful Risk Bronze has more energy than he’s good for, and not enough common sense to fill a thimble. He’s no stupider than any other bronze flit, but it will take quite a bit of training in order to get him to show his intelligence. But once he’s trained he’ll be quite good at what he does, if that’s delivering letters or other simple tasks.

The Joyful Risk Bronze is perfectly sociable with other firelizard, but his brashness and ridiculous antics can probably get on their nerves. When he gets old enough he’ll be interested in the ladies and chase frequently, pulling all kinds of crazy antics in order to get their attention. However, there’s no guarantee that such thing will actually manage to win him any flights.

Written by: Rhee

Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 17.5" wingspan of 29"
Hex code: goldenrod

Physical Description:
If there was ever a regal looking flit, it would be this one. The Alsatian Wolf Bronze has a distinct look of quality and nobility. His wings are slender but expansive, and they give him an even more dignified appearance when flared to their full extent. He has a long square-cut muzzle that boasts a strong jaw, and a bite from him could tear off a finger. His head knobs are long and slightly triangular, and they sit more erectly atop his head than typical of any flit. He always appears to be confident, and there is an alert but intelligent spark noticeable in his eyes.
The Alsatian Wolf Bronze is a large specimen, and although long and lean, he is built for strength and stamina. He is longer than tall, and presents an outline of smooth curves rather than angles. But he is deep-bodied with substantial musculature so that he looks fit and nimble instead of spindly. He is very balanced, and both his forequarters and hindquarters are extremely muscular and provide a great deal of strength and stamina. His tail is long and adds a significant amount to his length, but it’s also thick enough not to appear delicate.
When this flit moves, it’s smooth and rhythmic. The Alsatian Wolf Bronze has long, reaching strides that allows him to cover the maximum amount of distance with the least amount of steps and flaps, and seemingly without effort. He moves powerfully but easily, with balance and coordination, so that it appears to be one steady motion. For one his size, he always manages to look strong but graceful in his movements.
The Alsatian Wolf Bronze is strange in coloring. Most of his body is a golden bronze that lightens considerably on his underside and along his wing membranes. But he is saddled with a dark bronze that appears black in low lighting, mostly on his back and spreading along the dorsal edge of his tail until it ends in a dark tip. He also has a black muzzle that fades down the neck, with distinct black outlines around the eyes.

There is no question about the intelligence of the Alsatian Wolf Bronze. He has a strong willingness to learn and coupled with an eagerness to have purpose, he will be one of the easiest and quickest flits to teach commands and tricks. He is as smart as most golds, perhaps even more so than a few, but he is not one to boast of his capabilities. This is a flit that is obedient above all else, and he is one that rather than have a ‘pet,’ he has a ‘master.’
Direct and fearless are what embodies this flit. The Alsatian Wolf Bronze is always confident and alert, and he has an almost aloof attitude about him. He is one to quietly stand his ground, poised but eager, and he is quick to react when given a command. He also possesses a strong loyalty to the one he has chosen as his master, and anyone within his master’s family. This bronze will become overly protective if not reined in, and can come to guard his family and territory as viciously as a feline. He does bond surprisingly well with children, and other pets, of his master’s, and they are readily accepted into his family.
But the Alsatian Wolf Bronze is one of the few bronzes that doesn’t feel the urge to chase every gold flit out there. He is first and foremost dedicated to his master, and then secondly to his master’s family, and so flights are insignificant and even silly in comparison. Still when he does chase, whether it be a gold or green, it will be because he likes her. More likely than not, he will develop an affectionate bond to another flit in the same family, or at least to one that belongs to a close friend of his master’s.
His loyal and protective nature will extend to any offspring that he might sire. The Alsatian Wolf Bronze will be a defensive and almost territorial father when it comes to his clutches, and he will care for his eggs as carefully as any gold. He will not hesitate to help the gold find a suitable site to lay the clutch, and he would also be the one to protect his clutch even after the green has abandoned them. So if he sires a clutch, don’t be surprised if he ends up leading you to the eggs.

Inspiration: German Shepherd Dog

Written by: Starr

The Volcano Brown Flame to Torina
Color: Brown
Adult Size: "15.5" wingspan of 27"
Hex code: #A45526

Physical Description:
The Volcano Brown is definitely unique among his clutch, if not among all firelizards. He is mostly a warm brown color, but his markings set him apart and make him instantly recognizeable. To start with, his face is a riot of color. Rather than the brown that covers most of his body, his muzzle is a light grey color that shifts into red on the rest of his head - giving him the impression of almost having a grey mustache on his red head - while his headknobs are a bright yellow; the overall effect is as if his head were on fire. The underside of his jaw, down along his neck to his chest, is a pale cream that is broken right between his forelegs by another bar of pale grey.

The tips of his toes are also pale grey in color, and midway up all four of his legs there is a band of darker grey encircling them like cuffs or bracelets. Along his back is a streak of smoky grey that runs from the base of his skull to his tail, which is for some reason entirely that smokey grey color, and his wingsails, rather than being the warm brown of his sides and shoulders, are somehow the same pale grey as his toes.

If his coloring weren't enough to set him apart, his size certainly would be; The Volcano Brown ranks among the largest of his color, even standing on par with some of the smallest bronzes. He is a sturdy boy with obvious muscle tone and density even as a hatchling, and his wide wingspan will serve him well in keeping that bulk aloft.

The Volcano Brown is a noble beast, carrying himself with all the poise of a bronze. He does not have ideas above his color, mind, but rather his is a quieter, almost more confident nobility. He does not see himself as having anything to prove to anyone, and therefore does not need to pose and posture as other males might; he knows how good he is, and so does his bonded. Who else matters?

He enjoys warmth, more so than most firelizards, and will from the moment he hatches have a knack for finding the warmest place to curl up and nap, or watch the goings-on around him. He also has an affinity for fire and flames, hanging around cooking fires or flamethrowers, and will be only too eager to learn how to flame himself. Once he does, his accuracy will be better than most firelizards and he will be quite the little menace where Thread is concerned, acting like a miniature flamethrower himself during Threadfall and helping the groundcrew out.

There is definitely a fiery spirit held in that little multicolored body; as quietly noble as The Volcano Brown can be, he can also be a little spitfire - figuratively as well as literally - when need presses. He does not tolerate anyone upsetting his bonded, though unless they seem to wish otherwise he will simply bide on their shoulder and contain his ire to hisses and glares. Once they give the command, however, he will attack and he will not hold back.

In flights, that bulk of his won't hold him back one bit; he's got a surprising turn of speed for a flit his size and he is very competitive. After all, he now has something to prove: that he is the best among the female's suitors and that she should choose him above the others. That fiery nature hidden within his quiet demeanor also comes out here, and he may well lash out at his rivals in an attempt to secure the victory for himself.

Inspiration: Entei
Firelizard Credit: Rainewolf/Rhee

Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 22.5"
Hex code: peru

Physical Description:
At first glance, one must wonder if this is really a flit. Then the second thought that comes to mind is whether or not he was accidentally compressed too tightly within his egg. The Old English Brown is heavy and thick-set with a low-swung body and a massive short-faced head. Most distinct is his large and round head, the muzzle is nearly nonexistent, set atop short but very thick neck. His cheeks droop slightly, extending to his upper lips so that they drape over his jaws in an almost lazy appearance. His head knobs are just as short and stubby, and they are set wide apart but tightly against the sides of his head.
The Old English Brown is heavy on the front end, with wide shoulders and short but sturdy limbs. They are stocky in appearance and his forelegs angle slightly inward so that he lumbers awkwardly on the ground. His waist is oddly narrow relative to his body, but they support his hind legs which are slightly longer than the stubby forelegs. Even his tail is short, shockingly so, and some actually believe that he might have chewed off half of its length before hatching. His overall appearance is of compact musculature with a low center of gravity.
When it comes to movement, this flit looks awkward and almost uncomfortable. The Old English Brown has a shuffling, sidewise motion on the ground, yet he is even more clumsy in the air. His wings are short and seemingly stunted, and they have actually have trouble sustaining his heavyset build for too long. He is definitely lacking in grace and agility, but he makes up for it with brute strength.
The Old English Brown is two-toned. Most of his body is a very pale brown that appears almost white. The second color is a fawn shade of brown, most distinct as a saddle on his back and extending down the back of his legs and fading at the hock. The fawn also reached up to his forehead where they end in a one-sided mask that covers the right side of his face around his eyes.

Much like his appearance, the Old English Brown behaves in a clumsy and almost silly manner that is actually quite endearing. He is expressive when it comes to emotions, but extremely reserved in regards to showing any signs of pain. For the most part he is generally happy and enthusiastic, and he doesn’t hide it. He might not be intelligent, but he is definitely sociable.
The Old English Brown is friendly and gregarious. He is good with familiar people as well as strangers, and he does not hold back when approaching someone, likely to shower anyone with cuddles and even a few licks. But he can become so overly attached to his pet that he will refuse to go anywhere without you, though once he’s out, he’s as affectionate and playful as can be. And does he like to play, even if only for a short period of time as he becomes tired quickly.
Resolute and patient are kind words to describe this flit. In reality, the Old English Brown is as stubborn as can be. He will never show any sign of aggression or viciousness when irritated, but his mood is still easy to read because he will pout and refuse to budge if he doesn’t have his way. Unfortunately, he is so compact and low to the ground that when he chooses to stay rooted to a place, he’s actually quite hard to move.
All in all, the Old English Brown is an easygoing if not lazy flit. He has his short moments of playfulness, but most of the time, he would rather lie in the sun and sleep. He is definitely one to enjoy the leisure of life, and he can easily entertain himself when there’s no one around to play with him. Still he does prefer the company of his pet, and anyone else that’s willing to shower him with attention and affection. Just be ready for a long and exhausting battle with patience when that stubborn streak comes out.

Inspiration: Old English Bulldog

Written by: Starr

THE WIDE EYED BLUE Rhapsody to Cathayan
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11", Wingspan 18"
Hex code: 003399

Physical Description:
This firelizard blazes with colour, lit from within as if by candle flame flickering through the luscious blue of cobalt-tinctured glass. The royal blue is flawless, marked only by two patches of white around glittering, beady eyes. Like a spun vessel, the Wide Eyed Blue is formed from melded curves and spindly lengths, an artist’s idea of exaggerated conformation, though in no way possessing the ideal built for a firelizard. His hide is too wafer thin, the hue stretching towards a pale illusion of transparency across his muscles; too prone to flaking like old parchment unless kept constantly moistened. The wings are too frail, prone to damage, and claws too needle fine and dainty for a proper grasp. Still, it is easy to admire the Wide Eyed Blue for his glorious colouring and handsome conformation, as fragile a creature as he may be.

As exquisite as the Wide Eyed Blue is, his being is not a complicated one. The mind residing within his tenuous vessel is simple and sweet. The Wide Eyed Blue must constantly be near his bonded, preferably with physical contact of some form. He depends on their attention and reassurance before he will venture forth into the world, and will quickly retreat back into their warmth when startled. He is a shrill creature when startled, with a vocal range in the highest octaves. He returns the comfort with verbal praise of his own, though he will be no knight in shining armour.

Vibrant colour will tempt a reluctant Wide Eyed Blue to venture forth, for the sake of comparison with his own hide and the search for a suitable counterpart to his own looks. The Wide Eyed Blue is slow to trust others, but his affection can be won over with flattering, calm, quiet attention. He chases rarely, except for the most exceptional prizes. For all his delicateness, the Wide Eyed Blue has a rather unsettling palette, with a predilection for bugs – which he will kindly offer to share.

Inspiration: Peacock

Written by: Jey

Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12.5" wingspan of 20"
Hex code: lightsteelblue

Physical Description:
The Hot Dog Blue is long and low to the ground. He is disproportionately long-bodied with extremely short legs that are almost comical. But he is well-balanced with clean musculature. His back is straight, and his forequarters and hindquarters are short but strong. His paws are unusually large and paddle-shaped, which makes him quite efficient at digging. His tail is slightly short but straight and erect, and they only serve to add more length to his body.
His head and muzzle are lengthy too. The Hot Dog Blue has a gradual slope to the top of his head that ends in a long and sharp muzzle. His head knobs are short but almost droopy in appearance, with round wide tips. The only proportionate part of this flit are his wings. They are slender but of an appropriate length in comparison to his body.
The Hot Dog Blue is fluid and smooth in movement. He is quick and fairly agile, but lacks the ability to make sharp turns due to this length. His strides are long and free, but whether he’s walking or flying, he almost appears to be taking small almost inscrutable movements forward. Although not strong, he has a good amount of stamina.
This is an oddly tri-colored flit. The Hot Dog Blue is mostly a light silvery shade of blue. He is touched with dapples of dark almost black blue along his body and at the tip of his tail. His head is mostly the dark blue with hints of the underlying silver blue here and there. But most distinct are the brown spots that are found on the bottom two-thirds of his muzzle, his chest, and all four feet.

The Hot Dog Blue loves to be underground as much as he loves to be in the sky. He is quick and agile through tunnels, and some mistaken him for a tunnel snake when it first pops out of an hole in the ground. He is extremely playful but with a high drive for chasing small creatures, and so he actually makes for a good vermin hunter. More than anything he loves to dig and chase tunnel snakes, and many wonder if he’s a canine in a flit’s hide. But he also likes to burrow, and he will hole his way into a pile of clothes and turn that into his den. When he’s not out and about chasing tunnel snakes or other vermin, he can be found buried under a pile of clothes. He actually prefers to be burrowed in warm towels rather than lay out in the sun.
But this is not an easy flit to train. The Hot Dog Blue is stubborn and even ferocious, and he can be aggressive towards his pet if he doesn’t have his way. Nevertheless he is still very loyal to his pet, and his way of showing affection is through his not-so-gentle aggression. With strangers he is more standoffish, but he can become vicious when he feels that he or his pet is threatened. He can be quite protective, and he will not hesitate to challenge a larger opponent. But he is somewhat fearful in the sense that any sudden loud noises will cause him to disappear between without a second thought.
The Hot Dog Blue is a one-pet flit. He loves companionship, but to a point where he will always want to be with his pet. If left alone, he can become quite destructive, and his pet will return to shredded clothes and chewed up furniture. But he cannot stand to share his pet with anyone else, especially children. He is not good with children, and he will snap at them and even bite them if they try to touch him. Still he can be taught to accept his pet’s children as part of his own family, although it will require a great deal of effort and patience.

Inspiration: Dachshund

Written by: Starr

Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 10.5" wingspan of 16"
Hex code: slategrey

Physical Description:
The Toy Terrier Blue is a small and feminine-looking flit. But his body is neat and proportionate, compacted in a way that makes him look almost delicate. His back is somewhat short but with a straight line, with the shoulder and rump at the same height.
Even the head of this flit is small. The Toy Terrier Blue has a short muzzle with a slight almost unnoticeable overbite. His neck is proportionate to his head and body. His feet are quite straight, but slender and seemingly fragile. The tail is only about half as long as his body, but it appears longer due to its thinness. His wings are also small but expansive enough to support his weight.
This flit is built small and light, meant for short bursts of speed but a significant amount of agility. The Toy Terrier Blue is seriously lacking in strength and stamina, but he can dart about more effectively than almost any other flit. He walks with small dainty steps, and flies with short delicate sweeps of his wings. He has a cuteness to his movements, too flouncy to be smooth and too nippy to be strong.
The Toy Terrier Blue is mostly a medium shade of grayish blue. He is touched with a muddled pattern caused by a brown base color, found on his head extending down to his neck and chest, and then on legs. His hide has a silky quality to it that when he is wet or oiled, he has a spectacular sheen.

The Toy Terrier Blue loves attention. He wants to be the center of attention, and he wants to be coddled and cuddled. He loves nothing more than to be carried around in his pet’s arms, and sleeps best when curled up with his pet. He requires no exercise at all, preferring to laze around in the comfort of his pet rather than flit about by himself.
But he can be very protective, though not in a physically aggressive way. The Toy Terrier Blue is extremely vocal, especially in alerting his pet to the approach of a stranger. He rarely strikes out, however, and in a sense he is “all bark and no bite.” Still that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to attack, because if his pet is cornered, he will use teeth and claws to defend his pet. Most of the time though, he prefers to intimidate with his small but confident attitude.
Despite being lazy, the Toy Terrier Blue can become quite enthusiastic and active when stimulated. If his pet wants to play, then he is more than happy to oblige and start a small game of tug of war with a toy or even a piece of clothing. But he is quick to curl back up to take a nap if there’s no one around to keep him entertained.
The Toy Terrier Blue loves to chase greens. Partly he participates in flights for the attention, but also because he can’t resist that instinctual urge to chase. If he does end up winning, he may or may not keep a long-standing interest in the green. As for the resulting clutch, he could care less about the eggs.

Inspiration: Yorkshire Terrier

Written by: Starr

The Lascivious Languid Green Lola to Al'arin
Color: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16.5"
Hex code: #7CFC00

Physical Description:
The Lascivious Languid Green is an unremarkably average size for her colour, but from there she’s all thin with sharp lines. Her head is triangular, and her headknobs are long but had almost no knob at the end, instead more or less tapering to a rounded point. Her neck, tail and legs are all fine-boned, making them seem smaller than they are in reality, legs ending in delicate feet with sharply curved claws.

This creature is a bright cheerful green, the colour of fresh grass at the end of a long winter, still much paler than it will be later in the season. When oiled, her hide will take on a nice gloss, and it can be nearly painful to look at her when under such circumstances. While her hide seems to be mostly unpatterned from a distances, upon closer inspection in actually has slightly lighter and darker variations, which are most visible on her wingsails, which actually have slightly smaller surface area than most, but with her fine build she manages just fine.

The Lascivious Languid Green has one focus above all else; herself. She enjoys being paid attention to, and will demand—though she doesn’t consider it demanding—regular baths and oiling in order to keep herself looking good. Her appearance is one of the most important things, because from the get go this green will be interested in males, even though she won’t understand the reason for it until she’d a Turn or so. She slinks around them, all smooth motions and low croons, playfully wrapping her tail around their legs and neck as she saunters on by. This flit, for one, is just as comfortable walking as she is flying and is quite graceful as though.

Beyond her interest in boys, The Lascivious Languid Green doesn’t have much of an interest in anything. She’s perfectly happy to spend her days lazing about, being doted on, or hanging off her pet—or anyone else willing to give her adequate attention. She has no real motivation to do anything production, though there are times when she can get going and her playfulness will come out. When this happens she’ll shoot into the air and zip around, chittering and trilling madly and pulling off any number of aerial acrobatics. Likewise, in flights she’ll pull out all of the stops, and the winner will be whoever her whim takes her to.

Firelizard Credit: Rhee

The Green Poodle Little Sister to Orliel
Color: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of "17
Hex code: #lightcyan

Physical Description:
The Green Poodle catches one’s eye because of her extremely pale coloring. At first glance she appears to be white, but upon closer inspection she has a distinct green undertone that is also noticeable as a glossy sheen. If you look closely, you will also notice that her hide seems to be marked by slightly swirling patterns of the light green so that she almost appears to possess curly fur.

This flit is built like a well-balanced square. The Green Poodle looks elegant and dignified, with a slender musculature to her form. Her head is moderately round with a long and straight, fine muzzle, and a pair of slender head knobs. Her neck is strong and long, extending to a deep and moderately wide chest. Her shoulders are strong and smoothly muscled as well, and her hindquarters angled in a manner to balance with the forequarters.

The Green Poodle has long and straight wings that are proportionate to her body, but her tail is slightly shorter. Her movements are very straightforward but with a light springy action, driven mostly by her hindquarters. She is sound and effortless when she flies, and she always carries herself high and proudly. She is built for agility, while possessing a decent amount of speed, strength and stamina.

The Green Poodle is surprisingly intelligent for a green flit. She is quick to learn tricks, and can astonishing stunts given her brains and agility. But at the same time she gets bored easily if not mentally stimulated, and she will become known for being creative when getting into mischief. Unfortunately she is quite good as leaving a crime scene quickly enough so that she is not blamed for whatever trouble she has caused.

Highly energetic and enthusiastic, The Green Poodle likes to be the center of attention. So long as her pet’s attentions are focused on her, she is as obedient and eager to please as any canines. She is very affectionate with her family members, but wary with strangers. Even when introduced to the stranger, she will remain aloof and indifferent to any show of friendliness.

This flit has a sense of pride and dignity to her. The Green Poodle carries herself high and proud, though not in a way to become arrogant. But she likes to appear distinct and dignified, which is especially noticeable with her almost snooty attitude with strangers. Even with her pet she can be quite pretentious, and she loves nothing more than to be bathed and oiled regularly so as to look pretty.

Inspiration: Poodle
Firelizard Credit: Starr/Rhee

The Ever-Present Joyful Green Pikkolo to Adensol
Color: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 17"
Hex code: #C8F526

Physical Description:
The colour of fresh leaves at the beginning of spring, the Ever-Present Joyful Green is a cute little thing. She’s not very coordinated when she’s young, but as she grows she’ll end up being quite graceful, performing endless flips and twirls in the air for Adensol’s—or anyone else’s—amusement. Not only is her colour like new leaves, but even her patterning resembles a canopy of leaves with the light of Rukbat shining through. This is especially evident on her wing sails when seen from below. She is a fairly delicate-looking creature with a fine bone structure but don’t let that deceive you, because she’s just a tough as anyone.

As far as greens go, the Ever-Present Joyful Green is a stable little thing. Of course, she has her times of flirtiness and scatter-brained randomness, but for the most part she can maintain a coherent thought process. Most of the time. If she gets too excited she may just fly around like a headless wherry until she gets calmed down again. Fortunately a firm word or two is usually enough to put some sense back into her.

The chances are that the Ever-Present Joyful Green will not often be found far from Adensol. She’ll love hanging off his shoulder, or hair, or shirt, or really wherever she can latch on, though she can probably be trained out of clinging to some of the less desirable places, and may even be convinced to sit nearby as opposed to actually on him all of the time.

Her clinginess isn’t because she lacked the independence to do anything on her own—because she is capable of it, if she feels so inclined—but because she wants to make sure that nothing is wrong. She can seem like a mother hen at times because of it, but she really does have everyone’s best interests at heart. If there’s ever something wrong, you can bet that the Ever-Present Joyful Green will be there to comfort Adensol and reassure him that everything is all right, even it for imagined injuries.

Firelizard Credit: Rhee

Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10.5" wingspan of 17.5"
Hex code: darkolivegreen

Physical Description:
The Green Retriever is quite a masculine-looking flit, and in another life she might have been a sturdy brown. She is strongly-built, possessing a sound and well-balanced conformation that enables her to do a variety of tasks. She has the physical features and mental characteristics to perform physically challenging errands, and she has a great deal of stamina that she can go for as long as any brown or bronze. Her body is well-muscled and without excess fat, more angular than smooth to give her masculine features.
The head is wide but clean-cut, somewhat wedge-shaped, and the muzzle is neither long and narrow or short and stubby. Her head knobs are proportionate to the head, one of the more typical traits on this flit. The Green Retriever has a body that is neither too wide nor too narrow, possessing a moderately wide chest. Her forequarters are well coordinated and balanced with the hindquarters, which are broad and muscular.
This flit is also built for swimming. The Green Retriever has mild webbing between her toes, and coupled with an otter-like tail, she can definitely swim as well as she can fly. Her wings are proportionate to the rest of her body as well, but they are slightly more slender so as to aid her in the water as much as in the air. Her movements are free and effortless, though she appears to lack in agility due to her broad build and musculature.
In coloring the Green Retriever is a solid tone throughout. She is a slightly deeper green shade muddled by a golden undertone so that she appears move olive in color. But when bathed and oiled well, her hide can have an almost distinctly glossy look.

The Green Retriever is as friendly a flit as anyone can hope to find. She is kind and pleasant with an outgoing and tractable nature. She is as forthcoming with strangers as her family members, and she’s extremely good with children of all ages as well, and the most typical approach by this flit is her flying up to you with some kind of toy or another in her mouth. Playing is definitely a high priority for this flit, with a fun-loving but somewhat fearless personality, she is always enthusiastic for a game.
While she loves company, the Green Retriever strives well independently as well. If let alone, then she loves to explore anywhere and everywhere, and at times she can “vanish” for hours on end entertaining herself with whatever has caught her attention. She likes to chase other creatures, but mostly for fun and games, because when it comes down to it, she is as gentle with other creatures as she is with her family members.
But this is one flit that is highly motivated by food. The Green Retriever has an amazing nose and can smell food a Weyr away. She is exceedingly strong when she has picked up the scent of something that smells particularly good, and there is almost nothing that will stop her in her path to find it. She will eat anything she can close her jaws around, and so she is prone to obesity if not monitored closely.
This flit is intelligent, although some might argue that fact due to her other behaviors. But the Green Retriever is capable of learning tricks, and she is surprisingly obedient if taught well. If her interest is caught, she is capable of an intense single-mindedness and focus on the task given to her, but the problem is getting her motivated. Still she can be taught to hunt game, especially fish as she loves to swim, and to bring it back with the least amount of damage. This is a flit that loves to play as much as she loves to please.

Inspiration: Labrador Retriever

Written by: Starr

Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9.5" wingspan of 16"
Hex code: seagreen

Physical Description:
The Green Hound is a gentle and soft-looking flit, with large and pleading eyes that often earn her a lot of treats. She is slightly small in size with soft curves rather than sharp angles. Her head is broad and her muzzle of medium length but straight and square, and with somewhat short and wide but low set head knobs. Her neck is proportionate to her body, leading down to strong clean and strong shoulders. The back is short and muscular, and the hind legs well muscled for propelling power.
The Green Hound has oddly shaped wings in that they are broad and slightly triangular in shape. But they give her a good amount of stamina for such a small flit, while not taking away from her agility. Her short but steady tail provides good balance for her on the ground and in flight, and she uses them like a propeller to improve her agile maneuvers. She is neither quick nor strong, but she can dart swiftly in and out of small spaces.
Her coloring is her most unique trait. The Green Hound is tricolored, with a variety of shades of green strewn throughout her body. Her base coloring is a medium green touched with a hint of blue, resembling the color of the sea. Along her back is a saddle pattern of a darker shade of the same green that it looks almost black, reaching up to cover the dorsal half of her neck and extending down to cover most of her tail. Then there is the pale shade of green that is almost white which covers the underside of her body including her chest and legs, and the tip of her tail, along with the muzzle that leads up to a slight blaze that tapers off at the top of her head.

The Green Hound is even-tempered and gentle, known to be “merry” and amiable to family members. She is neither aggressive nor timid, but she can be slightly standoffish with strangers at first. But she is easily won over, especially with food. She loves company above all else and hates to be alone, but she will take to the company of children and even other creatures so readily that there is almost always someone that can entertain her.
But she is one highly excitable flit. The Green Hound is very vocal, and loves to verbally express her emotions, especially when she is lonely or wants to play. At the same time she is easily distracted, and when she catches scent of food, she is hard to recall. She isn’t the most obedient of flits, but that’s only because she is easily bored and rarely ever keeps her attention on the same thing for too long. She is very food motivated.
For the most part, the Green Hound often finds herself in comedic situations. She is overly curious and her nose always leads her to strange places, ending in a even stranger positions. Sometimes she can be found trapped in a jar of jam, and other times she might have somehow gotten her head stuck in a hole in the ground. There will never be a lack of laughter around this flit.

Inspiration: Beagle

Written by: Starr

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