Gold Primrose x Wild Bronze P8 T14

Flight - May 2015/Early Winter, T14, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off Camera
Hatching - July 2015/Mid Spring, T14, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Primrose (Reva)
Sire: Wild bronze
Totals: 8/8
Gold: 1
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

The Know-It-All Green Sage to Zaralis (Ivy)
Color: Green
Adult Size: 10” wingspan of 15”

Description: The Know-It-All Green is not especially interesting to look at. She’s about average size, built compactly with slightly shorter wings and tail for her length than some others. Next to some of the more lithe firelizards she might look a little dumpy, but really she is well-proportioned, and always holds herself upright and poised. Even when she’s sleeping she manages to look composed. Her colour is also unremarkable, an even middling green that covers her completely, without any outstanding markings.

Personality: What The Know-It-All Green lacks in looks she makes up for with wit. She’s one of the smartest firelizards around and she knows it. Her memory is about as good as it gets for a green firelizards and she is sharp as a tack. As long as she’s got the motivation to do it, teaching this firelizard to fetch things, take messages, and the like will be a breeze, as she catches on remarkably quick.

Her intelligence gives her a bit of a superiority complex and she had little patience for some of the other firelizards that are especially flighty or badly behaved, considering it a personal affront to the way things should be.

The Know-It-All Green loves to please so when she does something wrong or catches your disappointment she will be especially contrite, crooning and cuddling and doing her best to make it up to you. Because of this she is only likely to make the same infraction once or twice, overall lending her to be very well behaved firelizard.

Inspiration: Hermione Granger

The Lost in Fantasy Green Loofa to Qa'ro (Katie)
Color: Green
Adult Size: 9” wingspan of 13”

Description: The Lost in Fantasy Green is a very soft green, paler than the first shoots of fresh grass after a northern winter, almost more akin to the pale green of thick ice. In fact, she looks a little like she just walked out of the froth at the edge of the sea, her pale hide lightly dappled lighter and darker, her feet and nose practically lightened to white.

She’s a little thing, thin and waiflike and combined with her small colour she almost seems less than real at times, a little spectre of a firelizard flitting this way and that after things only she can see.

Personality: The Lost in Fantasy Green is an airhead. Or perhaps she’s just distracted. She always seems to be chasing after things that no one else can see, or looking intently at blank stretches of wall, trying to suss out its secrets. The popular opinion is that this green is a bit touched in the head, and who’s to say whether or not it’s true? Firelizards have never been known to be the most reliable sort, and honestly this probably isn’t the green you want delivering your messages for you. She’s just as likely to forget and come back later with a scraggly scrap of hide still tied onto her leg after she’s been swimming as she is to actually deliver the thing. There’s not a mean bone in her body, and she certainly doesn’t mean to forget, but it will take a lot of focus on your part to keep her on track.

The Lost in Fantasy Green gets all sorts of crazy notions in her head, many of which she will try to relay to you with colourful images and much enthusiasm. A flying tunnelsnake, a wherry with three heads, why not? There’s no telling where she get her ideas from, but it will take a good deal of effort to dissuade her from their veracity.

Inspiration: Luna Lovegood

The Best Friend Blue to Tarmin (wunderingmind)
Color: Blue
Adult Size: 13” wingspan of 24”

Description: This blue will grow up to be a long gangly thing; all legs and tail and wings. No matter much how much meat and treats you feed this flit (and he really will just keep eating, seemingly a bottomless pit), he never really gains much in the way of muscle mass, instead opting for length and sinewy strength. His lankiness combined with pronounced headknobs and feet that seem slightly too large for his body means that this blue does not have the prettiest build there ever was.

Still, he does make up for it in some ways with his colour. The Best Friend Blue is a lovely blue, the colour of the sky on a bright summer afternoon. He is practically uniform in colour, lightening only slightly on his underside, without blotches or markings to mar the smoothness of his hide.

Personality: The Best Friend Blue will be loyal to you and those he has decided belong in his inner circle. His loyalty is perhaps to the point of foolhardiness, and it won’t take much to have this one head off on a wild wherry chase at someone else’s bidding, as long as it’s someone he trusts. It’s not that he any more or less intelligent than your average blue firelizard, he can just be somewhat short-sighted at times.

This blue has the mischievous streak characteristic of most firelizards. It’s not that he’s intentionally causing trouble, he just likes to have fun and get carried away with the games that firelizard play. It will take some patience, but it will be possible to instill some manners and training in this blue, once you learn to work around his short attention span.

Even when he’s fully grown, this blue will always be a bit of a child. If something happens to discourage him, a slight either real or imagines, he will come to you, whining for support. When he’s old enough he’ll enthusiastically participate in flights, chasing greens and golds alike, though he lacks the finesse of some firelizards and may often find himself disappointed.

Inspiration: Ronald Weasley

The Wizened Wizard Blue to T'gor (Siarna)
Color: Blue
Adult Size: 12” wingspan of 22”

Description: The Wizened Wizard Blue is coloured a lovely blue, like the sky in the morning with puffy white clouds, before the sun rises to high and everything turns nearly to bright to see. Not that this blue is patterned with fluffy white clouds of course. He’s much too dignified for something like that. He always holds himself upright, looking around, often focused somewhere far away in the distance like he sees and knows things that no one else can. His wings, which are slightly long for his body length, he lets drape around himself, almost as though he’s wearing a cloak.

The marking on this blue’s hide are subtle, light marks around the eyes, looking like half-moon spectacles and a round marking at the base of his throat, slightly darker, like the broach used to hold on a cloak.

Personality: The Wizened Wizard Blue knows what’s what but he is not the kind of lord it over everyone else. He has an uncanny memory for a firelizard and is smart to book but you probably wouldn’t realize it right away. He’s very low-key, especially for a firelizard, preferring to sit around and think rather than get up to any antics, as unbelievable as it may seem.

The Wizened Wizard Blue has a whimsical streak a mile wide. He’ll be one place, and the next moment you look he’s gone off to the Weyrbowl, and he following a bit of fluff through the air without a care in the world. He’s a bit quirky, but honestly quite harmless. He had endless care and affection for everyone, and is mostly easily viewed as a favoured grandparent, even when he is young.

Inspiration: Albus Dumbledore

The Double Agent Brown Mort to Sevaron (Kitya)
Color: Brown
Adult Size: 14” wingspan of 23.5”

Description: The Double Agent Brown’s hide is a medium sort of brown, faded out so that it’s closer to the grey end of the brown spectrum. He isn’t ill or unhealthy at all, he’s just always that colour and there’s nothing to be done about it. Next to some of the more saturated firelizards he can look especially pallid and sickly but that sort of thing really doesn’t bother him at all.

He’s a somewhat awkward looking firelizard, his snout too pronounced and almost beak-like, and no matter what he does, he always seems to come across as looming, even if he’s just perched in a corner minding his own business.

Personality: The Double Agent Brown really isn’t as intimidating or strange as he may look at first glance. Oh, definitely he can be a bit grouchy, especially towards someone that he’s taken a disliking to, but overall he’s relatively mild-manner, preferring to mind his own business and keep to himself then get caught up in everything. Of course, if someone does something to aggravate him, he can be a bit short with them, but this happens only rarely.

That being said, towards you he will be unfailingly loyal. You who took him in and fed him and raised him. He will always be affectionate towards you, even long after he’s forgotten why it is that he likes you so much. He will be quick to want to please you, and as he’s relatively intelligent, this little guy won’t be much of a challenge to train.

Inspiration: Severus Snape

The Brown Who Lived to Jenry (Jey)
Color: Brown
Adult Size: 14” wingspan of 24”

Description: lightings but sunlight where the warmer colours become more evident. He’s average size for a brown firelizard, and of average build. On first inspection it makes him relatively unremarkable looking, with his only notable marking being a perfect little circle surrounding each eye, slightly lighter in colour and making the little guy almost look like he’s wearing spectacles.

That is, until The Brown Who Lived open his wings. On the wingsail of each of this brown’s wings arm matching marks. Shaped like a bolt of lightning that may have been drawn by a child, these marks contrast sharply with the rest of his hide, such a pale brown they nearly appear white. If they weren’t there when he hatched, people might think the marks were scars from a serious wingsail injury.

Personality: The Brown Who Lived is rather independent. You, he is always fond of, and affectionate towards, but mostly he does not find himself with a lot of close friends and he gets along just fine that way. When he isn’t needed this brown will be off doing his own thing, exploring or catching a nap in the sun, but he is always prompt about returning if called.

The independence of The Brown Who Lived can also lead to a bit of a stubborn streak. He’s happy to figure out things on his own, but sometimes this means he’ll go off and do things in his own way if he thinks it’s better than doing what he’s told. That being said, he is relatively intelligent and he will not be as difficult to train as many firelizards.

Typically, this brown is fairly mild-mannered and quiet. He has no plans to get in anyone’s way, or do anything especially of note. That being said, if something is done that he thinks is offensive towards you, or anyone else he had chosen to like, this little guy can be quite the hothead, chittering and posturing and even flying up and getting in someone’s face if he thinks they deserve it.

Inspiration: Harry Potter

The Practical Jokester Bronze Ledo to Renaire (Shouriko)
Color: Bronze
Adult Size: 18” wingspan of 31”

Description: The Practical Jokester Bronze is coloured a deep red-bronze. His build is stockier than many of his clutchmates many of whom tend towards leanness. Paired with his relatively large size, this bronze will be quite the striking figure when he’s fully grown, not that he pays any attention to that kind of thing. Unlike his bronze brother, who is all about propriety, the Practical Jokester Bronze couldn’t care less, and it perfectly happy to just hang around your neck like a ragdoll or sprawl out on a table a nap. As long as he’s enjoying himself who really cares what he looks like while doing it?

Personality: The Practical Jokester Bronze is a child’s best friend, and quite possibly the worst nightmare of every adult that is every tasked with caring for them. Who ever thought that the creeling little bronze that hatched out could turn into such a handful? He seems to have absolutely boundless energy, somewhat like a canine puppy, and will go full tilt from the moment he awakes until he suddenly falls asleep again, perhaps right in the middle of what he is doing and wherever he is, without any regards for what he might be in the way of.

Don’t be mistaken, the Practical Jokester Bronze is smart, which is perhaps what makes him so difficult to deal with. Never had there been a firelizard that puts so much energy into making fools of other firelizards (or people or dragons, really everyone is equal opportunity), and for a firelizard the pranks he can come up with are remarkably sophisticated. The klah that somehow turned half a dinner party’s mouths blue? Yes, he probably had a something to do with it, though of course as a firelizard he is somewhat limited in scope, and will do his best to drag you or any other willing parties into is planning.

It will be a challenge to get this guy to behave, and even once some manners are instilled in him, he might not be the flit to bring along to formal occasions.

Inspiration: Fred and George Weasley

I'm The Boss Gold Mina to Brie (Corgi)
Color: Gold
Adult Size: 19” wingspan of 35”

Description: The I’m The Boss Gold is all long and lean, so you’ll constantly be inclined to feed her, lest she waste away to nothing. Really, she is eating enough, and once she is grown will be perfectly capable of getting food on her own (or getting other firelizards to bring her food) though she’ll be happy to take what you offer her.

As far as firelizards go she’s a bit severe looking, less smooth than some, seemingly made of all sharp angles. Her headknobs are quite long as is her snout.

Her base colour is a middling sort of gold, bright and clear. However, covering her hide is a series of markings a couple of shades darker, especially noticeable on her face and around her eyes, and then swirling down her sides. She markings look kind of like those on some of the large felines in the forest, but are more accurately represented by a Terran tabby cat.

Personality: The I’m The Boss Gold thinks—no, knows—she knows best. Right out of the shell she has opinions on everything, from what she eats, to what kind of oil you should use on her hide, and once she’s made a decision on something, she’s not likely going to listen to much fuss about it, unless you put forth a convincing argument to change her mind.

It’s not that she’s just stubborn, as far as firelizards goes, even golds, she really is quite smart, and has a good idea about how things should go. When she’s young she may be contrary just for the sake of it, but this is a trait she will likely go out of when she matures. Still, she’ll never stop being willful, and getting her to do what you want when you want may be a challenge until she’s trained.

Once she realized that her colour grants her a measure of control over the other firelizards she will have her way with them. She’ll collect a little band of carefully-picked followers and she will train them to do as she wishes, good little ducks all in a row. That being said, she’s not all authoritarian. Beneath it all The I’m The Boss Gold does have a soft side, and she will dote on you in her own way.

Inspiration: Minvera McGonagall

Firelizard credits: Rhee

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