The Royal Aert Green Prinaryth

Impressee: Orliel

Name: Prinaryth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 78AB46
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 43'

The Royal Aert Green is a round little thing out of the shell. Chubby would be your first though but actually robust might be a better description as there is no softness or flab to her size, it's all bone and muscle and bulk, pulling her hide tight and sleek over her frame so that even without oiling and bathing she has a glossy appearance. This may make it hard to tell when she needs oiling at first but once you get to know her you'll learn that The Royal Aert Green's hide sort of wrinkles when it gets dry.

Average in size, The Royal Aert Green won't ever be able to escape looking round with her slightly shorter than expected wings. No matter how hard she trains, however she will be able to build her stamina sufficiently to keep up with her averaged sized sisters it will always be a struggle and she may be prone to wingstrains.

Unlike some of her siblings The Royal Aert Green is not highly patterned, a circlet of Royal Green around her head above her eyes but below her headknobs with upwards cross shaped projections every so often, including one up the side of each headknob, is the only obvious marking and she wears it well. Holding her head up regally no matter what anyone says about her or her lifemate.

If The Royal Aert Green takes any knocks her rider might be alarmed to notice her hide turning darker in patches very much like the action of a human bruise, and while The Royal Aert Green may feel more physical pain than other dragons it does not hinder her as long as you are careful.

Unusually as she ages The Royal Aert Green's colour will seem to gray, and those wrinkles that as Weyrling and an adult vanished when oiled will stay in her elder Turns. Not so much as to totally change her appearance but just enough that people may start to say it looks like she is aging with her rider.

If there's one thing for certain this green is a real princess! If her golden mother is a Queen then she knows how she should be treated. Not in a flashy and demanding way, but in a good old-fashioned moneyed sort of way. The poise and grace with which she holds herself seems to come across in her personality a general gentile-ness to dragons and humans she does not know though Prinaryth isn't one to deign to speak to any human but Orliel.

As a Weyrling Prinaryth will be out to prove herself, not in the conventional show everyone else she's the best but in a much more quiet and personal way. There is no need to compare herself to the standards held by the whole of Pern, only her and Orliel's internal standards are the ones that matter. Proper standards. Prinaryth knows she can pass whatever tests are put to her just because she is herself; and that is good enough. More importantly she knows that she is the only dragon for Orliel even if Orliel can't see it yet. Others greens or even golds might be dragons for Orliel but she is the only true dragon for Orliel, and this is what she will insist whenever Orliel doubts or questions or feels guilt over her impression. Orliel, my Orliel. I am your true dragon. We were meant for each other. Will be the song sung into Orliel's head each night as they go to sleep.

Though she does not feel the need to hold to anyone elses standards Prinaryth is a sensitive soul. Very good at detecting those standards and very socially aware of the undercurrent in first her Weyrling Class and later in her Wing. This sensitivity can be both a strength and a weakness and much of that will be up to Orliel and how she chooses to handle each situation. Now Lucryoth, why don't you play that prank on someone who is not Trisdaeth? How about Riudith instead? That would be just as fun.78AB46| Lucryoth gets his fun, Trisdaeth is not upset, and Riudith is perfectly happy because Prinaryth knows she's always like that. Prinaryth will rely heavily on Orliel for the memory side of this operation. She won't get invovled in such a prank though, there is an aloofness even with her siblings.

It will become appaent that this sensitivity is not just a mental and emotional one it is also a physical one. If Prinaryth stumbled on a rock during training no doubt the next day she'll tell you truthfully how she feels. Oh not terribly well! I am so tired and my leg is sore. This honesty with her feelings is something that may endear her to others she Prinaryth knows when to stop so that she does not seem to be complaining and her honest comments about her own physical feelings are probably where what little humour this green has will show.

That aloofness Prinaryth had as a Weyrling will not go away when she enters the fighting wings but she won't let this come between her and her wingmates. She knows intuitively how to be likeable and join in with the commraderie just enough to be accepted. During Threadfall Prinaryth will pull out all the stops to avoid getting scored, her team player attitude may well get thrown right out of the window to protect herself and Orliel if her rider isn't careful. When Threadfall is wet and stormy will be the only time that Prinaryth will be truly together with it. For some reason she finds the same sort of resilience and determination she displayed on Hatching day under these conditions.

When it comes to Flights, Prinaryth will choose not just the best flier on the day; and he will have to be a good flier to keep up with her short sharp and intense flights like stormy whirlwind; but the dragon who has wooed her best before hand. Once a male has won one flight he'll have a better chance of winning again, ths green will tend towards picking the same prince over and over again.

Whatever life throws their way Prinaryth is determined that her and Orliel will have their happily ever after.

'The Princess on the Pea.' - literal Danish translation
Her name comes from the word 'Princess' and the name 'Mary' who is the current Crown Princess of Denmark. (A fairytale of it's own: 'prince-meets-commoner-and-falls in love' in contrast to the prince searching for a true princess of the Princess and the Pea.)

A prince is having trouble finding a suitable wife, he can never be certain they are real princesses. One stormy night a princess arrives at the princes castle all wet and bedraggled so his mother decides to test her by putting a pea in her bed covered by 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. The princess has a terrible night sleep verifying her identity as a princess because only a princess would be senstive enough to feel the pea through all the layers.

The princess and the pea can be interpreted as the story of searching for your soulmate, and how recognising a soulmate can also be a problem which I felt was very fitting for a dragonrider, and especially for Orliel who I see as the prince figure in this, worried about impressing an 'unsuitable' colour. Prinaryth is her princess in a storm, the dragon that despite her unsuitable outward appearence is actually the perfect soulmate for Orliel.

And lastly aert is danish for pea ^^ I wanted something that wouldn't be easily googleable for her colour name and it's actually spelt with the ae grapheme. Turns out that was bad logic cause you guessed anyway :p

Prinaryth's voice is melodic. Always sounding like her soft soprano is on the cusp of breaking into song. When speaking with Orliel her voice is always full of love no matter what her mood, but with others when she gets angry or lustful it becomes a raging storm. Buffeting and wild until she gets to the deepest part of her emotions and then it becomes calm again, soft and dangerous.

Hatching Message:
The Royal Aert Green sat stock still for a moment, raising her head so that pieces of shell and egg goo ran down from her neck and wings as she raised them out of the shattered remaints. They slid down into the bit of shell on which she still sat and then trickled out of the bottom. The Royal Aert Green looked quite a sight, but not for long as she shattered the final bottom pieces of her shell. Wet and gooey or not she was a real dragon! And that meant finding her human, someone to feed her and show her somewhere comfortable to sleep. The Royal Aert Green shifted her wings and her feet, slowly carefully rolling each join as if she was in pain after being rolled up in her egg. Working out what each limb did and quite how to control it.

Her trip towards the candidates was simple and successful enough, despite her shambling baby walk The Royal Aert Green looked around her and eyed the white robed figures with the uttmost of propreity. Ever remaining young person got a square look as she got closer and closer. Reaching the line she settled in between Taitalos and Todrin. Her head swivelled around. All her siblings had picked from there. She surveyed the line again, but.. she thought Hers was over there! And without really looking The Royal Aert Green scrambled towards the stands. Arseni, standing back incase he was needed *again* ran afoul of herclaws. Raking gashes in his leg that started to bleed, thankfully no vital blood vessels were hit and The Royal Aert Green had no chance to get panicked or cause further harm as Taitalos sidestepping another green bumped her tipping her away from Arseni and snout first onto the steps up to the stands.

Her rider… Her rider… Was over there! The Royal Aert Green was certain now, despite the pain in her snout. She eas incredibly sensitive of course she could tell where Hers was!

Public Impression Message:

Her trip over Taitalos and onto the steps of the Stands seemed to be just what the The Royal Aert Green needed. She started to climb the steps with more confidence, though still awkwardly in her newly hatched limbs, wincing and pausing with a heartwrenching croon each time she knocked herself against the stone. Of course she could do this. She could pass any test! But she was sore and tired and did not know if she could reach Hers. No matter that there were others down there The Royal Aert Green knew that Hers, the only real Hers was up there. Throwing her head up desperately The Royal Aert Green fixes her gaze on a young women dressed in red and trusts that by coming this far she's at least proven herself worthy of a chance.

Personal Impression Message:
Orliel oh my Orliel! The pea green dragonet's gaze locks onto yours from where she is slumped part way up the steps to the stands. Her gaze is intense and insistent as the voice sing songs into your head again. I am your Prinaryth. I am your real dragon. But it was very bad! I am black and blue all over my body. I did not fit in that egg and now I cannot reach you. Whatever test I have to pass to be with you I will. Her pitiful cries are full of a certainty that she has made the right choice. Do not worry my Orliel I am a real dragon. And we will live happily ever after. And you know from that moment that this green will cope with anything no matter how much it hurts to be with you.
Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Looking Rather Blue Egg
Egg Description: The Looking Rather Blue Egg is one of the smaller, easily-overlooked, eggs of this clutch. It is a relatively boring solid color although its bright aqua hue is worth a pause. Upon closer inspection, the egg comes alive with obvious depth and texture, and at the very bottom of the egg, there appears to be a pale green mark in the shape of a heart.
Egg Inspiration: Aqua and Seafoam Green
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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