Green Pritanzeth

Impressee: R'phal (Israphale)

Name: Pritanzeth
Pronunciation: Pree-tahn-zith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: chartreuse
Final Size: 28.5' length with a wingspan of 50'

Pritanzeth is a large green with overly large and disproportionate wings in comparison to her body length. She is built lean and lithe, but also with a good amount of musculature that she has no trouble flying an entire 'Fall. Her movements are swift and graceful, almost like watching a dancer with the way she moves, especially in the air. Although her expansive wings do hinder her movements at times, she will learn to use them over the Turns, and soon they will become an eye-catching accent to her never-ending aerial dances as they flutter rhythmically with her. As for her color, Pritanzeth is a bright green that could only be described as radiant. She seems to sparkle — or some would claim shine like an eyesore — in bright lighting, and she likes to believe that people look away because they think she is too beautiful to look at.

Pritanzeth is a very carefree dragon who seems to have no care in the world except to do things that make her happy, regardless of whether she is allowed to do them or not. She acts like a spoiled and overprivilged princess, and while she does not openly defy authority, she will sneak around and break the rules if it's to do something that she wants to do. Her favorite pasttime as a weyrling will be to sneak out at night so that she can dance around with worrying about waking up the barracks or accidentally knocking something over; if there are suspicions that she is doing this, Pritanzeth will not hesitate to blame someone else for it. She has no care for the consequences of her actions as long as it doesn't affect her or her rider adversely; she never stops to think that her actions might hurt someone else. She is not so much mischievous as she is selfish, because everything is about her — and to some extent, her rider — and she has no qualms dragging her rider into such acts of rebellion with her. As far as she is concerned, they should take all the opportunities in the world to enjoy themselves for as long as they're alive, and no rules should stop them from having their fun. But the thing about Pritanzeth is that she is a very clever and charming dragon that knows how to talk and even flirt her way out of trouble, which is why the finger is almost never pointed at her when there is a problem. For such a large and bright dragon, she sure knows how to stay under the radar when she wants to. Yet if she desires attention, then she also knows exactly how to flaunt herself to get it. So in flight, it will take a dragon that can keep up with and outsmart her to be able to catch her fancy.

Inspiration: Twelve Dancing Princesses
(Name comes from German words for princess, prinzessin, and dance, tanzer.)

Hatching/Impression Message:
When the Spring Dew Egg began to shake, it caught the attention of many eyes as the shimmering silver specks on the egg glittered with each movement. It rolled in place within its divot, and several cracks appeared all over the shell. Finally a large hole appeared, and from there a bright green head poked out and finally managed to claw its way through the shell. In the aftermath of the mess of egg fragments, the green hatchling glanced around with almost royal scrutiny. She stood, unsteadily at first, but after taking several awkward steps, managed to gain a sense of coordination and all but pranced toward the candidates. She ignored all the girls, instead focusing on each boy she passed. Finally she stopped in front of Israphale, and her eyes turned rainbow. "Pritanzeth!" exclaimed R'phal, who went down on his knees before her. After staring at her in awe for a few moments, a gentle nudge from her head against his shoulder brought him back to reality. "Yes, let's go get you some food!" he agreed, and then escorted her off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Spring Dew Egg
Egg Description: An eye-catching specimen, the Spring Dew Egg is a vibrant, light yellow-green. It isn’t the color that makes this egg stand out, however, but the shimmering mineral flecks embedded on every bit of its surface. When Ceocayath moves this egg around, it will reflect the light in a glittering display. The shell feels rough and a little bit scratchy to the touch.
Egg Inspiration: Yellow-Green with Shimmering Silver
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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