Green Priyamarth

Impressee: K'shad (Kalshad)

Name: Priyamarth
Pronunciation: pree-yah-marth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 07B521
Final Size: 50' wingspan of 29' length

The fertile green of a growing rice paddy, Priyamarth is a long-winged, sinuous dragon that carries herself alertly. Her wingsails and belly, as well as under her tail, lighten into a mottled yellow-green that adds to the vibrancy of her color. This dragon always moves as though she were waiting for a surprise. Her wings are narrow, and she is agile due to not being bulky despite her size. Her tail is very whippy, and she is not cautious about where she puts it.

Priyamarth is a difficult green to get close to. She has the type of prickly personality that makes it uncomfortable to interact with her for very long, unless she decides that she likes you. She demands perfection from her companions and her rider, and is not afraid to outright abandon a situation if it is not going her way. This includes Threadfall. In mating Flights, she is likely to have a small corps of blues and browns that she rotates among. She might settle down with one weyrmate if the right dragon comes along, and it is most likely to be a blue. She dislikes bronzes because they are hard to push around and manipulate.

Inspiration: Queen Gunapriyadharmapatni of Bali

Hatching/Impression Message:
The YOLKohama’s two black “viewports” burst outward with a sharp cracking noise. Two bright green hind feet poked through the holes for a moment before the egg rolled over and was supported by them. Giving a great heave, the hatchling managed to break the back of her egg and struggled the rest of the way out of it. She was a long thing, and clumsy with it.

Awkwardly jogging across the sands, she dithered for a moment between Kalshad and Djeseren. Finally, she gave a hearty slap to Kalshad’s legs with her tail, and the sturdy jungle man yelped in surprise. “Are you sure you want me, Priyamarth?” he asked, amazed that he and his brother should Impress at the same Hatching. Idiot, she responded acerbically. If I didn’t want you, you wouldn’t know my name. The green made a twitching motion with her tail, and K’shad leapt to attention. He would be on the lookout for that tail as he fed her!

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: YOLKohama
Egg Description: When first laid, this egg appears somewhat lumpy and flattened, but as it hardens and is turned it gains a more familiar ovoid shape. It is a uniform slate grey with lighter grey lines moving in regular patterns across its surface. There are two large dark grey spots on the narrower end, almost like viewports.
Egg Inspiration: The Dawn Sisters, specifically Yokohama
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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