Name: Promiscuous AKA Prom
Pronunciation: PROM
Owner: Darylawn
Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Early Autumn, P8 T2
Final Size: 24'' length of 38' wingspan
Prom is typical bronze flit, he is decent sized with a good wingspan. His neck and tail are a bit long which makes him seem bigger than he actually is, while his wings are a bit on the short side. He’s very majestic in so far as his appearance, he takes his cue from Darylawn, who knows his worth, so this flit is not one to play games or get in trouble. He’s got a bright bronze hide which has almost no scars or even distracting marks or color swirls. His pet takes special care to see that he is oiled every day.

Darylawn has put a lot of work into Prom but in fact, Prom’s own personality makes him easy to deal with. He is perhaps slightly more intelligent that the average flit, he can follow simple orders and short lists of tasks if he repeats them back to Darylawn. Prom is rarely prone to excitement, preferring a quite majesty than a loud presence. He is quite content to lay across his pet’s broad shoulders or perch on his stand and watch everything around him.

Inspiration: N/A

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