Spirit of the Amazon Green Prydath

Impressee: Reika

Name: Prydath

Name Inspiration: You asked for Prydath, and Prydath you shall get! By a strange coincidence, Prydath has elements of Wonder Woman's actual names, Princess Diana/Diana Price in it, although I didn't realise it until I came to research Wonder Woman.

Colour: Spirit of the Amazon Green

Final Size: 27.2

Description: The lush colours of a tropical rainforest coat this green dragon from head to foot. The different hues and shades on her hide are subtle, but there, and pleasing to the eye. Her figure is an attractive one, solid and muscular but with womanly touches - her chest nips in to a narrow, waspish waist, and her forelegs are slender and toned. Her tail is slightly short to be proportional, the rest of her body and her long neck making up her whole length. Her hide has a base colour of laurel green, but it's constantly shifting in shade, darker and lighter in variable patterns as though she's coated in tiniest leaves illuminated from all angles. Her belly is a darker, earthier tone, while her headknobs are brushed with a brighter, yellow-tinted hue.

As a young dragon, Prydath will be focused on finding her place in the world. That's not to say she'll be happy to do what somebody tells her, oh no! She'll talk to every dragon she can to find out everything she can about the world she's hatched into. She'll be a curious dragon, but controlled and covert in her enquiries. She'll ask a dragon on the sly about something, then go to another in secret to find their view on it. By doing this, she'll feel that she can build up a true image of Pern so that she and Reika may better fit into it. One thing she'll be adamant about from a young age is that females are just as good as males (If not better, Reika. We must be stronger than men, to endure hardships they do not have to deal with.). This opinion of hers will mean she'll always be ready to prove to any doubters that she's as strong as her male siblings; as fast as that brown; as wise as that bronze. She won't always be able to succeed, especially in physical pursuits, but as she grows, practises, and exercises, she'll be a match for any male dragon, save for in the way of stamina - against the bronzes, at least.

With age will come maturity, and none will mature more than Prydath. Her views on the world will have become set in stone and her missions clear: equal rights for women, and to rid Pern of any injustice. She will view the world in terms of good and bad. If she sees a child being bullied, she'll be the first to act, often stepping in herself before telling Reika what's going on. If they see an animal stranded while out on sweeps, she'll insist that they return it to where it belongs. Her way of seeing in just black and white can cause some ethical dilemmas when it comes to times when there is no clear cut right or wrong decision, and she will spend time musing and even worrying over it, often involving Reika to try and come to a conclusion. She'll be outspoken about female rights, and will often be found encouraging a fellow sister to find her inner strength and be all that she can be. This may get her into trouble with more hidebound people, but Prydath is very happy to patiently explain why she feels women should be treated equally and not forced into subordinate roles.

In flight, Prydath will have the right mix of speed, stamina and agility to be a formidable Thread-fighter. By sheer force of will, she'll be able to last as long as some browns, and will be able to see a short Fall through to the end - just. Every time she does this she'll be extremely pleased with herself, and see it as a milestone she has achieved. Her agility is average for a green, but she makes up for it in speed and the strength and reach of her flame - it will be unusually large for a green dragon, but very useful.

When she's proddy, Prydath will shy away from male attention. She's not one for flirting anyway, and will withdraw into herself when they start paying attention to her as her hide brightens. Once she's in the air though she'll be a flirty, sensual creature, relishing in the attention from her admirers. She'll be hard to catch but well worth working for, strangely grateful for the male satisfying her natural urges. The glow of the flight will be short-lived; within two days she'll have got over it, and be neutral towards males once again.

Voice: Strong, bold, sensuous: this is Prydath's voice. She knows what she wants to say and says it without hesitation, her words paced evenly and with force behind them. She gets her point across with ease. Her voice is soprano bordering on alto, with a soft feminine touch to it. She can easily assume an alluring tone which is soothing to hear. When she communicates images they are always bright and clear, every detail filled in with lavish care and attention paid. Details are very important to her.

Inspiration: Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana among the Amazons and Diana Price in "Man's World", is an Amazonian who was sent to the "Man's World" as an ambassador. She has numerous powers, including super strength, speed and breath, the ability to fly and telepathy. She also has several accessories at her disposal. Wonder Woman dedicates her life to bringing justice, but has to learn about men along the way. She was a strong female figure for women during a time when women's rights were limited.
Her description is based on the Amazon rainforest. I know it's not where the Amazons of myth come from, but it does make a lovely dragon description! Her figure is modelled on Wonder Woman, though smaller than the statuesque woman.
I chose Wonder Woman as the inspiration for Prydath because I thought a strong female dragon with a determination for women's rights would be an interesting partner for Reika.

Hatching Message: The Pure White Egg gave a final, severe shake and started to leaaan to one side. It was just a tiny shake that set off the chain of events that ended in a green hatchling falling out onto the sands though. She got to her feet swiftly though, sorting out her four legs and pacing them carefully, almost posing as she considered her options. Her eyes whirled slowly in hungry, needy orange as she spied the white-robed candidates.

Public Impression Message: The Spirit of the Amazon Green was losing patience with her search. She'd tried there, she'd tried there. She was running out of places to look and she still hadn't found hers! A muted noise of frustration escaped the green's muzzle, and she turned to consider her next move. And that was when she spotted black hair, framing the face of…her! With a merry warble at the success of her quest, the dragonet trotted towards the girl with the dark blue eyes, to stop at her feet and look up at her thoughtfully.

Personal Impression Message: A sudden touch in your mind, a force to be reckoned with - her entrance is not a subtle one. But a sudden feeling of love and loyalty overcomes the blunt way with which she joins your mind and forms the bond between the two of you, and when you hear her voice her adoration and relief drips off every word. Reika, my love. I'm Prydath. It took me some time to find you. You can just imagine her smiling as she says that. Then she changes tack, polite and serene still but with a new sense of need. I wonder, could we find some food? And she can't help but share, the link between you now fully fledged and strong, the pain of an empty stomach.

Dragon Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Pure White Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a pure, almost brilliant white - it's enough to make your eyes hurt if looked at too long. A closer look at the egg reveals it has a surface that looks rough, almost powdery, with hints of very light grey proving the effect. However, the egg is perfectly smooth - it's just the pattern of the colour.
Egg Inspiration: Mints are probably considered an old-fashioned sweet, but are still popular today. They're also great for freshening the breath! This egg is inspired by mint imperials.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Jlath (V’wet)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Genorth (F’ronl)

Clutching Order: 9/18
Hatching Order: 3/18

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