Brown Pveth

Impressee: H'pren (Heypren)

Name: Pveth

Colour: Brown
Hatching: Late Spring, Turn 1, 8th Pass

Description: Pveth is an average size blue with a very calm temperament. He is a dragon of few words, and doesn't spend a lot of time socializing.

Hatching Message: A medium-sized blue made a much more modest entrance, cracking open the Fudgetastic Egg and sauntering towards the candidates. Without so much as a squeak, he walked up to Heypren and Impression was made. The Holdbred boy could hardly believe his eyes as he looked down at the calm blue, who stared back up at him. Finally, H'pren stuttered out "P-pveth!"

Dragon Credit: SCo Fall '08

Egg Name: Fudgetastic Egg
Egg Description: Smooth, buttery brown envelopes the entirety of this egg. Mixed in with the brown are darker shades, one the rich colour of klah and others slightly lighter, the colour of strong tea. Swirls of cream can be seen near the bottom of the shell, while purple ovoids are arranged near the top, as if half-submerged in the shell.
Egg Inspiration: Sugar, butter, and milk: who'da thought they could combine to make the delicious treat that is fudge. There are all sorts of varieties. Windsor has a brilliant shop called the "Fudge Kitchen" where you can buy all different types by weight.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel)

Clutching Order: 10/18
Hatching Order: 9/18

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