Brown Qinth

Impressee: W'nal (Wesgonal)

Name: The Devoted Soldier Brown Qinth
Pronounciation: kinth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: D4A190
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 36.7' wingspan of 61.9'

Description: Fresh from the egg, Qinth’s coloration is almost gaudy, bright ruddy brown overlaid with a grid of bright, saturated tans and purple-toned browns along his chest and over his wings. Curiously, as he ages, his coloration will begin to fade. By the time he graduates into the fighting Wings, Qinth’s hide will have transformed into a largely uniform, dusty terracotta color. When freshly oiled, if one looks very closely, the faintest hints of his original markings are visible. The original splendor of his hide nothing more than a memory of the past. Although of middling size for his color, Qinth is a sturdy fellow. His snout is slightly more elongated than average, giving a distinctively equine aspect to his face. Stout and well built, Qinth is exactly what a Wingleader looks for in a brown.

Qinth firmly believes that every living thing is born with a distinctive purpose. In his mind, dragons such as himself were born for the sole purpose of protecting the Weyr from Thread. As a young dragon, Qinth will be very singular in his devotion to training. It will require a good deal of coaxing to convince this unusually serious hatchling to participate in any game that does not have an obvious link to fighting Thread. When he is young, Qinth will insist that all dragons are essentially interchangeable, and will have trouble understanding the physically differences between his clutchmates. Smaller greens that cannot keep up with the rest of the clutch will be dismissed as being lazy or unprofessional. Fortunately, as he gains more experience, he will become more appreciative of the differences between individuals, and cease his insistence that each dragon is simply part of a larger whole.

Qinth’s has an unusually sharp memory for fine details, and even the smallest mistakes are unlikely to be overlooked by this brown. Hard-working and always striving to perform to the best of his abilities, Qinth is almost certain to excel when he finally gets the opportunity to face against Thread. Despite the fact that he has the potential to be one of the Weyr’s elite fighters, Qinth has little ambition for leadership. In a pinch, he is willing to step forward and volunteer his abilities on a temporary basis, but he prefers playing a supporting role under a competent leader.

For all of his physical and mental abilities, Qinth is unlikely to be popular with the opposite gender. While some females may consider his stuffy personality and clumsy attempts at flirting cute, most will simply dismiss him as a lost cause. His compliments have an unfortunate tendency to turn into accidentally unflattering analyses of the female’s physical abilities. It would not be out of character for him to proclaim during a flight that {your wingspan-to-length ratio is not ideal for a green, but your stout frame makes you more resistant to stray winds!}. Qinth typically will only chase females - gold or green - that he has developed some previous relationship with.

Inspiration: Terracotta Army
Dragon Credit: Noto


Hatching Message: If there was a textbook describing how dragon eggs should hatch, the dragon inside the The Golden Circuit was following protocol exactly. Those watching the The Golden Circuit would be be easily able to tell that it's was soon to hatch from the neat way the cracks on it's surface were progressing. With a little heave, the top of the egg popped open, pushed out by a gangling head that bore an uncanny resemblance to a young runner.

Wasting little time, The Devoted Soldier Brown pulled himself free from the remains of his shell. Unlike many hatchlings, this one was not phased by the sudden onslaught of new sights and smells. He quickly picked himself up, and trotted stiffly over to the line of hopeful boys. One could not help but feel like they were being inspected as he made his way up and down the line. He spent a good amount of time in front of Ardossan, but after a few moments of careful consideration moved on. He was close, but not exactly what The Devoted Soldier Brown was looking for.

Towards the end of the line, something caught the hatchling's attention, and nearly immediately the young brown's eyes were filled with the rainbow colors of impression. It was not immediately apparent which lucky boy sparked The Devoted Soldier Brown's attention, until a young man standing near the back of the line of boys quickly walked forward. Those who knew W'nal from Candidacy might be rather surprised to see the former quiet drudge chattering happily as he walked his dragon off the sands, "I never really thought about it that way Qinth, but I'm more than happy to help get you fed. I'm glad you were able to find me, if I would have know you were mine, I wouldn't have stood so far away!"

Egg Name: The Golden Circuit
Egg Description: A smaller egg is hard to find in this clutch. The base color is a solid deep green, interwoven with incredibly straight and precise golden lines; each line ending in a golden dot, as if to signify the end here, and time to branch off into another line going elsewhere. The lines are numerous, often running parallel to each other until one unexpectedly stop with a dot, the other continuing on to round the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Gold is often used in computer and cell phone microchips.
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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