Blue Quezlth

Impressee: A'telli (Artelli)

Name: Quezlth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 108070
Final Size: 36' length with a wingspan of 62'

Quezlth’s hide is a rich, glazed dark teal hue, glistening like polished turquoise stone. The colour covers his entire sinuous length, from his peculiarly flat topped, arrowed shaped head and down his lithe neck, over his thin, gangly limbs, his massive swept back wings and to the tip of his especially long, whip-like tail. Just behind Quezlth’s headknobs, around his jaw and under his throat, filaments of gold and iridescent emerald feather down his neck. A small patch of vivid scarlet, like a pendant, sits at the base of his neck, and the edges of his faintly transparent wing membranes appear to be jagged, an illusion caused by the myriad dark blue lines there.

Quezlth is fascinated by the politics of the Weyr. To begin with he will hang out with the higher colours of his clutch and want to know what is happening in the Weyr; later on, he will pressure his rider toward leadership roles. In Weyrling classes, Quezlth bosses the green dragons (and the blues and browns, if he can) around. He is keen to follow instructions and absorb knowledge and has sharp words for others if he feels they are hindering his or his rider’s learning. He wants to learn the human side just as well as the dragon side and expects the same of his rider. Quezlth will occasionally slip into extremely playful moods for no reason, and may lose his control and become a physical danger. He is strongly affected by flight lust and savage, but if he wins and suspects the green doesn’t like him, he will drown in guilt and self-loathing. Quezlth is preoccupied by death; he’s not scared of it, he just mentions it constantly, and has a particularly strong memory for recent deaths both human and draconic. In Threadfall he is relentless and will never turn away if there is even a slight chance (or even if there isn’t really) of searing more Thread. Quezlth is highly empathetic and picks up easily what his rider is feeling and echoes and amplifies that with his own emotional state.

Inspiration: Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican God

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Solar Eclipse Egg had been shaking uncertainly for a while, trembling fit to shatter and then suddenly stopping over and over. It finally began to quiver again, and then the motions became different, as the egg rocked side to side in huge swooping motions. It tumbled onto its side and then the hatchling pushed a teal blue leg straight up. A wing followed and then his head, and the blue hatchling rolled out of the egg and through the sand for a few feet. With a squawk of protest he righted himself and made a beeline for the boys. Somehow his meandering path ended him up in front of Artelli and he didn't even look at the others.

"Quezlth! Well, I might be a little famous," A'telli chuckled. "Hunger we can do something about right now though!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Solar Eclipse Egg
Egg Description: For the most part, there is nothing very spectacular about this egg. It's most unique trait is really its shape, as it's a perfect sphere versus the more typical oblong shape to most eggs. But it's a dark egg, probably black in color, and there is hardly a shine to the egg that staring too long into it gives a feeling of looking into a void. However, there is a very distinct and bright yellowish white glow that seems to be like a halo around the egg, and no one really knows if it's part of the egg's coloring or if it's an optical illusion of a glowing egg. Whatever the case, no matter what angle you see the egg from, that halo is always there.
Egg Inspiration: Solar Eclipse
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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