The Homely Habit Brown Quindelth

Impressee: B'tron (Betron)

Name: Quindelth
Name Inspiration: Aquinas and Mendel

Colour: The Homely Habit Brown
Hex Colour Code: #5E2612
Final Size: 38.5' with a wingspan of 60'
In terms of appearance this brown most definitely seems more at home in the realm of mere mortals than anything grand or divine. If anything he exemplifies the term "man of the cloth" and bears nothing but the most modest of hides, one of an almost ruddy medium brown, mottled subtly enough to look like itchy, scratchy, burlap; a texture that does not lend itself to shine no matter how many layers of oil that may be applied to it. This is not to say that he is unremarkable however, for this brown is blessed with what could almost be called a crown had it been placed on a dragon of more prestigious standings. As it is, the dark brown, nearly black markings that ring clear around his head knobs lay more like a tonsure than regalia. Add to that the thin tannish stripe that loops its way up and around his stomach and one can see his markings do not make precisely the most fashionable design, if anything they are in clear rebellion of such concepts of conventional good looks…

Much like his build. Solid is the polite way of putting it, strapping is used when being generous, but for the sake of being quite frank, this creature is built like an ox and there is little one can do to avoid the comparison. Barrel chested and rippling with muscles, but with a midsection that hangs low leaving him even more swayback than the average modern dragon. He plods around on big awkward feet and pokes his big goofy snout into trouble; nostrils flare out just enough to leave him looking like a dull, bumbling, bull. While his legs and tail are all appropriately proportioned there is something in the craft of his wings that leaves him looking… comical. Perfectly functional in flight, the appendages appear almost stunted, or short, although not at all inhibited since the muscles that power the wings pack an extra strength. This endurance will come in handy where maneuverability may fail.

From the word go, this brown will have an insatiable curiosity, it is not simply enough to be told that something works but the principle behind the how and why are also of grave importance. In this quest for knowledge Quindelth will be methodical, often forcing His to repeat and repeat and repeat an exercise until he his happy with it and understands why it is being done. Indeed his habits border on being pedantic. Any vanity he might have had was replaced instead with an excessive desire for learning and facts, both of which are best picked up in the field and garnered from personal experience. The wilderness, even at a young age, will be exciting. There he can turn over every rock and all investigate all the pressing questions that come to his mind.

Strong willed and enduring Quindelth has unwavering dedication to Solaria Weyr and it's Senior Queen. He is happy to switch allegiance with changing Weyr and Wingleadership providing that the other dragon pair are 'doing their duty' and allow him and His to do theirs. In a Wing this brown will work with other seeking no pride or praise for himself but merely the safe completion of a drill or 'fall by all.

With honour and duty placed at such high importance Quindelth considers Threadfall to be his main purpose in life and will expect His to also behave as such. He will insist that any frivolities and excesses His chooses to indulge in must not be so much that they could not be called upon at any moment.

As he matures Quindelth will certainly notice the ladies but that is about as far as he will get. Any attempts to flirt with him will be pushed away firmly yet properly, if a green (or a gold) were to persist he would feel no qualms about pushing them away harder. When it comes to Flights this brown is choosy. Exceedingly proper he will only chase females he deems 'appropriate'; and these are few and far between.

If he manages to sire a clutch Quindelth will try his best using what he has learnt from watching others, but it is generally something which he considers to be out of his depth. However as it is something he will consider an honour he will willingly do the bidding of the Queen in an attempt to do his duty by his children. When they do hatch, he will be sure to be there, unafraid to gingerly nudge his flock of dragonets in the right direction.

In his dealings with others Quindelth will be almost impossible to offend and quick to forgive. After all it is not ones place to judge others without knowing their full situation. This does not mean he will bend to their wishes or opinions certainly not; but that he will be polite and firm in any disagreements; citing duty and honour as the best reason for doing and believing things.

Inspiration: Gregor Mendel and St. Thomas Aquinas.

If one were expecting a booming, hard nosed, voice to accompany the prodigious girth of the brown then they would have guessed wrong. While Quindelth is not without a rich masculine tone or the ability to raise his volume far above anybody else, his charm is in the fact that he doesn't or won't project himself in such boisterous manners, but instead resolves to speak in the most saintly way. Pleasant and calming he'll coo to you like a shepherd to his sheep. His is a calming presence; a voice of reason that borders on gentle chastising.

Hatching Message:
It seemed the two halves of The Two Faced Egg were finally getting their wish as the egg twitched and shook upon on the Sands. It stilled for a moment before cracking noise rent both the air and egg in two, neatly separating the two halves and leaving The Homely Habit Brown peering about in surprise.

Having fully inspected his immediate surroundings The Homely Habit Brown got up and proceeded to explore more of the Sands.

Public Impression Message:
Having peered at Tylaith, Ternath, the remaining eggs and had a good nose amongst the shards of his shell The Homely Habit Brown finally seemed ready to expand his explorations towards the candidates. Moving his solid self towards to the lines of white robed people he made straight for one end.

Creeling he nudged at the first person in line but no. Moving along The Homely Habit Brown nudged and knocked many of the boys he passed until coming abruptly to a halt in front of a welcoming looking auburn haired lad.

Personal Impression Message:
A revelation! If thats what you could call the rather plain greeting that echoes in your head. It is at first nothing more than a Hello, but even in that short time the possibility that you have lost your marbles and gone crazy occurs to you. After all that quaint salutation definitely wasn't your own - it didn't even sound like your own mind voice - a fact that was confirmed by as it crossed the synapse again in it's questioning tone, you look confused Betronfool, but really it's so simple. Should you not know your Quindelth, as I now know you?

If the haze were to ever clear from you eyes you would then know the truth. There before you is your brown Quindelth, tail swishing only once to catch your attention. He didn't after all have all day, the hunger catching you both has to be ameliorated eventually.

Dragon Credit: Vandelay and Maiden

Egg Name: The Two Faced Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a real contrast of colours. Half the shell looks like a brilliant sparkling gemstone. It seems clear and flawless, glittering in the the light of the Hatching cavern as if you could see right though it. Looking at this face you get the feeling this egg could last forever. The other face is in total contrast, black, it is a little bit glossy and course, lacking the sharp defined lines of the light half, this part is all curves and pitmarks. It seems much more fragile. The interface is splintered and powdery in appearance, as if the two halves of this egg would much rather be apart.
Egg Inspiration: Carbon (Diamond and Graphite allotropes)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay) of Istan Gold and Istan Bronze
Sire: Bronze Ternath (N'sig) of High Reaches Gold and High Reaches Bronze

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