Impressed to Blue Blauferdeth

Name: R'dell (Ruddell)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T192
Former Rank: Apprentice Fishcrafter

R'dell (Ruddell) is a young man from Ketrin Hold, who had become an apprentice fishcrafter to please his grandfather Guddinos. Ever since meeting his cousin Farunn for the first time over a Turn ago (when the younger boy started visiting their grandfather to learn more about the fishcraft), the two have become quite close, almost like brothers. So it made them both very happy when Ruddell was searched for the most recent clutch. His father is Caldwell and his mother is Rudina, who is sister to Gudrun of green Hreidmarth (now deceased), and thus he is a cousin to Farunn. He has a younger brother, Cudinell.

Mini-Biography Credit: Starr

C'nell (Cudinell) of blue Galeth
Farunn — [Starr]

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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