Impressed to Green Iaskheth

Name: R'mec (Riamec)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T190
Former Rank: Apprentice Harper

Born to Brownrider E'vy and Infirmary Aide Riamla, Riamec is the third youngest of nine children. At the age of twelve Turns, he left Solaria Weyr to head to the Harper Hall to learn to be a harper. He is currently undecided as to what he wants to specialize in. Got Searched for this clutch.

Killed by R'gio and blue Woperinth during P8T11 PC Threadfall.

Mini-Biography Credit: Anahira

Father: E'vy of brown Uneth
Mother: Infirmary Aide Riamla
Journeyman Miner Ecriam
Journeyman Herder Larec
Journeyman Woodcrafter Ricvy
Journeyman Fisherman Vyril - Tina
Journeyman Smith Vylarec
Ri'vy (Riavy) of green Tneserth
L'vy (Lavyrec) of brown Setith
R'vy (Revyla) of green Venmilth - Anahira

Availability: Not available. DECEASED!

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