Impressed to Green Pritanzeth

Name: R'phal (Israphale)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Journeyman Healer
Former Rank: I7 T188

Israphale is the son of M'chal (rider of brown Balthazarth) and Isaphea (infirmary aide), born the usual way Weyr children were and therefore, thrust to the creche to be raised. Like all Weyrborn, he had aspirations to become a dragonrider, and he stood for clutches as soon as he could, but has been disappointed multiple times. He is a caring and compassionate man, and his character flaw is his inability to say No to anyone, especially when they look disappointed. He has a natural gift for healing, so he took up the healercraft, and he walked the tables very recently, a little before he turned 20. He is cousin to Hamania, Farunn, and has many other family relations that can be explored.

Mini-Biography Credit: Starr

Grandather: F'bane of bronze Sigurth

Father: M'chal of brown Balthazarth

F'nir of blue Andvarith (Starr)
Sertania of green Pardith
Journeyman Tanner Jekarran

M'sha of blue Castielth (Lora)

J'yar of blue Solith (Katie)
L'jek of blue Temujinth
Apprentice Seacrafter Farunn (Starr)
Hania of blue Joaidaneth (Jey)
S'wyn of brown Neovith (Kitya)
Wirrinia of green Hirrimath (Mind)
R'tan of bronze Ruisearth (Noto)
Apprentice Healer Bertran (Dragonblossom)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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